Can I workout after getting my hair dyed? Running or going to the gym, for example

woman with dyed red hair at the gym

  • Yes, you can exercise after coloring your hair.
  • However, I don’t recommend swimming if you color your hair. The chemicals used to maintain the pool water could lighten or “fade” your hair.
  • I’ll tell you what products you can use on your hair depending on the activity you do.
  • I’ll also tell you a 100% true story about someone who went to swim class after coloring her hair.


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Swimming in a pool or the ocean after coloring your hair: How long should you wait?


Did you just renew your hair dye and were planning to do your workout routine?


Welcome back!

I admire women who take care of their health, their body, and of course, their hair.

 There’s no reason why you shouldn’t exercise after dyeing your hair. Hair coloring and physical activity are totally compatible. 


What’s more, you’ll look more beautiful with your hair in good shape doing physical activity.

But you must take certain precautions according to the type of exercise you do after dyeing your hair.

I’ll tell you all about it in this article. Let’s go!

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Should I take any precautions before exercising if I dyed my hair?

woman runs after dyeing her hair

To know what precautions you should take before exercising with your newly dyed hair, you must consider the type of exercise you do.

Crossfit, streching, or swimming have different effects on your hair.


Each physical activity has its own routine.

  And just as you should wear the right type of clothing for each activity, the same goes for your hair: you should wear it in the right way depending on the activity. 


There are activities in which loose hair is not a nuisance. Others, in turn, require your hair tied to prevent it from blocking your view.

However, the only recommendation for physical exercise after dyeing your hair is just a matter of aesthetics.


When you dye your hair, you leave the salon with freshly styled hair.

You’ve probably just had a nourishing treatment and at least one blow-dry to make you look beautiful.

 So, leaving the salon all dolled up and immediately breaking a sweat with your workout will necessarily send you straight home to take a shower. 

What’s the problem?


Well, none. But you’ll have to say goodbye to the blow-dry you paid for at the salon.

Of course, this is just a detail compared with a health routine that is much more important than blow-drying.

Do you want some advice?


Do your physical activity routine first, and then go to the salon to get your hair colored. That way, you’ll get the most out of both!

But I repeat, it’s purely a matter of practicality, as there is no problem in dyeing before physical activity.

The exception would be swimming. In that case, I don’t recommend you to dye your hair before going to the pool.

Here’s why.


What products should I use to take care of my hair during physical activity?

spray to protect hair color

Just as you should wear the right clothes to practice the different exercises, there are many products suitable for each type of physical activity. Let’s take a look:


  • Outdoor activities: if you like to run or if you are a lover of hiking or other activities in parks or open spaces, it would be best to use some kind of keratin spray.


Make sure the product also contains some UV protection. This will protect you from the sun’s rays and help to maintain the color longer.


  • Intense physical activity: if you do intense workouts, you’ll probably sweat a lot. I advise you to wear your hair up and with gels so that it doesn’t become bulky.

But fear not. Sweating won’t affect your new hair color at all. At most, your hair will be dull until you wash it. But it won’t affect it at all.

Gather your hair as I have indicated so that it keeps its shape.  The color will be protected and your look will remain impeccable.  


  • Swimming: I don’t advise you to go to the pool after dyeing your hair.

If you love swimming,  my advice is to apply moisturizing masks on your hair before going swimming. 

You can even use a leave-in nourishing spray before you go in the water.


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Of course, always wear a pool cap, and immediately after getting out of the water, reapply the nourishing mask.

This will make your hair permanently protected. It won’t be a 100% protective effect but it will be much better than not applying anything at all.


Don’t go swimming after coloring your hair

colored hair covered with cap

As I said at the beginning, if your activity is swimming, the best thing to do is not to go swimming as soon as you apply the dye.



I’ll give you 3 reasons:

  • To maintain the water in swimming pools, very powerful chemicals are used. They may lighten your hair.
  • In addition to affecting the pigmentation of the dye, you may even “fade” inside the pool, leaving a halo of color around you.
  • This will not only leave you in evidence, but it can also stain your swimsuit and other people’s.


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I tell you a 100% true story about dyes and swimming

When I was dating the girl who is now my wife, she was a college student of physical education.

She was wearing a deep red color in her hair at the time. Her hair was long and full of curls.


On one occasion, she came to the salon. The colorist applied the deep red she usually wore and a new mixture was made with a very strong copper.

The result was a very bright copper red.

Can you imagine how the story continues?


 My girlfriend left the classroom straight to her swimming lesson and, as she dove into the water, she left behind her a trail of red water. 

This alarmed her teacher, who immediately asked her out of the pool. Not only did she stain the pool water, but also her swimsuit, her face, and her back.


Also, the beautiful color we had applied to her in the salon was completely dulled.

So, from my own experience, I advise you not to swim the day you color your hair. Do you dye your hair blonde and go swimming?


I also have some information for you.

 We have had clients come to the salon who bleached or dyed their hair very light blonde. When they dove into the pool for their swimming lesson, the chemicals in the pool caused a very strong reaction that left their hair completely green. 

If something like this happened to you, you’ll need to do a sweep to level the tone back to a light color.

Take the precaution of deeply nourishing your hair before entering the water. That way, you’ll help the cuticles to seal and this disaster will not happen to you..


Conclusion: physical activity and hair color are compatible (unless you swim)

We’ve seen that physical activity and dyeing are not enemies. Even with a little care, you can enjoy great routines and look great with your hair at the same time.


  I invite you to make an appointment at your usual salon. Your trusted stylist will be able to provide other tips and great products for amazing results. 

Physical activity, a balanced diet, and healthy hair will be your best bet for complete health. GO FOR IT!

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