Is keratin treatment permanent? No, it lasts a maximum of 6 months

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  • No, the keratin treatment is not permanent.
  • There is no hairdressing treatment that lasts forever because as hair grows the treatment wears off.
  • But if by “permanent keratin” you mean one that lasts 6 months or a little longer, then with a professional product it is possible to achieve this.
  • However, it is rare for a keratin treatment to last that long.


That’s not all:

  • As we’ll see in this article, although the keratin effect gradually diminishes, there is always some product that stays inside your hair.
  • With further treatments, this progressively makes the keratin effect last longer on your hair.


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I had the keratin treatment, and I didn’t like it. How to get my hair back?


Do you feel like having a keratin treatment? Would you like that silky and perfect hair effect to last forever?


Well, as I said, there are no keratin treatments that are permanent.

Generally,  keratin treatments are used on chemically treated hair. 

It’s unlikely that if you have virgin hair you’ll need to improve its quality unless you have a lot of frizz.


With dyed hair, since you should re-dye it every month or two,  the dye sweeps away the effect of the keratin  and you should repeat its application. But what if you don’t use dyes?


 If you don’t dye your hair, the keratin treatment lasts longer.  But it will rarely last longer than 6 months.

Of course, your hair grows steadily and therefore the roots and the first few centimeters of growth will be untreated.


In this article, we’ll see which lasts longer, liquid or cream keratin. And if you stay to the end, I’ll tell you 2 secrets about keratin.


Liquid or cream keratin treatment: Is there one that’s permanent?

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It’s very rare to find homemade keratin.

Generally, keratin treatments are made in laboratories, and depending on their makeup,  they last for a longer or shorter time. But they are never permanent. 


Liquid keratin treatments

You apply liquid keratin treatments as a spray on the hair.

Therefore, their distribution on the hair is quite superficial. And  their result is more transient, lasting less time.  Who should use this type of keratin treatment?


These treatments are recommended for people who color their hair very often, since  the liquid treatments will last between 15 days and 2 months. 

How are they used?


These treatments are designed to be applied after each time you dye your hair or to look great for a party.

But, as I said, they’re not permanent, they don’t last long.  They have excellent results, but they’re temporary. 


Cream keratin treatments

The keratin cream treatment is much longer lasting. Precisely because it’s creamy, the application goes much deeper, because  it coats the hair fiber completely and provides total restructuring. 

This prolongs its effect for much longer. But what’s the disadvantage?


The downside is that dyes and other chemical processes diminish the effects. Although  they don’t eliminate it completely,  they do weaken it, which makes it less potent.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use cream keratin on hair with highlights or balayage instead of a complete hair dye because they last longer.

In addition,  cream keratin treatments are recommended for bleached hair,  since cream keratin closes cuticles much better than liquid keratin.


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Since it’s not permanent, how long does it take for a keratin treatment to wear off?

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Let’s say you had a keratin treatment and it wasn’t what you expected. How long will you have to wait for it to fade from your hair?

  • If you’ve applied liquid keratin, it will take at most 20 days for the effect to wear off.
  • If you applied cream keratin, it may take a couple of months to fade.

But  in no circumstances will the effects of keratin be permanent,  so you can relax.


 Never try to remove the keratin treatment with other chemical products,  such as dyes or bleaches. Although they will remove it, your hair color will likely not look the way you expected it to afterward.

You can use a ph-balanced shampoo and a small amount of conditioner to reduce the effect of the keratin.

But don’t overdo the neutral shampoo as it can dry out your hair. Just use it for a while and  after a few washes, your hair will be back to normal. 


Another highly recommended use for this type of keratin is as a booster for formaldehyde-containing permanent straightening.

Keratin treatments contain formaldehyde. Therefore,  when the straightening is losing its effect,  a keratin treatment will reinforce the remaining formaldehyde in your hair.

This will  make your straightening treatment last for longer.  How much longer?


That depends on the type of keratin you use.


The 2 big secrets of keratin. A hairdresser tells you

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  • Even if the keratin treatment loses its strength, a formaldehyde residue remains inside the hair.

This means that with subsequent treatments, this residue increases, which  prolongs the effect of the keratin for longer and longer. 


  • Be extremely careful with any products you buy on the internet, as they may contain too much formaldehyde.
 The permitted amount for human use is 0.2% formaldehyde. 

Look at the labels: if it contains a higher percentage than that, its use is totally prohibited.



No keratin treatment is permanent.  Depending on the brand, quality, and type of keratin  you use, its effects will last for more or less time.

We’ve seen in this article that after a keratin treatment, there is always some product that stays in your hair.  This accumulates over time and that makes the next treatment last longer. 


I suggest you make an appointment at the hair salon with your trusted hairdresser and ask them  which treatment to choose for your current needs. 

They will know how to treat your hair and which keratin is right for you. Don’t hesitate.


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