My hairdresser messed up my hair color and I’m very upset. What should I do?

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Have you colored your hair and not been satisfied with the results?

Or worse, do you think your hairdresser messed up the color?


If that’s the case, I have some advice for you, just pay close attention:


  • Wait until the color settles after a few washes to decide if and how you really want to correct it.
  • If the problem is that your hair is too dark, the best solution is to wash it often.
  • If, on the other hand, it is too light, have a hair sweeping and it will get darker.
  • Schedule an appointment with the hairdresser who did your hair color and discuss the results with him or her honestly.
  • If you decide to cover up the color, do it with a brunette tone at most. If it’s darker, then, it will be harder to remove in case you regret it.


poorly done highlights

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What a difficult time it is when we want something and we don’t know how to explain it or, even worse, they did just what we didn’t want. But don’t panic, everything can be solved.

 If you went to a hair salon and the hairdresser ruined your hair color here I’ll tell you all you can do.  
  • I recommend that you don’t do anything just that day. Instead, consider it after a few washes because, sometimes, the color settles better after a few days.
  • Pay attention to the health of your hair. If it’s in bad condition, it’s best to take care of it and let it rest for a couple of months.
  • To fix a badly applied color you will have to dye it again. I suggest you use ammonia-free products so that you don’t continue to damage your hair.


Not always going to the hairdresser’s is a positive experience.

It should be, but the truth is that 90% of people has had a negative experience at the salon, either because they cut their hair too much, or because they got a color they didn’t ask for, or because their hair was ruined.


All of these possible experiences are the result of poor communication between the hair stylist and the client. How important it is to communicate and to know how to listen!

Don’t worry about not knowing how to solve the problem. If your hairdresser ruined your color, stay calm. I’m going to help you think!


4 things you can do now if you don’t like your hair color


1- Schedule an appointment at the salon

for the second time

The dialogue with the person who failed with your desired color is the first thing you should have.  It’s about negotiating with the hairdresser who ruined your color and, through him/her, organizing with the salon to fix the problem. 


That would be the ideal situation, given that you paid for the service and the logical thing is to get a job done successfully. But it could be that you no longer trust their judgment and don’t want to go back to that salon. In that case, let’s go to the second option.


2- Cover with a dark color

hair color kits different brands

Many women fixed a color they didn’t like by applying a black color on top. It is very common to do this. It seems that black covers any dye that we did not like.


But, watch out!

 Black dye is a very strong pigment. If we want to lighten our hair afterwards, it will prevent us from being able to do it evenly. It will probably be very difficult and therefore it is not a good option. 

Avoid applying black and dark brown. Ideally, as it is very dark, you should apply a brown, which according to the numbering on a color chart, is equivalent to a five.


3- Very dark hair: wash frequently

wait at least 72 hours

If the hairdresser ruined your color because she darkened it, avoid getting another service later. Just wash your hair very often and you will see that color starts to lighten. In thirty days you will have light hair again.


4- Hair too light: Have a hair sweeping

If, on the other hand, the hairdresser has lightened your hair color too much, this would be easier: just by asking her to give you a hair sweeping, she will be able to darken the color a little. Also, the treatment will not generate any damage to your hair and it will remain in the same condition.


There is an infinite number of possible cases in which your hair color may have been ruined.  The important thing is to stay calm so you can see the big picture and think clearly. 

To know where you stand and consider possible options to improve the color, you could ask yourself some questions and then think about the answers towards the solution of the problem.


2 questions you should ask yourself to find the solution for your hair color

before applying dyes or bleaching

  • How would you like your hair to look?

The first question I want you to ask yourself is: how would you like your hair to look?


  • If your answer is blonde, what kind of blonde? Define whether you like the more opaque colors like ash or the more vibrant colors like gold or copper.
  • On the other hand, if the answer is brown, you should ask yourself, how much brown would you like? It could be a dark mahogany, or chocolate, or hazelnut.


  • How does your hair feel?

The second question is, how does your hair feel?

 After your hairdresser has ruined your color you may feel your hair lighter or darker than normal. 

Define how you feel about it. If it’s lighter, darkening is no problem, it’s very simple. But, if you notice it darker than normal, then, I am sorry to say that in this case all the color work has to be done again. We would need a previous step, called color removal.

With these two simple questions you will be able to know where you stand and what you should do to fix your hair color.


How to evaluate how damaged your hair is

Finally, it is also important to assess the health of your hair to know whether or not it would resist a color removal process if needed.

To do this you should determine the level of damage to your hair: there are three levels that are identified according to the layer of hair that was affected. You can diagnose it in a very simple way, as I show you below.


  • Damage Level 1: If your hair is only colored, the damage level is number one.
  • Damage Level 2: If your hair has only a few bleached highlights, and more than 70% of your hair is not bleached, the damage level is number two.
  • Damage Level 3: If your hair has been bleached more than once, the damage level is number three.


Only if you have a damage level three should you let your hair rest before exposing it again to a color change. If you’re within damage level one or two, you can safely color your hair again.

Avoid getting technical work done without professional advice.

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