Which box dye should I choose to do my balayage at home? Best balayage kit

comes in a box

One of the most well-known balayage kits is the L’Oréal Colorista kit. What makes this kit unique is that it includes a special comb to help you to simulate a balayage.

I say “simulate” because the balayage that you’ll get with the kit is quite different than the result of a balayage done in a professional salon.


Are you considering doing a balayage at home?


 These days, there are kits that come in small boxes that include everything necessary to do a balayage from the comfort of your own home.  

A few years ago, there were only traditional color kits, just made for dyeing your hair.


But, hair product brands aren’t dumb. When balayage started becoming more popular, they began to make kits specifically designed for doing a balayage.

Now, one question that a lot of people ask me is, “Can I buy any box dye to do a balayage?”


The answer is, “No.”

  • Traditional dye kits are made for changing your hair’s color. They’re just normal dyes.
  • On the other hand, balayage kits don’t contain dye, just the bleach mix made for doing a balayage.


Buying a traditional color kit to do a balayage is like trying to make a cake with sand instead of flour; it just won’t work.

They’re entirely different, with different uses, and what comes with the kit is different, too.


 So, to do a balayage, you have to buy a kit specifically made for balayage.  

One of the most popular kits made for balayage is the L’Oréal Colorista kit.


The good thing about L’Oréal is that their products are relatively affordable and easy to find. You can get this kit in pharmacies, beauty stores, and even online stores like Amazon or Mercado Libre.

Another thing.


 The result that you’ll get from one of these kits is very different from what you’ll get from a balayage done by a professional in a salon. The difference is extreme.  

So, if you thought that you’d get the look you’ve always dreamed of with one of these kits, I hate to break it to you, but you won’t.

You’ll be able to get an exciting look, but it won’t be like the impressive balayage that dot your Instagram feed.


  • What is the difference between a balayage done with a kit and one done by a professional?
  • What is the right way to use a kit?

I’ll tell you all of that and more.


Let’s start by taking a look at the varieties that the L’Oréal kit comes in and which is the best choice for your hair.


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These kits come in a few different colors: kits for blonde hair, brown hair, and dark brown… Which should you choose?

comes with special comb

The L’Oréal balayage kit has three different color group options.

  • Blonde hair
  • Brown hair
  • Dark brown hair


What is the difference between the kits?

The difference is the bleach that they include.

The dark hair kit has 40-volume peroxide, the medium color kit includes 30-volume peroxide, and the light hair kit includes 20-volume peroxide.


Which of these kits is the best for your hair?

  • If you have dark hair (black, light black, dark brown), you should choose the kit for dark hair.
  • If you have brown hair (brown, light brown), then you should choose the kit for medium or brown hair.
  • If you have blonde hair (dark blonde, blonde, light blonde), you should choose the kit for light or blonde hair.


Alright, now you know which kit you should choose based on your hair color.

Now I want to tell you the necessary steps for using the kit.


How to do the balayage step by step

balayage at home

Do you already have the kit in your hands?


Now is the time to do the balayage.


There should be four things inside your kit:

  • A little container with an applicator for the bleach powder
  • The peroxide
  • Gloves
  • And a balayage comb


The comb is the star of the kit because, according to the manufacturer, that is what will allow you to get the characteristic balayage effect.

 I say “according to the manufacturer” because truthfully, the balayage that you’ll get with this comb and a traditional balayage aren’t the same at all. I’ll tell you why in a moment. 

But let’s not get off track.


Now I want to tell you the basics of how to use the kit.


Step 1

Add the peroxide to the container with the applicator and mix well.


Step 2

Apply the mix to each section of the comb.


Step 3

Using the mix on the comb, brush the mix on from root to tip randomly all over your head.

When I say “random,” I mean that you shouldn’t necessarily go in order, instead you should do the locks that you like the most.

If you want, you can leave 2-4 inches from the very root of your hair to where you start, so the effect is closer to a balayage.


Step 4

Once you’ve finished applying the mix, let it sit for 20-45 minutes.

The time that it takes depends on how much you want to lighten your hair.

Once the time has passed, rinse with lukewarm water, making sure to remove all residue from the mix from your hair.

Dry with a blow dryer set to medium heat, and you’re good to go.


Can you compare a balayage done with a kit at home to a professional balayage?

No way!

The balayage that you’ll get with one of these kits is entirely different from a professional balayage done at a salon. I hate to break it to you, but it’s the truth.

Balayage is a lot more complicated than merely brushing bleach onto your hair with a brush.


 The fact that hair product brands sell these balayage kits doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do a balayage. (Read that again, please). 


These brands’ goal is to sell. And these kits convince young people and not-so-young people that doing a balayage is easy.

The truth is that having all the materials is only half of the battle. There’s still the actual application of the balayage, and that’s the key to getting a perfect balayage.

Another vital part of doing a balayage is sectioning your hair correctly. And that’s something that many women aren’t able to do correctly.


That’s why I’m telling you that having the materials is only half the battle.

I think that before you do anything with your hair, you should be honest with yourself and ask yourself, “Do I have experience with dyeing hair? Do I know how correctly section my hair into four parts?”


If the answer to these questions is “No,” then you shouldn’t do a balayage on your own. You don’t know what the results will be.

It’s better to look for an excellent salon to do it. It will be more expensive, but you’ll love the results.



If you do decide to use one of these kits to do your balayage, remember that it’s crucial to consider your hair’s health before you begin.

  • Is your hair fragile or weak?
  • Have you gotten a hair treatment or a color job recently?


Before you do anything to your hair color, it’s essential to do a strand test.

A strand test consists of applying a little bit of the mix that comes in the kit to a small section of hair and letting it sit.

  • If your hair responds well, then you can continue with the rest of your hair.
  • If your hair gets gummy or breaks, then your hair isn’t ready to undergo a treatment.


If the test results indicate that your hair isn’t ready to do a balayage, then I’d recommend that you wait a little while.

You’ll be able to recuperate your hair’s health with hydrating products like coconut oil.


And now I’d like to know about you.

Have you ever done a balayage with box dye?

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