The best 3 burgundy hair dyes for dark hair in 2023 (one of them will cause a revolution)

woman shows her dark hair dyed with burgundy dye

The best three burgundy hair dyes for dark hair, taking into account your hair type, are:

  • AGEbeautiful: 4VR Dark Plum Red Brown, for very damaged or dry hair. It’s a brand that will revolutionize the market.
  • Garnier Nutrisse: BR1 Deepest Intense Burgundy, for very gray hair.
  • Revlon Colorsilk Luminista: 145 Burgundy Brown, ideal for covering very dark hair.


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Do you have to bleach your hair to dye it red or burgundy?


Now you know. From my professional experience,  these are the three best permanent burgundy hair dyes for dark hair. 

And each of them has some advantages that I’ll tell you about below.


But let’s think first about burgundy, a dark or deep red with purple undertones. I love that color! And I’m also speaking from personal experience because there was a time, not too long ago, when I dyed my hair burgundy and enjoyed it very much.

Now, every brand has different shades of burgundy.


So, for starters, my first tip is:

  •  If your complexion is pink or pale , I recommend a burgundy dye with blue undertones, i.e., the darker burgundy dyes.
  •  If your complexion is golden or sallow , I recommend a brighter burgundy dye, which will contain more red pigments.

After this first tip, let’s look at each dye.


If your hair is frizzy, I recommend the AGEbeautiful 4VR Dark Plum Red Brown burgundy dye

AGEbeautiful burgundy dye for dark hair

As a professional colorist, I believe this hair color brand will revolutionize the market. First, because of its bold and long-lasting colors. And second, because of its formula enriched with vitamins and minerals, it protects the hair during the coloring process.


I’ll let you in on a secret. I got to know this hair color brand thanks to three of my clients. Yes, exactly as you read it. I didn’t know about this brand, and many of my clients have a lot of free time to research the latest hair products online.

That’s how I learned about AGEbeautiful. Three of my clients bought this brand of hair color and brought it to the salon for a color makeover.  And one of them had chosen this exact burgundy dye. That’s why I’m recommending it to you today; I could see the results in person. 

Her hair was brown 4, and when I applied AGEbeautiful 4VR Dark Plum Red Brown burgundy dye, her hair transformed into a deep burgundy, with beautiful purple hues that illuminated her hair under the sunlight or salon spotlights.


Also, why do I recommend this brand if you have frizzy hair? Because the dyes contain melanin, which gives more color hold, and keratin, which provides hydration.

Nowadays, I use this brand in my salon, especially when my clients want to redefine their hair color by applying a burgundy dye.


If your hair is very gray, your best choice is the Garnier Nutrisse BR1 Deepest Intense Burgundy hair dye

Garnier burgundy hair color for dark hair

Why?   It has 100% coverage on gray hair and lasts six to seven weeks.  The dye is enriched with vitamins and oils, leaving your hair soft, docile, and shiny for days.

This line from Garnier offers you three shades of burgundy, all completely different. But for me, the Deepest Intense Burgundy BR1 is the most beautiful, especially for golden or olive skin.


If your hair is dark brown, I recommend the Revlon Colorsilk Luminista 145 Burgundy Brown

Revlon burgundy hair color for dark hair

Revlon’s Luminista line is designed especially for dark hair and offers two burgundy shades for your dark brown hair. It’s also ammonia-free and enriched with mango oil.


Before I say goodbye, I want to remind you that you can use a semi-permanent burgundy hair color. But before applying it to dark hair, you should use a color remover or a bleach bath.

Why? Because semi-permanent hair dyes don’t change the color of the hair. So if your hair is very dark and you apply the burgundy dye, you won’t see much color change.

The best semi-permanent burgundy hair dyes are Clairol Natural Instincts 4RV Dark Burgundy, and Adore 085 Burgundy Bliss.



Before applying a burgundy dye to dark hair, you should consider your skin tone and your hair’s health. Some shades of burgundy are darker and look better on lighter skin tones, while brighter and redder burgundies look better on darker skin tones.

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