Can I color my hair and then perm it? Yes, but you have to wait

straight-haired woman thinks about dyeing and perming her hair

  • You can color your hair and then perm it. But I don’t recommend you do both on the same day.
  • Ideally, you should dye your hair and then wait two weeks to perm it. I’ll tell you why later.


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I Dyed My Hair 2 Weeks Ago, Can I Perm it, or should I wait a few more days?


 Are you thinking about coloring your hair and then perming it? 


Sounds like a great idea to me. After all, it will be a total and absolute makeover. But beware!

Everything should be in its place and in due time. That’s the same as saying you can’t dye and perm on the same day. Nor can you dye your hair and get a perm the next day.

 At least two weeks must go by between using hair dye and getting a perm. 


So, if you dye your hair today, you will have to wait two weeks to perm your hair. The wait may be bitter, but the fruits will be sweet.

It’s vital that once you color your hair, you wait two weeks to get a perm. A few days ago, I read an interesting article that stated that “haste” is the plague of modern times.

And I agree. We’re often in a hurry to do everything. We’re in a hurry when we drive, work, and even during vacations.

And generally, haste leads us to make bad decisions because we don’t stop to think about the consequences.


And if you dye your hair and don’t wait a fortnight to perm it, the consequences can be dire.

Want to know why? Read on.


After coloring your hair, you should wait two weeks before perming it

15-day wait to get a perm on colored hair marked on the calendar

Did you know that both coloring and perming are chemical processes?

And any chemical process you apply to your hair removes moisture and nutrients, leaving it weaker and drier.

Let’s take a closer look.


When you dye your hair, the process adds color. But ammonia and peroxide take away moisture and keratin, one of the proteins that keep hair strong and healthy.

 Suppose you perm your hair the next day or two days later . Do you know what’s in store for your hair?


First, the perm liquid will penetrate your hair, which has already lost moisture and keratin. It will penetrate the center of each hair, modifying its structure to make it curly. Of course,  as it works to curl your hair, it will continue to remove moisture and keratin from your hair. 


To that, add the heat from the dryer, which causes further loss of moisture and nutrients. And finally, you have the action of the neutralizing liquid, which contains peroxide.


Finally,  when you take out the curlers, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Because you’ll likely remove chunks of your hair along with the curlers. 


And here’s another thing. Although it may seem like a minor issue,  perming lightens the color of dyed hair up to two numbers. 


I hope I’ve convinced you. After coloring your hair, you should wait two weeks to perm it.

The decision is simple. It boils down to either waiting two weeks to perm your hair or dooming it to break off at the roots.


Also, remember that many things can happen if you color your hair at home.

For example, the color might turn out too dark or too orange. If you don’t wait a few days after coloring to see the final color and then perm your hair, you won’t be able to correct the color.

Let’s say you apply a chocolate color to your hair. Then three days later, you get a perm. The process will leave your curls reddish brown, and it will be too late to correct the color.

dyed hair color ruined by perm

Because you won’t be able to dye your hair again for two weeks.


After perming your hair, you must also wait two weeks to dye it

Why?  It’s because permanent dyes contain hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, salts, and metals that can ruin the curls. 


But here’s a better option if you want to cover gray hair or renew your color. You can use semi-permanent dye three days after perming. It’s safe for your curls.

This type of dye doesn’t contain peroxide, ammonia, salts, or metals. It just gets deposited on the outermost layer of the hair.

Why should you wait three days after perming to use semi-permanent hair dye?

Because for the first three days after your perm, you can’t wash your hair. That’s the simple reason why.



As a hairdresser, I recommend you color your hair and then perm it after two weeks. It’s the only way your hair will withstand the two chemical processes, and you’ll get even color and defined curls.

And if it’s within your possibilities, see a professional. Both processes can damage the health and color of your hair if you don’t have the knowledge and experience.

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