Where to get a balayage? 5 tips for choosing a salon that’s close to home that won’t damage your hair

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You’ve already decided that you want to get a balayage, but… do you know where to go?

Do you know which salon of the ones near your house is the best to get a balayage?


Choosing a salon with a well-trained professional is vital if you don’t want your hair to burn, literally.

Although balayage has been on trend for a few years, it is still a complicated color treatment.

Not just anyone knows how to do it.


If you choose a good salon, the result will be incredible, and you can achieve the balayage you were dreaming of.

But, if it goes badly, the result will most likely be that you’ll need to cut your hair.

And I seriously doubt that that’s what you want.


 That’s why it’s so important to put your hair into the hands of a professional and not in the hands of someone just starting out. 

That’s how it is, let’s not kid ourselves.

After all, the results will depend on the salon you choose and the stylist you get.


So, if you’ve been looking (and nothing has convinced you) or if you don’t even know where to start looking, you’ve come to the right place.

I won’t tell you which are the best salons in Argentina, Spain or the United States because you might not live in any of those places.

(I’m still not a fortune teller, ladies. Still working on that one.)


What I will tell you, though, are 5 tips that you should consider when you choose the best salon to get your balayage.

 And also a few little things that will tell you that you should steer clear of a certain salon. 


I’ll make sure that you have all the right tools to identify a good place from one that’s a little sketchy, no matter what city or country you’re in.

If you’re ready to go, then let’s not lose any more time and let’s get on to the first tip below.


1- Look up the hashtag #balayage on Instagram

hairdresser for dying hair

Yes, because Instagram isn’t just for uploading pics or stalking your favorite celebs.

It can also be used to find places, like a good hair salon to get a balayage, for example.


  • All you have to do is log in and search “balayage,” “balayagehair,” or “balayageombre” in the hashtags section.

You’ll find images of other women that have already gotten theirs and also the name of the salon or professional that helped them.

Of course, if you’re lucky. Not everyone puts a location tag on their photos.


If the details that you’re looking for don’t appear, then expand every post and read the comments.

It’s very probable that another girl will have asked about the salon or the professional that did the job, and you can read their response.


  • You can also find comments that will give you an idea about how the service was.

These days, most women talk about if it was a good experience or a bad one and if they got the look they were looking for or not.

And you can take advantage of that information as well as the information about the place.


For example, if you read comments that aren’t totally positive, look for another post or try with another hashtag.

You don’t want to go somewhere where they might ruin your hair.


2- Go on Facebook and search “balayage”

blonde balayage

Yes, Facebook is another social media site that could help you find a good salon for getting a balayage.

The first thing you should do is activate location services.

By activating this option and searching “balayage,” the platform will show you which salons are close to you.


  • Then, if the salon has a Facebook account, you can go onto it and read reviews that clients have left.

You’ll also be able to see images of work that their stylists have done.


 If you see that a salon doesn’t have very many reviews or comments, you can discard that one. That’s an indicator that it’s not well-known and you don’t want to risk it there. 

You should also discard it if you read more negative reviews than positive ones.


  • Lastly, I’d recommend that you message the women that have left a review (this also applies to Instagram).

Ask them how their experience with the salon was, if they got good results, if they were treated well, etc.

Many might ignore you, but if someone ends up responding to you, you’ll have a much better idea about the salon.


 I’d bet all my money that an unhappy client would be open to telling you all about her bad experience. 

And well, who wouldn’t? We’re all watching out for each other!

That’s how this works.


3- Go to Google or Google Maps and search “balayage” or “balayage salon”

If you thought I was going to leave Google out, think again.

Google is like an old, reliable car – it’ll never abandon you.

Especially when it comes to finding an excellent place to dye your hair.


  • You can search on Google’s home page for the word “balayage” on your phone or computer.

Google will automatically show you ads about salons that you can have a look at.

It will also show you which ones are close to your location.


The same thing happens with Google Maps.

 It will show you which salons are closest, their address, hours, how to get there and what clients have to say about it. 


  • The most important thing here is that no matter what Google tool you decide to use, do not ignore the reviews.

And, if it doesn’t have that many, just let it go.

The outside looks nice?


Doesn’t matter.

It looks fancy?


Doesn’t matter.

A fancy-looking salon isn’t necessarily what makes your balayage look good.

Pay more attention to the reviews, both positive and negative, since that’s the only way to find a good salon.


4- Look at local and online newspapers and magazine

Alright, so if you aren’t that great with social media or the internet or you don’t even know how to start up a computer, check out local newspapers and magazines.

Yes, I know it’s an old school method, but it could work for you.


 Find a newsstand or bookstore and look for magazines and newspapers, you’ll definitely find nearby salons there. 

Do the same with online newspapers and magazines.


If there is a phone number, call them and ask them everything you want to know.

If their answers convince you, then make an appointment.

If you felt like they weren’t really giving you the time of day, keep looking. It’s their loss!


5- Talk to your cousins, aunts, friends and acquaintances

Let’s supposes that you don’t believe what you’ve seen on social media and you don’t get good results by checking out magazines and newspapers.

Come on, it’d be a little strange, but it could happen.


 If that’s you, you can still find a good salon for getting a balayage if you ask your family or friends that have gotten it done before.  

If you liked their results, at least.

Look up the salons that they went to, the professionals that did their treatment and the techniques that they used.

Then, come to your own conclusion and visit the salons that sound best to you.



You should have at least one or two options by now.

And yes, I know what you’re thinking.

“I had to do more research more to find a good salon than all the researching I did in university.”

And, well, yeah, you’re probably right.


Finding a good salon isn’t something that you can do in just one day. It might take weeks or even months, but don’t freak out.

Take all the time you need.

It’s better to do that than mess up and lose your hair and end up bald like our good old friend Britney Spears.

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