How to dye black hair pink whether it’s dark or pastel pink – Can you do it without bleaching?

  • To go from black hair to pink, you’ll need to bleach your hair at least three or four times, depending on the pink shade you want to achieve.
  • The lighter the pink you want your hair, the more times you’ll need to bleach your hair.
  • As bleaching is a very aggressive chemical process, your hair should be completely healthy. Between sessions, you should repair your hair intensively.
  • Another option is to apply a deep pink when your hair reaches a red base after bleaching.


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Are you a little disappointed? Sorry, I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news. However, unfortunately, in this case, I can’t paint a different picture.

Black is one of the most persistent colors because it contains strong pigments.  So, to color your hair pink, the only option is to bleach it. 


Bleaching shouldn’t be taken lightly.  If your black hair is damaged or dry before you bleach it, you’ll need to repair it.  If you don’t, you’ll expose it to breakage and hair loss.


So, my advice as a professional colorist is to make this change in a professional salon where they’ll protect your hair and prepare it for a multi-session bleaching plan without risk.

How many bleaching sessions will you need before applying pink?


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It all depends on the shade of pink you want to apply.

To help you make the healthiest decision for your hair, I’ll give you three options. Keep reading and I’ll tell you:

  • How to go from black hair to dark pink
  • How to go from black hair to medium pink
  • How to go from black hair to light pink

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How to go from black hair to dark pink

one bleaching session

I feel a bit embarrassed because I started by lowering your expectations. So, I want to vindicate myself. That’s why I’ll start with this option that’ll be a little, I only said “a little” easier.



If you like darker or deeper pink, you’ll have to go through only one bleaching session as long as you’ve colored your hair black once.

If you’ve been coloring your hair black for a long time, you’ll probably need two bleaching sessions.

Why do you need fewer bleaching sessions?


 Because to apply the darker or orange roses, you need to get to a light brown base 5. Then, you’ll only need to increase 4 shades,  which is easily achieved in one bleaching session.

When you want to remove black, you go through all the color groups:

  • In the first bleaching session, you remove the black. The result is red.
  • In the second bleaching session, you remove the red. The result is orange.
  • In the third bleaching session, you remove the orange. The result is yellow.
  • In the fourth bleaching session, you remove the yellow. The result is butter or white tone.


So, if you chose a dark pink or an orange-pink, you don’t need so many bleaching sessions.


When do I recommend dark pink?

  • If you are not ready for a very light pink.
  • If your hair is very damaged.
  • If you want a quicker color change.
  • If your skin is brown, dark roses like fuchsia and chewing gum pink are ideal.


Are you completely in love with pink? Medium roses are also a fun option. So, let’s look at the middle ground.


How to go from black hair to medium pink

If you choose one of the medium roses, be prepared for a slightly longer road. You’ll need three bleaching sessions before applying the semi-permanent dye.


 To wear this color, you need a dark blond 6 or blond 7 base. So, you’ll need to go up at least 5 shades. 


Also, if your hair is damaged or battered, the road will be even longer. You’ll have to wait at least three weeks between one bleaching and another to avoid further damage. In the meantime, you have to repair your hair with moisturizing masks that nourish your hair from the core.


Who can I recommend the medium pinks to?

  • People who can commit to caring for their hair between bleaching sessions.
  • People looking for a noticeable color change but don’t mind if it’s gradual.
  • All skin types.


Finally, we arrive at the most drastic change, which implies much more patience, more risk, and more money: the pastel pink.


How to go from black hair to light or pastel pink


Again, I am the bearer of bad news. However, I think you are ready to receive it now.


If you chose very light pink tones, such as pastel pink, you’ll have to go through at least four bleaching sessions.

You need to get to a light blonde base of at least 8. It means you’ll have to go up 7 shades since black is number 1.

May I give you some advice?


 To go from black to light pink, it’s best to leave your hair in the hands of professional hairdressers.  Why?

Because it’s a very delicate change where every single instance of the process must be done with great precision and attention. Only a professional with years of experience can achieve that.


If you’re determined to make this change at home, keep in mind these recommendations:

  •   Don’t use developer over 30 volumes  unless your hair is completely healthy.
  • Add 15 or 20 drops of coconut oil to the bleach mixture to minimize damage.
  • Four hours before bleaching, apply coconut or sweet almond oil from root to ends, and don’t rinse so your hair is super moisturized.
  • Don’t leave the bleach mixture on for more than 30 minutes if you don’t want to damage your hair irreversibly.
  • Don’t apply the bleach mixture several times on the same day. Allow 3 weeks between bleaching sessions.


For whom do I recommend the very light roses to leave the black behind?

  • If you’re on a budget to do it in a salon.
  • Women with light or pale skin.
  • People who like to change their hair color frequently and prefer lighter fantasy shades. You can take advantage of all the bleaching sessions you had to then color it in other colors as light as pink.



To go from black to pink hair, you’ll inevitably have to bleach your hair several times. The number of times you need to do it will depend on the pink you want to achieve.

The lighter the pink, the more times you need to bleach your hair.

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