Does blue shampoo work on dry hair? How long should you leave it on your hair?

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  • Yes, blue shampoo works on dry hair.
  • If you use blue shampoo on your dry hair, the effect will be much more intense than if you use it in a regular way.
  • To achieve the best results, you should apply it from the roots to the ends and leave it in 10 to 20 minutes every fifteen days.
  • It is a great way to add color to your hair to keep it looking blue for longer.


 IMPORTANT: blue shampoo does not dye the hair blue, not even when applying it to dry hair. If that is what you want to do, forget about it now. Blue shampoo only works to keep already dyed blue hair. 


If you have blue colored hair and want your color to last longer, applying blue shampoo to your dry hair will be one of the best alternatives.

Fantasy colors like purple, blue, and pink are beautiful, but, unfortunately, they fade faster than other colors.

When they fade, you have two options:

  • Hair re-color
  • Wear a pale blue color


That’s why, to make blue dye last longer, you should use a blue shampoo every time you wash your hair to add color pigments.

 However, most people use it on wet hair. In fact, it gives better results on dry hair. 

And that’s what Mariana, one of my clients, who has a midnight blue hair color, discovered.


The first time she applied the blue dye to her hair, she returned to the salon after two weeks because her blue had faded and looked coarse and dull. Of course, she hadn´t followed my recommendations, and she didn’t use the blue shampoo to extend the color’s duration.

So, when I applied the blue dye the second time, I begged her to use the blue shampoo this time and do it on her dry hair.

She looked at me as if I were an alien but said nothing.


 I only saw her again two months later, and the first thing she did when she entered the salon was hugging me and talk about the blue shampoo. 

Why did the hair dye last so long?


Thanks to the magic of the blue shampoo, especially when you use it on your dry hair. Today, I want your blue color to last as long as Mariana’s, so stay with me, and I’ll tell you:

  • How to properly use the blue shampoo on dry hair
  • How to choose the best blue shampoo for dry use

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How to use blue shampoo on dry hair the right way

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It’s now clear that you can use the blue shampoo on your dry hair to revitalize color and extend color renewal times.

Now, like everything else in life, you should take it one step at a time. It’s not about running out and buying your blue shampoo. In a few moments, I’ll tell you which ones are best, in my opinion, and you can start applying it every day to your hair.


 My recommendation is that you use it on dry hair every fortnight, so you don’t risk dehydrating your hair. 


Having clarified this, let’s go to the step by step procedure.

  • Untangle your hair so that there are no knots and separate it into 4 sections, two in the front and two in the back, holding them with hair clips.


  • Please put on your gloves, let go of one of your hair sections, and start applying the shampoo from the root to the end, massaging it gently. Repeat on each section of your hair.


  • Once you finish applying the blue shampoo in each section, pick up your hair, holding it with a clip.


  •  Let the shampoo in for 10 to 20 minutes depending on the intensity you want to achieve.  The longer you let it in, the more pigments will be deposited in the hair fiber.


  • Finally, rinse your hair with warm water until the water runs clean and clear.


Now, watch your hair when it dries completely. What can you see? Amazing, isn’t it?

I’m sure your hair looks bright blue as it did the first day you bleached it.


Now, it’s important to use an excellent blue shampoo to maximize the results, and I’ll tell you which one you can choose.


How to choose the best blue shampoo to use it on dry hair


To know which is the best blue shampoo to apply to dry hair, you have to search for these three features:

  • That it is a color-depositing shampoo. It means that it contains a greater amount of blue pigments.
  • That it contains hair fiber repair ingredients such as keratin, coconut, or shea butter
  • That is suitable for dry usage, basic!


 ]If the blue shampoo you choose has these characteristics, your color will last longer, keeping the tone vibrant, and you´ll be able to space out your color renewals. 


What are the best color depositing shampoos you can use on your dry hair?


Why are they the best?


 Because they are the ones that offer more blue pigments in their composition. 

The one I recommend the most is KERACOLOR CLENDITIONER to use it as a dry shampoo. Besides adding blue pigments, it repairs hair thanks to its formula with keratin, coconut oil, argan, and linen.



If you use blue shampoo on your dry hair, you’ll be able to revitalize the color, and you’ll have to do less hair color renewals.

Apply it every two weeks to your dry hair and leave it in for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the intensity of color you’re looking for.

Remember, the best blue shampoo to use on dry hair is Keracolor Clenditioner because, in addition to depositing pigments, it moisturizes and softens your hair.



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