Is sun bum hair lightener permanent? Short answer: yes

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  • Sun Bum lightener causes permanent changes in your hair color. When Sun Bum lightens your hair, the effects won’t go away with washes.
  • Sun Bum contains ingredients like peroxide, a chemical that wears out hair color forever.
  • So, in addition to stripping your hair color, Sun Bum strips your hair of moisture. You must know how to care for your hair using Sun Bum. I’ll tell you all the details later.


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 The effects of Sun Bum on hair are permanent. 

Once you apply it to your hair, there is no going back, and your hair color will never be the same again. You’ll even notice that your hair is drier.

Do you know why?


  Sun Bum contains hydrogen peroxide, which is a chemical.  When you apply a chemical to your hair, the effects are permanent.

When you color your hair, hydrogen peroxide or a developer is used.

hydrogen peroxide

Otherwise, the hair wouldn’t change color or lighten up to four or five shades.

Of course, during bleaching and coloring, the peroxide contains more volumes.


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The peroxide in Sun Bum only allows you to lighten your hair gently, to create a “sun-kissed” hair effect, as we colorists say.

However,  even if those effects are smooth, they’re permanent.  Do you want to know why? Read on


Sun Bum produces permanent effects on hair that don’t wash away

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You already know that Sun Bum contains a chemical called peroxide that makes permanent changes in hair color. However, , it also has other lightening ingredients, such as lemon juice, considered a natural lightener.

 When you apply Sun Bum to your hair and expose it to the sun’s rays, the peroxide and lemon juice will wear away some of the natural or artificial color of your hair. 

hand holds sun bum

It’s impossible to recover that part of the lost color.


I’ll explain it with another example.
In the eighties, recycling old jeans with a technique called batik pattern became very fashionable.

What was it?


It was about giving a new life to worn-out jeans. How was it done?

It was straightforward. We had to choose some areas of the jeans to create circular patterns.
Then, we twisted cotton thread in those sections. Later, we would soak the pair of jeans in water with bleach.

We would let the garment stand for ten or fifteen minutes, and finally, we would rinse it.

After the final rinse, we cut the threads, and our old, worn, vintage jean had become a work of art.


Now,  if the result wasn’t as expected, there was no going back because bleach is a lightening chemical with permanent effects. 


The same thing happens when you apply Sun Bum to your hair.  It wears out hair color permanently because it contains hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice. 


But let’s look at the other side of the matter. Sun Bum may fade your hair color but also dehydrate it. Why? Because peroxide is a chemical and lemon juice contains acids.

Then, your hair will dry out. Let’s see how to take care of it.


How to moisturize your hair after Sun Bum

tresemmé shampoo and conditioner for after sun bum

My first advice isn’t to abuse Sun Bum.  Ideally, you should apply it three times a week at most. 

Also, if you plan to activate Sun Bum with sun rays, you should protect your skin. UV rays damage to the skin is also permanent and cumulative.


Remember to wash your hair with extra moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Look for words like keratin, coconut oil, argan, or ceramides on product labels.

Finally, apply a moisturizing mask at least once a week and leave it on for 40 minutes. You can use a homemade mask or coconut oil.


This way, even if Sun Bum lightens your hair permanently, you can combat dehydration so that frizz and dryness aren’t permanent in your hair.



Sun Bum produces permanent color changes in your hair because it contains peroxide, a chemical.

So, if you’re in doubt, it’s best to do a strand test on a back section of your hair to evaluate the results before you use Sun Bum for the first time.

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