Are there good effects of applying oil on wet hair? Yes, but only in some cases…

woman with wet hair

  • The only cases I recommend applying oil on wet hair are if your hair is fine, curly, or very brittle. And the benefits are:
  • Benefit 1: the oil will decrease frizz and make it easier for you to detangle and style your hair.
  • Benefit 2: it will increase the elasticity of your hair, preventing breakage during styling.


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 Are you thinking about applying oil on wet hair? 


Actually, I only recommend it in some cases. As a hairdresser, I almost always recommend my clients apply oils on dry hair.



Well, basically because water, which would be in your wet hair, and oil, repel each other. So, if you’re looking to nourish and repair your wet hair, you’re not going to do it.

The water molecules in your wet hair will prevent the oil from penetrating to the core of each hair, where it can repair and nourish your hair.

woman shows her fine hair

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However, there are three exceptions in which applying oil on wet hair has two benefits.

Do you want to know what these exceptions are?

  • If your hair is fine.
  • If your hair is curly.
  • If you notice your hair is very brittle.


If you identify with any of these three situations, then read on to discover the effects of applying oil to wet hair.


Benefit 1: if you apply oil on wet curly hair, you will avoid frizz

Woman applies coconut oil on dry hair

In this case,  the oil will perform the same function as a styling cream or leave-in conditioner: reducing and easing frizz. 


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And this is essential if your hair is curly. You need a lubricant so it doesn’t break when you style it.

As for frizz, the oil will help you detangle your hair and prevent it from going frizzy again. The molecular weight will make your hair heavier and prevent it from absorbing more moisture from the environment.


Benefit 2: if your hair is fine or brittle, applying oil to wet hair will prevent breakage

oil on wet hair prevents breakage

Do you know the importance of hair elasticity?


Actually, hair elasticity is a fundamental property for any type of hair, and even more so if your hair is fine or brittle.

Because elasticity indicates the resistance of each strand of your hair when you comb or detangle it.

 If your hair is stiff and lacks elasticity, it will break. 


If you apply oil to wet hair you will increase the elasticity and prevent breakage when you detangle or comb it.

My advice is to apply the oil after washing your hair, once a week for three weeks, for a longer-lasting effect.

If you increase the elasticity of your hair, you will avoid breakage at the roots.



Applying oil to wet hair is recommended if your hair is fine or curly, because it increases the elasticity of the hair, preventing breakage from the root.

In addition, oil prevents frizz in curly hair and makes combing it easier.

It’s also essential to choose a light oil to apply on wet hair, such as coconut oil, argan oil, or almond oil.

Now, if you’re looking to repair or nourish your hair, my advice is to always apply oil to dry hair.

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