Can I Go Swimming After Dyieng My Hair Blonde? Yes, but you’ll have to wait for 3 days

dyed blonde woman swimming in pool

  • After dyeing your hair blonde, you have to wait at least three days to go swimming./strong>
  • Otherwise, the pool water will turn your hair greenish. The seawater, in turn, will fade the color of the dye. Unwanted orange or yellowish undertones may appear.
  • Therefore, in addition to waiting three days to swim after dyeing your hair blonde, you must consider other care. I’ll tell you in detail below.


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Have you dyed your hair blonde and want to show off your swimming skills in a pool or in the sea?

In that case,  you’ll have to put aside your desire to transform into a mermaid and wait at least three days to go swimming if you dyed your hair blonde. 


Your blonde-colored hair has changed its texture due to the effect of the dye. It’s more porous, even if you don’t even realize it.

 If you just applied blonde hair dye, and go swimming in the sea or in the pool, the chlorine or salt water will wreak havoc on your blonde hair, and fade the color. 



When you dye your hair blonde or any other color, the dye chemicals open the hair cuticles to deposit and fix the color.

However, these cuticles weaken and are prone to opening due to external factors such as the sun, heat tools, or even chlorinated or salt water.

In the case of blonde-colored hair, the effect gets more serious. To reach the higher blonde numbers, you’ve probably bleached your hair.

And bleaching is a hundred times more aggressive than dyeing because it breaks the hair cuticles and leaves the hair porous.


 If you dye your hair blonde and go swimming in the pool or the sea, your porous hair will absorb the water together with the chemicals in the pool water or sea salts. 


dyed blonde hair ruined by swimming


  •  If you don’t wait three days to go swimming in the pool after dyeing your hair blonde,   your blonde hair will turn greenish.
  •  Alternatively, if you don’t wait three days to go swimming in the sea after dyeing your hair blonde,  the iodine and salt will leave your hair almost white and dry. Also, unwanted brassy undertones may appear.


So, after dyeing your hair blonde, wait three days to go swimming. You’ll be able to enjoy the water after three days, but always with some precautions so as not to ruin your hair color.

I’ll give you some tips regarding precautions you can take.


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How to protect blonde hair when swimming in the pool or in the sea

dyed blonde woman protects her hair before swimming

Let’s start with the most important thing. In a few moments, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.


The best way to protect blond hair is to swim with a swimming cap

I know. Almost nobody does this, especially in the ocean. Let’s be honest, how many dyed blonde women put on their swim cap before going into the sea?


None! Unless they are participating in an open-water swimming competition. But the truth is,  if you want to keep the color of your dyed blonde hair from fading, the swim cap is your best defense. 

It’s not very aesthetically pleasing. You won’t get hundreds of followers on Instagram or Tik Tok. But you need to choose your battles…


If you don’t want to wear a swim cap or use products to protect your hair from chlorine, here’s the second suggestion.


Tie your blonde hair up in a bun and don’t dip your head in the water

dyed blonde woman with bun swimming in pool

This alternative is much better than the swimming cap. The seashore is full of women with the water up to their waists, enjoying the small waves while chatting with their friends.

You never know when a treacherous wave might come and sweep you out to sea.

In the pool, you’ll have to stand up and look like you’re really enjoying it. It’s for the sake of your blonde hair.


If you don’t wear a swimming cap and dive in chlorinated or salt water, rinse your hair with tap water

This will help remove chlorine and iodine from your hair and protect your blonde hair’s health and color after swimming.



After dyeing your hair blonde, you should wait at least three days before going swimming. If possible, wear a swimming cap or avoid diving in the water. This way, the color of the dye will last longer.

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