Can you use mixed hair dye after a few hours? Only if you plan to ruin your hair…

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  • You shouldn’t use mixed hair dye after a few hours.
  • Once you mix the dye with the developer, you get a homogeneous blend that you should apply immediately.
  • The mixed hair dye lasts for 40 minutes. After that, the developer and the ammonia don’t work properly. And if you apply the mixed dye with those deteriorated elements, you’ll only ruin your hair and hurt your scalp.


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 Do you want to use mixed hair dye after a few hours? 


Before you apply that hair dye you prepared some hours ago, dial the emergency number on your cell phone.

I can assure you that you’ll end up with damaged hair. Also, your scalp will be so irritated that it’ll end up full of scabs.


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Everything has a place and time. And this is one of the things I learned about motherhood. Before becoming a mother, I could do a thousand things at the same time.

Of course, some of them went very well, some were so-so, and others were very bad.

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But when I became a mother, I began to discover that if I dedicated the right amount of time to each thing instead of doing a thousand things, everything worked better.

Then, I could enjoy my children’s school events without having five anxious clients waiting for me in the salon.

I also learned that if I played with my children with all my attention on that, even if it was only for half an hour, it was worth much more than playing with them while I was cooking and watching my favorite series.


Why am I telling you this?

To save your hair and prevent you from hurting your scalp.

 If you’re determined to dye your hair, you should start applying the mixed dye IMMEDIATELY after preparing it. 


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It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend calls you urgently with a work problem. It doesn’t matter if you get a call from your sister who needs some female empathy.

It doesn’t matter if your phone’s notification bell rings to remind you that your favorite series on Netflix is about to start.


I have a piece of advice for you.

All that can wait and the world will keep on turning.

But if you use mixed hair dye after several hours, your world will stop because you’ll damage your hair. And here’s why.


What could happen if you use mixed hair dye after a few hours?

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First,  you’ll damage your hair. 


The chemicals in the dye, such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, deteriorate after 40 minutes.

Then, residues remain. So,  if you apply a mixed dye after a few hours, you’re actually applying chemical residues to your hair. 


Those chemical residues will damage your hair and leave it brittle and frizzy. They’ll also cause scalp irritation. And if your scalp is sensitive, that dye mixed in after several hours can burn your scalp.


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It could be so serious that if you apply a mixed dye after several hours, you may start to experience hair loss.


Plus, your color will be uneven. But I think that would be the least of the problems.

Do you realize why I say that everything has its place and time? I think there’s no need for words. But I still have something else to tell you.


What is the maximum time you can wait to use your mixed hair dye?

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 You have to use the mixed hair dye within the following 40 minutes. 


You probably noticed that when you start to prepare it, it’s usually white no matter what color dye you choose.

Then, when you apply the developer, it starts to darken and the color you have chosen starts to appear. That’s the moment when the chemical reaction starts.

So, from that point on, there are only a few minutes left to do the coloring process.


The mixed dye can be used for up to 40 minutes. Those forty minutes start when you mix the peroxide and the dye and end when you rinse the dye.

That’s why you can’t apply the dye after two or three hours.



If you want to color your hair, I recommend that you clear your schedule and take the day for yourself. It’s not a process you can do while you’re paying attention to thousands of external stimuli.

If the dye has been mixed for more than forty minutes, you should discard it. Don’t apply it because, otherwise, you risk damaging your hair and scalp.

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