How often should I tone my balayage? It depends on the toning product you use

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  • How often you need to tone your balayage will depend on the product you use to do it.
  • If you plan to tone your balayage with a purple or blue shampoo, ideally, you should use it once a week.
  • If you plan to return to the salon to have your balayage toned with a toner, every three to four weeks will be enough. Remember, you should only wash your hair at most three times a week. And use sulfate-free products, so the toner lasts longer.
  • You can also tone your balayage on your own every three to four weeks if you have coloring experience.


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 As you can see, how often you color your balayage will depend on the product you choose to do it. 


Because using a purple or blue shampoo to tone a balayage isn’t the same as going to the salon to tone it.

Toning your balayage with the shampoo will take much less time than if you had to visit your hairdresser. Because a visit to the colorist to tone your balayage means time.


So if you don’t have time because your work day is long, you spend a lot of time studying, or because of the demands of your family life, you can tone your balayage once a week using a toning shampoo.

And if you use a toner, you should tone your balayage every three to four weeks. The effects of the toner will last longer than the effects of toning shampoo. You apply toner with the developer and it penetrates inside the hair.

So what product will you use to tone your balayage? That will affect how often you need to tone it.


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If you use a purple or blue shampoo, you should tone your balayage once a week

woman toning her balayage with purple shampoo

 Toning shampoo is ideal for toning balayage for people who don’t have much time, knowledge, or experience in coloring. 


If you can relate, you’re not alone. For example, my client Michelle is a mother of a four-year-old daughter and works full-time in an office.

Her hair is a natural brown 4, and to give it more luminosity, we applied a balayage in caramel, dark blonde 6, blonde 7, and some highlights in light blonde 8.

Since I knew she didn’t have much time to maintain her balayage at the salon, I recommended she use a blue toning shampoo once a week to keep it free of harsh colors.

Because her natural hair is brown, those orange tones would show up after a few washes.

fanola shampoo to tone balayage

Michelle uses FANOLA’S NO ORANGE shampoo, but you can use whatever you can get or whatever fits your budget.

 By washing your hair once a week with toning shampoo, your balayage will stay colorfast until your next renewal. 


If you use a toner, you will need to tone your balayage every three weeks

woman toned her balayage in salon

In other words,  the frequency of toning will be less if you use a toner. 


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Unlike toning shampoo, which simply deposits pigments on the outer layer of the hair, toner penetrates inside the hair, eliminating harsh colors.

So  if you use a toner in the salon or at home, you must tone your balayage every three to four weeks. 


For example, one of my clients, Laura, is a young businesswoman 28 years old, who has an online business of scented candles and essences. Therefore, she often has a fair bit of free time.

And she loves going to the salon! She’s convinced that as she tones her balayage, she will get new ideas for her candle business. This just goes to show that inspirational muses are everywhere.

A few months ago, we applied a cool color balayage on her natural light blonde 8 hair. And to tone the balayage, Laura visits the salon every three to four weeks.


woman with balayage in cold colors

However, one day, she canceled her appointment because she had an essential order of candles to deliver. But the problem was that she couldn’t bear to look at herself in the mirror, as her balayage was too yellow.

Since Laura has some coloring experience, I recommended she use Schwarzkopf BlondeMe Ice home-use toner to neutralize the yellow and tone her balayage.

From then on, Laura started coming to the salon to renew her balayage. She tones her hair with toner at home every three to four weeks.



If you use purple or blue shampoo to tone your balayage, you should apply it once a week, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you prefer toner, you should tone your hair every three to four weeks.

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