Why can’t my hairdresser get my hair blonde? To avoid ruining your hair…

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If your hairdresser can’t make your hair blonde, it’s probably due to one of these three reasons:

  • Your base hair color is too dark, black, or dark brown, and you need more than one bleaching session to get to blonde.  Even if your hair is red, your hairdresser won’t be able to make your hair blonde because the pigments are very persistent. So, you’ll have to do several bleaching sessions.
  • Your hair is damaged and won’t withstand the process.
  • Your hair has low porosity, and you need a long-term plan to make your hair blonde.


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Can you go from black to blonde hair in one day? It depends on whether your hair is virgin or has already been colored


Before delving into the topic, I want you to know that   I understand your frustration. I can imagine everything you went through before arriving at the salon to get your hair blonde.  


For example, you saved for months before finally going to the salon.

I also imagine you searched for different hairstyles for blonde hair and information on the latest trends in makeup and clothing for blonde women.

woman looking for hairstyles in magazines for blonde hair

Then, you arrive at the salon, you’re one step away from achieving your dream goal, and you hear from your hairdresser that she can’t get your hair blonde.


I’m sure you feel puzzled and angry.

However,   if the hairdresser told you she couldn’t make your hair blonde, it’s not due to lack of experience or training.  


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It’s not even because she doesn’t like you and wants you to keep your dark hair.

If your hairdresser tells you she can’t make your hair blonde, it’s because it’s the best for your hair.

I’ll explain why your hairdresser can’t make your hair blonde. When you understand the reasons, you’ll also understand the situation.   It will be possible to make your hair blonde with time and patience.  


I’ll tell you more about this later. Let’s start at the beginning.


If the hairdresser tells you that she can’t make your hair blonde, it’s because she’s caring for your hair’s health

client asks hairdresser for explanations

Yes, even if you find it hard to believe.

  You must apply one or several bleaching sessions according to your base color to make your hair blonde.  


Bleaching is the most aggressive chemical process that can be applied to hair. This isn’t something hairdressers invented to make ourselves look important, and chemistry is an exact science.

When you mix two components, peroxide, and ammonia, a chemical reaction occurs in your hair, and that reaction strips your hair of its natural color.

I know what you’re thinking. Hundreds of influencers post how they were able to make their hair blonde. Now, do you know what their base color was? Was their hair healthy? How was their hair before?


Those are the facts your hairdresser evaluated to tell you that she couldn’t make your hair blonde.


Your hairdresser can’t make your hair blonde if your base color is too dark because one bleaching session won’t be enough

It won’t be enough for any hairdresser.   If your hair is black, dark brown 3, or brown 4, you’ll have to go through at least six bleaching sessions to achieve a light blonde 8 without unwanted undertones.  


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If your hairdresser made your hair blonde after applying six bleaching sessions in one day, your hair would be just shredded.

The same happens when you want to bleach red hair. The color molecules of dark hair dye are very persistent, even much more so than those of dark brown hair.

So, take a breath and thank heavens that your hairdresser is a responsible professional.


Your hairdresser can’t make your hair blonde if it’s badly damaged

woman looks at her badly damaged dark hair

What’s damaged hair? It’s dull, brittle, dry, thinning, and porous hair. In those cases, your hair won’t withstand the chemical process.

The action of the 30-volume developer plus the bleaching powder would damage it because it would strip it off keratin, which is a crucial protein for healthy hair.


If your hair has low porosity, your hairdresser will need a lot of time to turn it blonde.

I know. You have no idea what hair porosity is. I’ll explain it to you in a simple way.

Look at the following characteristics:

  • Heavy hair.
  • Straight and frizz-free hair.
  • Virgin hair, i.e. it has never been colored, for example.
  • Thick hair.
  • Hair that doesn’t frizz even if humidity is 100%.

Do you identify with any of these characteristics?  Then,   your hair has low porosity.  


Although these characteristics speak very well of your hair health, they’re problematic when you want to color your hair.

  When your hair has low porosity, the cuticles are perfectly sealed and closed, and opening them is tough.  

30 and 40 volume developers for blonde hair

Therefore, you’ll need a 40-volume developer with the bleach. Hairdressers try to avoid a 40-volume developer because it may be too risky.

In any case, your hair should be tested before.


With all this in mind, should you give up on the idea of turning blonde? No, not at all. But there are safe ways to achieve it. That’s what I’ll talk about next.


Planning your blonde hair with your hairdresser

Planning includes   patience and working out a plan for several months.  


If your hairdresser couldn’t make your hair blonde because it was damaged, you’ll need to repair it before bleaching.

You can apply avocado or flaxseed oil masks overnight or leave-in conditioners every other day.

If you can afford it, I recommend you invest in the Olaplex treatment steps 3, 4, and 5. They include a mask, shampoo, and conditioner. Do the treatment for a month, and ask your hairdresser to check if your hair will resist the bleaching session.


If your hairdresser couldn’t make your hair blonde because it has low porosity or its base color is dark, plan your bleaching sessions

You’ll need several bleaching sessions if your hair is black or dark brown. Also, remember you should wait for at least three weeks between each session. Each session will lighten your hair three or four tones.

Therefore, your hairdresser will explain to you how long it’ll take to make your hair blonde.

If your hair has low porosity, your hairdresser should use a 40-volume developer and plan for at least two or three sessions.



If your hairdresser couldn’t make your hair blonde, she was caring for your hair. Return to the salon, explain your expectations, and plan together the safest process to make your hair blonde.

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