Can I condition my hair after coloring it? What products should I use?

how to condition to avoid damaging hair

Many people come to me with the same doubt.

Can I use a conditioner after dyeing my hair?

The question has two answers.

  • If you just dyed your hair, the only conditioner that you can use is the one that came in the box of color
  • If the idea is to conditioner your hair in the following days, you can use conditioner, but you should use one that is most appropriate

How do I know?


Because I also colored my hair.

 And in this adventure of changing my hair color, almost like a religious mantra, I learned that there are certain commandments for dyeing your hair. 

Yes, just how you read it.

There are ten commandments to care for colored hair that don’t have anything to do with the commandments revealed by Moses.

And they have a lot to do with conditioning colored hair.


That’s why today I’ll tell you:

  • The five commandments for correctly conditioning your colored hair
  • The five commandments for colored hair care and so that the color lasts longer


Now you have two options.

You can opt to follow the ten commandments to care for the color of your hair.

Or you can risk that your beautiful color that you get every time you color it disappears in the blink of an eye.


I knew it.

You knew that you would climb that mountain to receive the tablet of the ten commandments about your colored hair care.

Let’s do it then!


Tabla de Contenidos


5 commandments for correctly conditioning your colored hair

moisturize dyed hair

Commandment 1- You will condition your recently colored hair only with the conditioner that comes in the box.

Did you ever as why they include that little bottle of conditioner in the box of dye?


I was doing a bit of research on the topic and the reason is very simple.

 These conditioners are designed to condition hair and trap the color molecules from the color. They are special formulas that from what I researched are much softer than those of common conditioners. 

This means that they are thought up to be used immediately after rinsing the dye from your hair.

Do you want to know another secret?


Use the whole tube.

Here, it isn’t worth saving half for the next day.

Your hair needs this conditioning because dyes tend to dry out the hair and strip out the natural oils.


Commandment 2- You will use conditioners especially for dyed hair

This is elemental.

A conditioner especially formulated for colored hair helps absorb the proteins and prevent the color from fading.

Look for those conditioners that don’t have sulfates or parabens.


Commandment 3- You will honor the new color of your hair by paying attention to the color of your conditioner

Have you ever paid attention to the color of your conditioner?


And when I say color, I’m not talking about the color of the container, but the color inside.

Conditioners for dyed hair have different colors and this is not by chance. This is because they contain color pigments.


Try to choose conditioner that has a similar color to your dye, because this will help you revive your dyed hair, strengthening the color deposits in the cuticles.


Commandment 4- Once a week you will use a leave-in conditioner

As you surely know, if you wash your hair every day, the only day that you will get is erasing the color of they dye much faster than what you want.


A dye should last in the hair for at least twenty to twenty-five days. I mean that it will look radiant and vibrant like the first day.

 That’s why and so that ou don’t think that I’m starting a dirty hair crusade, my advice is that you wash your dyed hair every two to three days.  


I can imagine your scared fase!

You’re probably thinking, “How will I put up without washing my hair for so long?

Or worse, you’re thinking that your hair won’t look hydrated if you don’t condition it after you wash it.

Nothing of the sort.


The solution is this: leave-in conditioner, because you don’t need to use water for its application.

Simply after washing your hair, apply the leave-in shampoo and detangle your hair.

The less time your hair has contact with tap water, less possibilities you will have for your hair color to fade.


Commandment 5- You will Deep condition your hair more than once a week

Our dyed hair needs much more care and attention so that it looks healthy and strong.

I use coconut oil once a week.

And I leave it in my hair overnight.


Coconut oil is a natural hydrating treatment and it’s organic, which does miracles for your hair.

Ever since I incorporated it into my daily hair routine, I was aple to reduce frizz even though I don’t wash my hair as often.


I also noticed that my ends weren’t split anymore and my hair felt softer to the touch.

For all of this, I managed to minimize the damages of the dye on my hair.


Now you know the five commandments for the correct conditioning of colored hair.

But the revelations don’t stop there.

There are also other commandments for the care of the hair color and the health of your hair after dyeing it.


5 commandments for the care of your colored hair and so that the color lasts longer

wait two or three days

Commandment 1- You will wait at least 48 hours to wash your hair after dyeing it

This is fundamental so that the molecules of the dye end up depositing correctly in the hair .


Remember that the chemicals that make up the dye continue working in the cuticle of the hair. If you wash your hair before 48 hours has passed, you will erase the color.

So then, you’ll end up with a pale tone, far from what you wanted.


Commandment 2- You will love your hair above all things

And when I say love, I refer to care for it, watch it, know it, and give it what it really needs.

If you have curly hair, you should know what the best products are for keeping your curls hydrated.

Remember that it is harder for curly hair to maintain moisture than for non-curly hair.


If you dye your hair blonde, you should know what you need to use every once in a while, a purple shampoo to prevent the appearance of oranges and yellows in the hair.

And I could go on.

Every hair is like a new world, and your challenge is to learn and know everything you need to about your hair so that you can care for it how it deserves.


Commandment 3- You will not commit impure acts abusing the hair with a flat iron or hair dryer

Yes, I know. It can be a bit depressing not being able to have that perfect straight hair every day of your life.

But it is necessary to know that heat sources are the worst enemy of your hair.


I don’t want you to think that I’m being dramatic.

I’m not saying that you can never flat iron your hair. I, in fact, do it, but I use the flat iron only for special occasions.

Birthday parties, going out with friends, and of course, when I want to make a good first impression on a date.

After all, us girls have the right to have straight, frizzless hair, don’t you think?


Commandment 4- Don’t crush your hair when you finish washing it

When your hair is wet, it is in a much weaker state.

Every hair is like a fine thread and if you stretch it or you curl it, it will simply break.


When you get out of the bathtub, delicately squeeze your hair with a towel, as if you were petting it.

You’ll see less hair fall out when you look at the floor.


Commandment 5- You will eat healthy food

I’m not a nutritionist, but I’m sure that you know the phrase, “you are what you eat.”

And our hair is also what we feed ourselves.


 The nutrients in a healthy diet provide the energy that generates growth and shine in our hair.  

Food that includes iron-rich protein strengthens the scalp making it so the hair produces a stronger keratin.

Remember that keratin is a protein that strengthens the hair, improves texture and stimulates growth.


Include lean meat, fish, low-fat cheeses, egg whites, spinach, and soy so that your hair with a color treatment looks better.

Also, enjoy the taste of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and grains.


Vitamins are another key for maintaining healthy, shiny hair.

Vitamin C keeps the blood vessels active in the scalp, strengthening the hair fibers.

Vitamin B also called biotin, strengthens weak hair and improves its texture. You can find it in salmon, carrots, egg yolks, and sardines.



Now you know what the best way to condition your dyed hair is.

And I know that the next time you open a box of dye, you will lovingly look at that little bottle of conditioner that comes with it.

What type of conditioner do you use in your hair?

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