What Color Covers Orange Hair? 5 blonde ideas you can’t miss out

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What color covers orange hair? Here are some blondes to cover your orange hair after bleaching:

  • Dark ash blonde 6.1
  • Ash blonde 7.1
  • Deep ash blonde 7.11
  • Light ash blonde 8.1
  • Deep light ash blonde 8.11


Now, how do you know which one you should apply to your hair?

It’s simple.


Of course, the right choice of blondes will depend on the intensity of the orange you have.

I’ll tell you more details and some suggestions to match your new color with the most appropriate makeup.

Have you read carefully the colors I mentioned above?


Then, you can tell me what they have in common.

Do you have it?


Exactly, all the colors have the number 1 at the end.

 It’s because the color that cancels or neutralizes the orange is blue, which also called ash by colorists. 

Therefore, all hair dyes containing number 1 are ashy.


Don’t panic. It doesn’t mean that you’ll go from having orange to blue hair.

Ash is actually an undertone or secondary shade. Hair dye brands add ashy pigments to the color.



 When you bleach your hair, the color you get is one step previous to the color you’ll finally wear. There’re always orange and yellow undertones according to your base tone. 

Those colors are messy, so it’s important to neutralize them.


Once you get to the orange hair after bleaching, you have two ways to go:

Apply an ash blonde hair dye or a toner, a professional tool designed exclusively to remove unwanted tones from the hair.


So I recommend that you go to your salon and ask your colorist to apply the toner to forget about the orange undertones.

If you want to leave orange hair behind, it’s time to dive into the fascinating world of ash blonde. First, I’ll explain why all the alternatives of this shade are the best solution for your orange hair.

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Why you should apply an ash blonde to bleached orange hair

more harmonious hair color

If you want to color your bleached hair, the best shades to cover orange hair are those with ashy undertones.

Blue is the opposite of orange on the color wheel. Blue is a suitable color to cancel the unwanted tones that come out after bleaching.

All hair dyes have a color and an undertone.


The color is the main number you can find on the box:

  • Dark blonde 6
  • Blonde 7
  • Light blonde 8


The undertone is the secondary number. It’s usually after the dot:

  • Dark ash blonde 6.1
  • Ash blonde 7.1
  • Light blonde 8.1


There are 7 undertones and they correspond to a color from the neutralization table:

  • 1 ash – blue
  • 2 iridescent – pearly
  • 3 golden – yellow
  • 4 copper – orange
  • 5 mahogany – reddish orange
  • 6 red – red
  • 7 matte/ metallic – green


Knowing all this, which shade is right for you?

Let’s take a look.


If your hair is dark orange

excellence creme

You can apply the dark ash blonde 6.1 or deep dark ash blonde 6.11, which will bring light to your face and conceal any imperfections.

You could also choose an intermediate shade to give more light to your face such as ash blonde 7.1 or deep ash blonde 7.11.

Also, these colors will give you a perfect base for any other colors you want to apply later.


If you want to lighten your hair and refresh your features, you can apply a light ash blonde 8.1 or deep ash blonde 8.11.

As they’re permanent hair dyes, they give you the possibility to scale up to 2 shades of blonde without having to go through another bleaching session.


If your hair is orange

excellence creme

You can darken your hair by applying a dark ash blonde 6.1 which is the most requested shade in the winter months.

However, you can also lighten your hair by applying a deep light ash blonde 8.11. It’s a very popular color in salons for women who want to start a transition to platinum blonde 10.


If your hair is light orange


In this case, I recommend that you don’t go up any more shades of blonde. Therefore, the colors you can apply are light ash blonde 8.1 or deep light ash blonde 8.11. Do you know why?


The higher blondes contain yellow pigmentation. If you want to remove them, you need to bleach your hair.

Permanent hair dyes lighten up to 2 shades each time. They prevent unwanted yellows.

Light ash blonde 8.1 is the most requested blonde color in salons all year round. It brings light to the face and conceals imperfections in your skin as well as gray hair.


Regardless of the ash blonde you choose, you’ll have to make some changes to your makeup. Here are some makeup ideas.


Makeup ideas after applying the ash blonde hair dye to cover the orange hair

Choosing the right makeup shades should also be on the list for your makeover. Your new ash blonde calls for soft, pastel makeup shades that complement the brightness of your new hair color.


The dark shades you were probably wearing, such as plum blush, wine lipstick, or black eyeliner, may now be too contrasting.

  • For your cheeks, try shades of pale pink or peachy pink blush.
  • On your lips, opt for light to medium shades of pink, peach, or rose.
  • On your eyelids, choose off-white, ash, or pale pink eye shadows and dark brown eyeliner and mascara. Eye shadows with champagne or gold highlights under the eyebrows are perfect, but avoid silver or pearl highlights.
  • Finally, don’t shy away from smoky eye makeup for the evening. Instead, always use a brown or dark gray shadow instead of a black shadow.


Now, if you’re still not quite decided on any of these shades, you can consider other options. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


Besides ash blonde hair dye, what other alternatives are there to cover orange hair?

Removing the orange with ash hair dye is one of the easiest solutions, but it’s not the only one. You can also use blue shampoo or toner.


Blue shampoo for orange hair after bleaching

dark pigments

Blue shampoo is designed to neutralize orange, but the color isn’t permanent.

This means that as soon as you stop using it and after several washes, the orange tones will start to reappear.


The blue shampoo is very easy to apply. Just replace your usual shampoo with it and use it once or twice a week until the orange has disappeared.


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Toner to neutralize orange hair after bleaching

from orange to blonde

This is the harder option to apply and requires professional expertise. I suggest you make an appointment with your colorist if you don’t want to end up with blue hair.

Toners are permanent blue, violet, or green hair dyes. They’re applied with a 20-volume developer for up to 20 minutes. If you don’t apply them correctly, you can ruin your hair.


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If your hair is orange after bleaching, your best option to cover that color is ash blonde in any of its alternatives.

This shade of blonde will give your face more luminosity and frame your features with a very personal glow. However, remember that you’ll need to make some changes to your makeup color palette to make the best out of this shade.

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