How rare is strawberry blonde hair? Very rare! And I’ll tell you why…

woman with strawberry blonde hair

  • Strawberry blonde is a very rare color because almost no one asks to dye their hair that color in the hair salon.
  • In fact, in my many years as a hairdresser, only once did a client ask me to dye her hair strawberry blonde. 
  • In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know before coloring your hair strawberry blonde.
  • Will you dare to be a trend-setter with this color?


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Are you thinking about getting a super makeover and are wondering how weird is strawberry blonde hair?



As I was saying,  strawberry blonde is a VERY RARE color due to its low demand in professional hair salons . It’s also thanks to the fact that there are almost no hair color brands that include it in their catalog.


If you’re interested in knowing more about it, stay and read this article.

 We’ll take a look at the positives and negatives of having strawberry blonde hair , and I’ll also tell you about a real client in my salon who dyed her hair strawberry blonde.


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What is strawberry blonde, and how rare is this color? An expert’s opinion

strawberry blonde hair sample

First of all, you should know that  strawberry blonde is a shade that doesn’t appear on the color charts of almost any commercial brand of hair dye .

Perhaps this is precisely why people don’t ask for it in hair salons. Perhaps this is the real reason why you consider strawberry blonde a “rare” color.


On the other hand, this shade doesn’t arouse much interest because  it hasn’t had its moment of glory yet.  We just have to wait for Miley Cyrus or Shakira to wear it and then thousands of women will come running to dye their hair strawberry blonde.

But you may be wondering, what is strawberry blonde?


Actually, strawberry blonde is not a color, but rather a shade.  It’s a mix between blonde, copper, fuchsia, and coral. 

This is a blond color with hints of pinkish copper. It’s difficult to explain, but it has notes of all these tones mixed in equal parts.

Is this why you think it’s rare?


A client who wanted to dye her hair strawberry blonde thought something similar. I’ll tell you her story below.


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Here’s the 100% true story of a client who dyed her hair strawberry blonde

happy girl with her strawberry blonde hair

In the many years I’ve been a hairdresser in my salon,  only once did a client ask me to dye her hair strawberry blonde.  Her name is Morena and she’s a client who loves to innovate with her hair.

Morena once came to me wondering how this color would look on her and I remember her asking me, “Is strawberry blonde very rare, Guillermo?”


Well, it was quite rare, since I’d never been asked that before. I must confess that  we had to research what strawberry blonde looked like  since it didn’t appear on the color charts of almost any hair color company.

Therefore, we started to investigate and the conclusion we came to was that we had to prepare it ourselves. We got down to work and the result was a complete success.

 Morena was happy with her new strawberry blonde hair  and we were proud to have achieved it. But you know what?


 Although we uploaded the results to social media and the post received lots of likes and positive comments, no one ever asked us to dye their hair strawberry blonde again.  Not even the client herself.

Will you dare to be the next one?


Want to know the downside of strawberry blonde? It fades and doesn’t go well with all skin colors

strawberry blonde hair girl pointing

  •  Strawberry blonde doesn’t blend easily with other shades,  which makes it a rare shade, little sought after in the hair salon.
  • It needs a light or very light base to show it off.

For that, in most cases, the hair has to be bleached first.


  •  The color fades quickly  after washing.
  • It’s not the right shade if you also wear a hair color with ashy, golden, or beige highlights, because the two colors dull each other.
  • I also don’t recommend strawberry blonde for dark or greenish skin tones: it won’t show off your skin or your hair.

Of course, your hairdresser may be able to adapt strawberry blonde to you if you are a brunette.


  • On black or dark brown hair, one or more bleachings will be necessary, but the disparity of tones will be so strong that far from standing out,  it will look extremely artificial. 
  • Fantasy colors are not great allies of strawberry blonde either. It will be difficult to combine it with grays or blues, for example.


Here’s the positive thing about strawberry blonde: it’s a very original and innovative color

before it was red

  • If it’s done right, dyeing your hair strawberry blonde will give you an innovative color, perfect for a very defined personality.
  • If you want to rejuvenate your look, strawberry blonde is perfect for taking a few years off.
  • Strawberry blonde, combined with other shades of blonde, will completely refresh your hair.
  • You can find different variations of strawberry blonde.
  • Strawberry blonde is a very original shade.
  • If you have light-colored eyes, it could be the perfect complement for you. It will help you highlight the brightness of your eye color.
  • If you have fair skin, dye your hair strawberry blonde and get a pixie cut; you’ll be the center of attention and you’ll probably be a trendsetter.
  •  Strawberry blonde highlights in combination with white hair will add an amazing touch to your look. 

Conclusion: strawberry blonde is rare because few dare to wear it

As we saw in this article,  the rare thing about strawberry blonde is that it’s very uncommon.  No celebrity has decided to wear it as yet and no commercial dye brand has tried to sell it as a fashion color.


But if you like it,  there’s nothing stopping you from getting this hair color  and being a fashion pioneer.

Only you can show how original you are when it comes to choosing your new look. Dare to be different, you’ll never hear stories about those who didn’t take the leap.


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