How to remove purple shampoo stain from hair (without damaging it)

  • To remove purple shampoo stains from your hair, you should stop using purple shampoo. Start washing your hair with a ph-balanced shampoo with sulfates. Of course, after that, you’ll have to do an intensive moisturizing treatment because sulfates dry out the hair.
  • When the stains disappear, you can start using the purple shampoo again properly not to stain your hair and avoid unwanted yellow tones.


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I know that women are a tough nut to crack.

However, I think sometimes we overdo it, or at least that’s how it was in Julieta’s case.

Three days ago, she came into the salon crying: “I want to color my hair to remove the purple shampoo stains from it.”


I could only raise my white flag. I know that in these cases, only empathy and understanding are the best allies.

Why would she want to use a hair dye to remove the stains from the purple shampoo?


She said that she couldn’t stand the purple stains anymore.

Okay, that’s understandable.  But to remove the purple shampoo stains, there was no need for such an extreme solution. 


She couldn’t believe it when I told her that. Her hopes were back and she felt happy.

I told her that  all she would have to do was wash her hair four or five times until the purple spots disappeared. 



Because purple shampoo doesn’t penetrate the hair core. So, it doesn’t modify the natural pigments.

All it does is neutralize yellowish tones on the surface of the hair.


 But besides the fact that it acts on the outer layers of the hair, the change it produces is not permanent.  The purple pigments deposited are subsequently diluted with washes.


So, before you make your decision, think.

If the purple stains will disappear by washing your hair for several days, why would you want to apply a hair dye?

Let alone bleaching!

They’re too extreme solutions when you can resort to simpler ones like washing your hair.


Of course, you’ll need to use a specific shampoo.

And that’s what I’ll talk about next. I’ll also tell you how to use purple shampoo correctly to avoid purple spots in the future.

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How to remove purple shampoo stains from your hair without damaging it

washing removes color

Ready to get rid of those ugly purple stains from your hair?


Good for you. I prepared a very simple three-step plan to help you get rid of those stains.

  • Discontinue the use of purple shampoo.
  • Use a sulfate or ph-balanced shampoo to remove stains.
  • Deep moisturize your hair.


Yes, you read that right! Use sulfates because these chemicals are corrosive to the color. Therefore, they’ll remove the purple stains from your hair.

You can choose a ph-balanced shampoo like Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo or regular shampoo. Go for the cheapest one you can find in the store.


 Once you finish the second step of the plan to remove purple stains, the third step is to moisturize your hair. 

Both ph-balanced shampoo and shampoo with sulfates can damage your hair and leave it drier and duller.


At this point, you’ll be hiding the purple shampoo at least in the short and medium term. So, it’s time to tackle the purple shampoo stains in your hair.

  • Every time you take a shower, wet your hair and apply the ph-balanced or sulfate shampoo to the stained areas of your hair. Then, to your entire mane.
  • Leave it on for three minutes to remove more pigmentation.
  • Rinse with plenty of hot water. When I say “hot,” I mean the hottest temperature your skin can handle.
  • Apply conditioner to moisturize the hair. Leave it on for five minutes and rinse with warm to cool water.


  After the first wash, you’ll notice that the purple shampoo stains have started to fade. 

Continue washing your hair until they’re completely removed. It could take three to four washes.


Once the purple stains are completely removed, you can start using the purple shampoo again.

However, pay attention to “how” to use it to prevent the annoying stains from reappearing.


How to use the purple shampoo the right way to prevent your hair from staining again

hair color

When purple shampoo stains appear in your hair, I’m sorry to tell you that it was your fault.

They appear when there’s a high level of pigments in some areas of the hair.

It happens  when you don’t evenly distribute the shampoo throughout your hair. 


Most women wash their hair as follows.

They place a good amount of shampoo in the palm of their hand and immediately apply it to two key areas, the crown, and the ends.

  • If you apply the purple shampoo on the crown of your hair and then massage it through the rest of your hair, the pigment will concentrate in one area. After two weeks, purple stains will appear.
  • If you apply the purple shampoo on the ends of your hair and then distribute it through the rest, your ends will be stained purple in two weeks.


Therefore,  you should change the way you apply purple shampoo. 


tone strident tones

If you ever washed your hair at the salon, you noticed that they place the shampoo along the hair from roots to ends. This way, the product is perfectly distributed throughout your hair.

You should do the same at home when you take a shower and use the purple shampoo:

  • Wet your hair and place a good amount of purple shampoo in the PALM OF YOUR HAND.
  • Tilt your hair to one side so that your mane falls freely.
  •  Grab the hair with your hand with the shampoo in it and glide it up and down from the roots to the ends. 
  • Repeat the movement several times to make sure there’s no shampoo concentration in any area.


This way, you’ll evenly distribute the purple pigmentation, and no stains will appear on your hair.

This is the best way to use purple shampoo as well as any type of shampoo.


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If you want to keep your hair free of yellowish tones, you should use purple shampoo.

To prevent the purple shampoo from staining your hair, you should distribute it evenly through your hair when you wash it.

If you notice that the purple shampoo stains your hair, stop using it and wash your hair with a ph-balanced or sulfate shampoo to remove the stains.

Follow these tips to get beautiful ashy hair without any purple residue.

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