Can you go from dark brown to blonde in one sitting?

  • It is only possible to go from dark brown to blonde in one sitting if your hair is virgin and in perfect health.
  • If your hair is dark brown and colored, you will need 3-4 visits to the salon, depending on the tone of blonde you want to achieve. The lighter the blonde you want, the more salon visits you’ll need.


two visits to the salon

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Are you disappointed? I understand you completely, and the truth is you have some reasons to be.

I’m sure you’ve watched hundreds of videos on YouTube where teenagers from all over the world and in all languages, get blonde hair from brown hair in just a few hours. However, believe me, when I tell you, they will never show you what happens when the camera turns off.

What happens is that the next sequences are crying, desperation, and burnt hair.

subtle waves

Of course, you don’t want to experiment with your hair. You want to go to a professional. Of course, you think that if those girls with no knowledge and no experience managed to turn their brown hair into blonde, a stylist will do it with much more confidence.

But we, professionals, have limits.  Changing hair color in this drastic way means bleaching hair. And, as you must know, bleaching is an aggressive chemical process for the hair fiber.  

Can it be done?


Of course, it can be done. However, you need to consider many factors before you turn dark hair into a blonde one.

A stylist will first ask about your hair history.

  • Have you ever colored it?
  • What kind of dyes did you use?
  • What’s your hair routine like?
  • Have you ever had your hair straightened or permed?


All these things are very important when bleaching dark brown hair, especially if you dream of a platinum blonde.

 The health and history of your hair will determine how many sessions it will take for you to make the dramatic color change. 


Today I want to help you understand and accept it by thinking about the health of your hair, how many sessions it will take for you to turn your brown hair into blonde. So, stay with me, because I will tell you:

  • How many sessions are needed to color a natural dark brown into blonde hair
  • How many sessions are needed to transform a colored dark brown to blonde hair


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How many visits to the salon are needed to color a virgin dark brown hair to blonde?

from a light brown

My first advice in this case, and since we are talking about doing the process in a hair salon, is to choose a salon with plenty of experience in this kind of change.

It's possible to transform natural brown to blonde hair, but the professional who bleaches the hair should have verifiable experience. Yes, she will do it in one sitting, but that doesn't mean you will leave the salon in an hour.


First, your stylist will take a close look at your hair.  Next, she will possibly recommend that you include a treatment such as Olaplex, to minimize the damage of the bleaching mixture to your hair. Believe me, there will always be some minimal secondary damage. 

Afterward, she may start bleaching. Then, she will continue with toning, so that your hair does not result in unwanted tones.


My second piece of advice is to research what products they'll use in that one session to make you blonde.  For this kind of work, good professionals use excellent quality products. 

Yeah, they're more expensive, but there's a reason for that.

It's like a flight to America. You can do it with a tourist or business ticket. You will reach your destination with either option, but if you travel in business class, it will feel as if you had already visited DisneyWorld before even landing.


 So, if you have dark virgin hair, you can make it go blonde in one sitting, but you must have the advice of a good professional, a specialist in this kind of work who also commits to using quality products. 


Now, what if your hair is already colored dark brown? Well, I won't tell you that things will go dark, but you'll have to take slower and safer steps.

Unless, along the way, you want to end up with some burnt hair.


How many visits to the salon does it take to go from dark-colored hair to blonde?

hair dye

  • If your hair is colored brown, you’ll need more than one visit to the salon to turn it blonde. For example, if your hair is dark brown and you want to take it to a medium blonde, you’ll need two visits.
  • If your hair is dark brown, and you want to take it to a platinum blonde, you’ll probably need three visits.
  • It all depends on how your hair fiber reacts to the process. Unfortunately, every hair reacts differently.


It is very difficult to generalize on these issues. That's why personalized attention is so important. The stylist must see with her own eyes and touch your hair with her own hands to anticipate how your hair will behave when it is exposed to the bleaching mixture.

 If your dark brown hair is colored, it's not possible to go blonde in one sitting.  It always takes two or three visits to the salon to achieve that color. Also, the lighter the blonde tone you want, the more visits you'll need.

One very important thing: Once you make the decision to go blonde, you must have a serious commitment to your hair both between visits as well as once you've achieved the blonde.

 Between each visit to the salon, whether it's two, three, or four, you'll need to spend time and care on your hair. I'm sure your stylist will recommend several special products. 


Your hair will need intensive moisturizing treatments, and if you can buy good quality products, even better. If you can't invest a lot of money on these products, at least use coconut oil, which is not expensive. You can also use olive oil to deeply nourish your hair once a week.

Once you reach the desired blonde, you will have to invest in maintaining the color, because unwanted tones will always follow you. That's an absolute reality, like the sun shining during the day and the moon at night.



  • Going from brown hair to blonde in one sitting is possible as long as your hair was never colored or chemically treated. It’s important that it’s very healthy to resist the effects of bleaching chemicals.
  • If your hair is colored brown, taking it to blonde may take three to four visits, and this will depend on the tone of brown that you start with and the tone of blonde that you want to achieve.


Finally, there are no two hairs alike. You'll find people who can make a difference with more or less visits, but what you should always prioritize is your hair's health.

It's better to get a radiant blonde hair in two or three sessions than a burnt blonde hair in only one.


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