How to bleach bath hair to remove the color? Does it work in all cases?

remove dark dye from hair

  • To bleach bath hair is a good option to remove color. However, it’ll only work on medium and light colors.
  • So, if your hair is dark blonde 6, blonde 7, light blonde 8, very light blonde 9, or has traces of some semi-permanent hair dye, in a few moments, I’ll tell you how to bleach bath it.
  • If the color you want to remove is dark, such as black 1, dark brown 3, brown 4, or light brown 5, you should use a color remover such as Color Oops or Color B4. Alternatively, bleach your hair as usual.


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It seems that you’ve taken it for granted that to bleach bath your hair is good for removing its color.

However, have you stopped to think about whether it’s good for removing your hair color?


Removing a black 1 shade isn’t the same as removing a blonde 6.

So,  the bleach bath will remove some colors, but you’ll need to bleach your hair with a 30-volume developer to remove dark colors like black 1, dark brown, and reds. 

You need to generate a major chemical reaction to remove those colors.


If you don’t want to bleach your hair, you can try using a color remover.

Some of the most popular ones are Color Oops and Color B4.


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So, what hair color does the bleach bath work on?

  • Dark blonde 6
  • Blonde 7
  • Light blonde 8
  • Very light blonde 9
  • Semi-permanent faded hair color


If you don’t have any of those shades in your hair, forget about the bleach bath!

And do it for two reasons.


  • The first, and the one you should be most concerned about, is your hair health.

Although the bleach bath may be a little less aggressive than regular bleaching, it’ll produce a chemical reaction in the hair.

Therefore, if your color is very dark, you’ll have exposed your hair to a chemical process for no reason.


  • Also, if your hair is dark, you won’t completely remove the pigments. Therefore, your hair will end up orange or reddish.

In other words, not only won’t you remove the color, but you’ll also weaken your hair.


 So, today I’ll tell you how to do the bleach bath correctly at your own risk. 

Doing a successful bleach bath will depend on three things: your hair color, the shampoo you use, and the way you apply it.

We already talked about your hair color. So, let’s move on to the shampoo you should use.

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What shampoo to use for a bleach bath

moisturizing shampoo for bleach bath

You should use a moisturizing shampoo because its components will minimize the effects of the chemical reaction and protect your hair.

You’ll also need a 20-volume developer and bleach powder.

Do you want to know about some of the best moisturizing shampoos?


  • Redken All Soft Shampoo is deal for dry hair because it contains argan oil.
  • Biolage Hydrasource Shampoo is paraben-free, and it’s specifically designed for damaged hair.
  • Nexxus Keraphix ProteinFusion includes black rice and Keratin.
  • Pureology Hydrate Sheer Shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo ideal for fine and color-treated hair.


As for the developer, you can choose one of these great brands:

  • Oreor Líquido de L’Oreal Paris
  • Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Premium Developer
  • Clairol Professional Hair Coloring Developers


What’s the difference between these developers and any other you can find in the supermarket?

In addition to the professional quality, its consistency is creamy. Therefore, its composition will protect your hair even more.


Finally, the bleach powder:

  • L’Oreal Quick Blue Powder Lightener
  • Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener
  • Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener


These bleach powders don’t leave any residue. What does this mean?

That they’re lump-free and allow for precise measurement when preparing the bleach bath.


I know you’re anxious to remove the color from your hair with the bleach bath. First, I’ll give you an extra tip to remove the color from your hair with the bleach bath with less hair damage.

Well, actually, two tips.


  • The first one is to avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours before applying the bleach bath.
  • Secondly, apply coconut oil from roots to ends four hours before the bleach bath and don’t rinse it out. This way, your hair will be more protected.


Now, let’s look at the step-by-step application of the bleach bath.


How to apply the bleach bath correctly

plastic bowl

Just a word of warning before you start: don’t apply the bleach bath in the shower.

It’s best to have a specific place and time to do it.

 Don’t forget that the bleach bath contains chemicals. If it gets into your eyes or body in the shower, it can cause injury. 


Having said that, let’s prepare the bleach bath. Don’t prepare too much because the leftover cannot be stored as the chemicals degrade.

  • In a plastic container, place 100 cc of moisturizing shampoo.
  • Add 50 cc developer
  • Add 25 grams bleach powder


 The ratio is always the same: 3 measures shampoo, 2 measures developer, and 1 measure bleach powder. 

This is a very useful tip if you don’t want to deal with grams or cubic centimeters.


Now that you have the bleach bath ready, it’s time for application.


Step 1

two days between washing and bleaching

Wet and towel-dry your hair to prevent the bleach bath from dripping on your skin.


Step 2

Place the bleach bath on your hair and lather with your fingertips.


Step 3

Once you have evenly distributed the lather, cover your hair with a shower cap to keep the chemical reaction from cooling.  Let it sit for 15-20 minutes to prevent your hair from breaking. 


Step 4

Then, rinse your hair with plenty of cold water. After removing the bleach bath residue, wash your hair using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Leave the conditioner in for 5 minutes to moisturize your hair, rinse, and wrap in a towel.


Step 5

Blow-dry your hair and add a few drops of anti-frizz oil. When it’s dry, look at the color. Did you manage to remove it completely?



 If you still want to remove even more color, you’ll need to wait for three weeks to reapply the bleach bath. 

In the meantime, nourish your hair with moisturizing masks at least once a week.



A bleach bath is an excellent option for women who want to remove just one or two shades of light hair, or traces of a semi-permanent hair dye that hasn’t faded completely.

If your color is very dark, you won’t be able to use it. In that case, you’ll have to use a color remover or traditional bleach.

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