What does purple shampoo do on colored black hair? And on naturally black hair?


  • I’m telling you straight from now on. Purple shampoo doesn’t work on either naturally or color-treated black hair. It doesn’t.
  • Purple shampoo only neutralizes unwanted yellowish tones. They only appear in blonde hair or, at most, on light brown hair.
  • If you want to add some purple tones to your either colored or naturally black hair, use hair dyes that are specifically designed for black hair. I’ll talk about that in a few moments.


For the thousandth time, and just to make it clear, purple shampoo doesn’t work on black hair.

  • It doesn’t darken black hair because it’s impossible to darken black hair anymore.
  • It doesn’t lighten it because you should use bleaching products on both naturally or colored black hair.
  • It doesn’t add purple pigments to achieve a different luminosity in your black hair.


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Purple shampoo works to neutralize the bright yellow tones that can arise after bleaching or to keep an ashy tone.


 If you wash your black hair with purple shampoo, it’ll work as if you washed it with any other shampoo. Your hair will be clean, but nothing more.  Why? Because purple shampoo neutralizes yellowish tones in blonde hair.


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What does purple shampoo do on black hair?

leave it on for five minutes

Nothing at all. What do I mean?

After using purple shampoo on your black hair, it won’t be darker, lighter, purple, or anything.


Purple shampoo only works on unwanted yellowish tones.

Do you have any yellowish tones in your black hair?


Unless your eyes are deceiving you or you’re colorblind, I doubt it. Those tones only come up on blonde hair.

 Purple shampoo is designed to neutralize bright yellow or orange colors that arise after bleaching,  or due to the effects of the sun, which act as a bleaching agent.


Neutralization consists of applying the opposite color to the one you want to eliminate to remove unwanted undertones. See the following table:


Do you notice anything that catches your eye?


That’s right! Violet neutralizes yellow, not black.

The reason is that black has no undertones. It doesn’t have yellows or reds. It’s the darkest color in the color palette.

For this reason, purple shampoo won’t do any good on your black hair.


If I apply purple shampoo to lighten my black hair, will it work?


I must congratulate you for your persistence and for insisting on the same thing until the last moment. Unfortunately, your insisting won’t do any good. Purple shampoo doesn’t lighten black hair or any other hair color.


 Purple shampoo won’t lighten your black hair  because it only creates a film of pigment that is deposited on your hair. The idea is to gradually neutralize your color or to prevent unpleasant tones from appearing.

This means that you’ll add pigments every time you wash your hair. If you have unwanted yellowish tones, they’ll be neutralized. As purple or blue shampoo don’t penetrate the hair core like hair dyes or toners, they cannot lighten the hair.


There’s one more detail.  To lighten black hair you need to bleach it with a 30-volume developer.  Do the math.

The 30-volume developer is a powerful chemical. Instead, the purple shampoo contains similar ingredients to other shampoos plus some pigments, but no lightening power.


If you want to add a purple tone to your black hair, several products can help you. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


What hair dye can be applied to black hair to give it a purple tone?

For a few years now, the big brands have been focusing on darker hair dye shades. What have they achieved?


They have come up with hair dyes with pigments that give dark hair some purple highlights. Other hair dyes,  can turn black hair into purple or blue-black. 

Do you want names?


Revlon Colorsilk: 1.2 natural blue black

This permanent hair color from Revlon will give your black hair blue tones without the need to lighten it. Revlon pigments ensure the best quality and excellent gray coverage.


Schwarzkopf Keratin Color

Rich Caviar

This manufacturer offers two different shades to renew your black color:

  • 8 Ruby Noir (reddish black)
  • 9 Rich Caviar (purplish black)

You can apply it directly on your black hair to give it special shades without bleaching or lightening beforehand.


L’Oreal HiColor

true violet

This L’Oreal line can change your hair color.

You have several shades to choose from:

  • Magenta
  • Red
  • Violet
  • Honey blonde
  • Golden blonde


Remember that this hair dyes line is applied with a 30-volume developer, which can dry out your hair.

If you have healthy hair, no frizz or split ends, you can innovate on your black hair with this hair dye. Its strong pigments will perfectly cover your natural or colored black hair.



The purple shampoo has no effect on black hair; it doesn’t lighten it or change the color. If that’s what you’re looking for, you should think about bleaching your black hair or applying a hair dye that’s designed for dark hair.

So, purple shampoo definitely doesn’t work on black hair, whether it’s colored or natural.

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