Low Maintenance Highlights Ideas for Dark Hair (that you can’t miss)

do not need much maintenance

It is absolutely possible to have highlights on dark hair and also make them low-maintenance. But, before you start, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Your highlights should be up to two tones lighter than your base color.
  • The best options are the bronde tone and the french balayage coloring technique. I’ll talk to you about them in detail next.
  • Either of these alternatives will keep your highlights intact for three to six months, and you won’t spend a fortune on hairdressers and hair products.


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Is there such a thing as winning the lottery when you get a new look in dark hair?


Yes! Low-maintenance highlights that will give your hair and face a totally different glow!

This is because, if there’s one thing you need to keep in mind when shading your brown or black hair, it’s strategically choosing your tone so you can eliminate the endless hours and money spent on maintenance.


If your hair is dark,  the number one rule for not having to touch up your hair too often is to avoid high contrasts. 

After all, the more contrast there is and the lighter your highlights are, the more you’ll spend to keep them fresh and vibrant like the first day.

What happens if you choose a much lighter tone for your highlights?

The answer is very simple.

The first thing you’ll notice is the growth right away, so you’ll have to run to the salon in desperation less than thirty days afterward.

You’ll also have to spend a fortune on toning shampoos to remove unwanted tones that often appear over time in your highlights.

Do you know what unwanted tones are?


They are those bright yellow or orange colors that appear in the highlights after frequent washings.

Also, the more you bleach your dark highlights for achieving very light highlights, the more damage you will do to your hair, as you may need to bleach more than once.

If your idea is to have extra light blonde highlights in your brunette hair, get your wallet ready. You will have to visit the salon at least once a month. Plus, fill your bathroom with specific hair products to maintain them.


That brings us to the couple of options I mentioned at the beginning. Choosing a bronde shade for your highlights or applying a french balayage technique. Would you like to know more?


Then, stay with me because I’ll explain:

  • What is the best highlight tone for dark hair with low maintenance
  • What light technique is less expensive on dark hair


Start thinking about what you will spend your money on now that you won’t need to visit the salon so often to maintain your highlights.


What is the best color for your highlights if you want to invest little time and money in maintenance?

Bronde tones are here to stay. Not only because they look spectacular on dark hair, but also because they won’t make you a salon slave.

Bronde shades are a worldwide trend, and they are not seasonal colors because they look good all year round. Do you know why?


Because they are neither light nor dark.

Their name, which comes from English, is the fusion of brown hair, brunette, and blonde hair. To make it easier to identify, you should think of a light brown color.  Something like a color halfway between gold and hazel brown. 


Do you have brown skin or very white skin? No worries!


This dark hair highlight tone is suitable for all skin types.


But, why is it a low-maintenance highlight tone?

  • Because you won’t need to visit your colorist periodically because you’ll need to neutralize the yellows much less often.
  • Also, since you won’t have to lighten your highlights more than two or three tones, your hair won’t be so damaged. So, you’ll spend less money to keep your hair moisturized.
  • Finally, since you don´t generate much contrast with your natural color, your color will mix very well with the bronde tone when your roots start to appear.


How often will you need to touch up your bronde highlights?

 Approximately every three months. Excellent news, right?  


But we still have one more alternative: French balayage. Have you heard of it?

If you haven’t, you deny your dark hair a chance to change its look, which involves very little maintenance.


What is the least expensive highlight technique for dark hair?

The second trend for dark, low-maintenance hair is french balayage, which is a style that accentuates highlights in your hair lengths, avoiding the root area.

With this technique, subtle and natural highlights are achieved on dark hair, from medium to ends, on brown bases. By not creating a sharp contrast between roots and mid-lengths, you can perfectly space out your visits to the salon.


 To create highlights with the french balayage technique, you can choose light chocolate, hazelnut, golden or vanilla tone, always depending on the base color of your hair.  


If you are going to try these highlights yourself, which I do not recommend, you must hold the brush at a 45-degree angle near the roots and the top of the middle section. This angle will deposit less product to achieve a layered look.

Also, while you work the mid-lengths to the ends, keep the brush flat. This will allow you to apply more product in those areas, which is what makes a shinier light look.



  • Low maintenance highlights on dark hair are also possible. Just keep in mind that you should choose a color that is not more than two shades lighter than your base color.
  • This is very important because the more contrast between the reflections and the base color, the more maintenance is required.
  • You can choose between applying a bronde shade to some parts of your hair or directly perform a french balayage technique, which is ideal for dark hair because highlights are not created from the roots, but, instead, in the mid-length and ends.

Now, tell me, what tone will you choose for your highlights in your dark hair?


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