If I bleach my hair then dye it, what will happen?

woman has doubts about her hair

  • If you bleach your hair and then dye it the same day, you could seriously damage it. Bleaching and coloring are aggressive chemical processes for the hair.
  • Your hair will become dry and brittle.
  • If you still plan to bleach and color your hair, you may not get the color you want.
  • As a professional colorist, my advice, in that case, is to go to a salon. Stylist work with specific products and training to prevent hair damage.


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In short, I think what you want to know is  if you can bleach and dye your hair on the same day. Also, the possible consequences. 


The truth is that this is a controversial topic among professionals as well.

  •  Some professionals recommend NOT bleaching and coloring hair on the same day.  They believe it’s better to wait ten days between the two processes so that the hair can rest and regain moisture.
  •  Other professionals defend the idea of doing both processes on the same day  because bleaching leaves the hair cuticles open, and the dye is absorbed much more intensely.


I always recommend doing the process on the same day. .  Of course, I recommend this to my clients, who do both processes in my salon. 

hair bleaching in hairdressing salon
Therefore, if you’re planning to bleach and color your hair on the same day, I advise you to go to a salon. Don’t do it on your own.

Do you want to know why?


  • First, a salon will tell you if your hair will withstand the bleaching and then the dye application.
  • They’ll also know if your hair has reached the correct bleaching level to achieve the color you want after coloring.
  • A professional colorist will also know if your hair really needs a dye or a toner after bleaching. The toner is less aggressive than the dye because it’s applied with less volume of developer and is left to act for less time on the hair than the dye.


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As you can see, to bleach and color your hair on the same day you have to consider many things. And you must also have knowledge in colorimetry and hair health.

Otherwise, you could ruin your hair.

Do you feel you have the knowledge and experience to bleach and color your hair on the same day?


Then, I’ll help you by giving you some tips. Shall we get started?


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How to prepare hair for bleaching and dyeing

use hair mask before bleaching
Let’s start with the care you should take before bleaching your hair.

  •  Two weeks before bleaching your hair,  apply moisturizing masks three times a week.
  • Don’t wash your hair for two days before bleaching.
  • Five hours before bleaching, apply argan or coconut oil to your hair from roots to ends and don’t rinse it to maintain hydration during bleaching.


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After bleach, it’s time to rinse. I recommend you use warm water and shampoo, because you must make sure to remove all the bleach residue.

rinse the bleach several times

If necessary, shampoo your hair up to three times. The success of the dye application will depend on that. If there is any bleach residue, your hair won’t absorb the color.

Finally, remember to blow dry your hair before applying the dye.


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How to care for hair after bleaching and coloring

woman moisturizes her bleached and dyed hair
After bleaching and coloring your hair, you have to moisturize it to strengthen it. Also, the color will last longer.

I recommend that you start using masks for chemically or color-treated hair, which have extra hydration and don’t damage the color. You can use them up to twice a week.


You can replace the masks with natural oils, such as argan, coconut, or almond oil, which provide vitamins and nutrients to keep hair cuticles healthy. If the cuticles are healthy, the hair will last longer.

It’s also important not to overuse heat tools, such as flat irons or curling irons, because they dehydrate the hair and also fade the color.



If you want to bleach and color your hair on the same day, I recommend you go to a professional salon. If you don’t have knowledge in colorimetry and hair health, you can damage your hair during bleaching and leave it weak and brittle.

And if you color that weak and brittle hair, you’ll eventually damage it in a way that you’ll need months to recover it.

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