How to prevent hair dye from bleeding into blonde? Change these habits in your hair routine now

  • Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do anything to stop your hair dye from bleeding into blonde as time goes by.
  • It’s one of the natural consequences of the coloring process. When you apply a permanent hair dye, you use a 20-volume developer that has a lightening effect.
  • You can choose your hair care products more carefully and incorporate new habits to extend the color.


after a few washes

It’s been four weeks since you colored your hair.

Every morning, when you look in the mirror and put on your makeup for work, you can’t help but notice your hair.

Is it blonder? Is it the artificial light from the bathroom bulbs which makes the color appear lighter? Or blonder?


You’re so confused that you even think you might have made a mistake when you chose your coloring kit the last time you colored your hair. 

Still, you rule out the last option because you checked the receipt of the coloring kit ten times. Indeed, you bought the same shade of hair dye.


The artificial light option is also ruled out. Your hair, in natural light, screams that the hair dye bled into blond.

What happened to your hair, dear friend?


 What was supposed to happen: the permanent hair dye has changed your natural hair color. That’s why you see it blonder. 


There are also other factors for color changes after coloring your hair. So, stay with me because I’ll tell you.

  • Why does hair get blonder after coloring as time goes by?
  • Can you use specific products to prevent it?
  • What changes to your hair beauty routine can extend the life of your hair color

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Why does hair get blonder after coloring as time goes by?

It shouldn’t surprise you if your hair looks blonder every time you apply a hair dye. After all, you alter your natural pigmentation in every coloring process. Why?


Therefore, at the moment you apply a hair dye for the first time, your hair will lighten by half a shade.

Of course, you won’t even notice it at first. But  as the months go by, and the full-color touch-ups, your natural shade will get lighter and lighter. 


  • So, if you had started coloring your hair light brown, chances are that you’ll notice your hair dark blonde after a few months.

It’s a gradual change in the hair fiber because the 20-volume developer has a cumulative power.


Can you do anything to prevent the hair dye from bleeding into blonde?


NO! What you can do is to care for the hair dye to help the color last longer.

How? By choosing your hair products more carefully and changing a few habits in your hair care routine.


Which products to avoid to preserve the color of your hair dye?

sulfate free

The first thing you should do is to run to your medicine cabinet and read the ingredients of the shampoo and conditioner you normally use.

If they have sulfates or parabens, get rid of them. Those ingredients are chemicals that fade the hair dye pigments with each wash, making your hair blonder.


It also goes for moisturizing masks. Many of them also contain sulfates.

So,  throw all those products in the waste bin and replace them with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners. 

They’re currently easy to find thanks to technological advancement and St. Google.

Do you want examples to save you some time searching?


  • Herbal Essences: sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients like honey and vitamin B.
  • Pantene Pro-V: a kit without parabens and sulfates and with all the moisturizing power of rose water.
  • Hair Food: sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner with argan and avocado oil


Does your hair need moisturizing?

I get it does. Permanent hair dyes tend to dry out hair. What if you apply natural oils instead of using commercial masks?


Coconut or olive oil are natural moisturizers. They don’t contain any chemicals and are much more effective than any mask. That’s a hairdresser’s word.

It’s not all about hair products. You also have to do your part and the answer lies in your hair beauty routine.


What should I change in my routine to prevent my hair dye from bleeding into blonde?

a while after cutting it

One of the first tips I give my clients at the salon is to wash their hair every two to three days.

When they hear this, some of them look at me as if I were a demon.

That’s one of the best tips if you color your hair but also if you don’t. Do you know why?


  • The chlorine that is present in the tap water fades the color with every wash.

That’s why you notice it blonder. And if you don’t wash your hair for two or three days, the scalp produces sebum. It’s a natural oil that moisturizes your hair. The care doesn’t stop there.


  • Don’t expose your hair to the sun and sea.

The sun and the minerals in the saltwater also lighten artificial hair color. So you want an extra tip?

In addition to wearing a sun hat to go to the beach, rinse your hair under running water to remove the salt and iodine in the seawater.


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  • Finally, avoid abusing heat tools, such as flat irons, hairdryers, and curling irons


Heat opens the cuticles of the fiber and expels the hair dye pigment.

When you use any of these tools, apply a heat protection oil to your hair. It’ll prevent it from bleeding into blonde.



It’s normal for your colored hair to bleed into blond because the permanent hair dye changes the base color of the hair. Other factors are using hair products with sulfates or exposing your hair to the sun without protection.

Now you know what adjustments you can make to your hair care routine to extend the duration of your hair color.

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