How much does it cost to bleach hair and color it blonde in a salon? And at home?

two bleaching sessions

If you are thinking of bleaching your hair or coloring it blonde, I will tell you that you’ll probably end up spending at least 180 dollars.

Yes, a small fortune.

Unless you are the daughter of a millionaire.

When it comes to health, nothing seems too much.

Because hair is part of our body.

And when it comes to bleaching, every cent invested is important.



Let me confess something to you.

Questions like this can be tricky.

Because there isn’t just one answer.

But there an infinite amount of “depends.”

  • It depends on the length of your hair
  • On what color you are going from to get to blonde
  • And it will even depend on your hair’s health because if it isn’t strong, the colorist might suggest using a product like Olaplex to minimize damage.
  • It can also depend if you are making the change at home or in a salon


That’s why I decided that the best thing was to make a complete report of the prices as possible, keeping in mind all of the variables.

 Because if I say that getting blonde hair costs 150 dollars, someone with long hair will think that she got scammed when they charge her 230 dollars.  

Of course, she had hair down to her waist,


Before starting to talk about prices, let me ask you a couple of questions.

Do you know what products to buy to do the bleaching and coloring?

Do you have any experience doing these kinds of processes on your hair?


If the answers are no, my first recommendation would be to run to a salon.

The two processes contain aggressive ingredients that can wreak havoc on your hair.

And that’s not an exaggeration.

If you care about your hair,  go to a salon.

If not, go ahead. It’s your hair.


But, remember that we should always be responsible for the decisions that we make.

 And if the result from doing it yourself is a disaster, you will spend double paying a colorist to fix the disaster.  

In the end, you’ll end up paying more for the collar than you do for the dog.

Am I explaining myself?


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How much does it cost to dye short or medium-length mane blonde?

bleaching price

Well, here are a few questions.

The colorist will take time to interview you and evaluating the state of your hair.

That is time. Time of a professional.

And while the clock hands move, you will spend money.


Then there are the products.

 Professionals, at least good ones, use the highest quality products created especially to be used by professionals.  

And that matters when it comes time to pay for the service.


On the other hand, if you want to bleach your hair to get to blonde, it’s not the same going from light brown as going from black.

Because to go from black to blonde, you will need two bleaching.

And that means waiting at least a week between one bleaching and the next.



  • Going from brown hair to blonde can cost about 200 dollars
  • Now, if you are going from dark hair to blonde could cost about 250 dollars.  

Remember that we are talking about short hair and professional salon prices.


Now, if you want to do it on your own, the costs go down, but the risks go up.

You can do it at home, and it will be cheaper.

But you run the risk that the color won’t end up looking good.

Or your hair will end up burnt and gummy.

And split ends.


Also, damaged hair breaks easily.

But I promised to give you the complete report.

So, here it is.


The cost of dyeing your hair blonde at home

First, you should do it with a bleaching kit, which includes a bowl to mix the hydrogen peroxide with the bleaching dust, gloves, a brush, and even a cape to protect your clothes.


You can get the complete bleaching kit for ten dollars.

Like this for example:

manic panic brand

It can work very well for brown hair going to blonde.

For black hair going to blonde, you should use two kits, so the price will go up to twenty dollars.


Now, let’s get to the dye.

There are an infinite amount of brands.

We will suppose that you will buy one of the boxes that you can get in supermarkets.


The price is around 5 and 8 dollars for average brands.

If you buy it in specialized hair salons and depending on the brand, the price can go up to about twenty dollars.


  • So the Price to bleach and color your short hair at home can be about 45 dollars.


How much does it cost to dye long hair at a professional salon? And at home?

light ash blonde

Some things shouldn’t be changed according to the length of your hair, for example, consulting a colorist.

A professional will work the same at a consult whether your hair is short or long.


But where there will be a difference is in the price of the products.

And the time you will need to bleach as well as color the hair.



  • If you currently have brown hair, getting to blond will cost about 300 dollars.
  • If your hair is black or dark, it will cost around 400 dollars.

Unlike the prices that we gave above, I insist that these are the prices for long or medium-length hair.


At home

More hair, more products.

So, here we will apply the simple rule of three.


  • If you would spend about 45 dollars for short hair, for a long main it would be 100 dollars.

Let me remind you that you should buy two kits of bleaching products and two kits of color.


How much more expensive is the process if I add a product like Olaplex?

makes bleaching process more expensive

In case you don’t know, Olaplex has transformed into the elixir of colorists.

Almost all agree that it does magic in hair that has gone through a color change process.



It’s very simple.

It reconstructs the hair’s disulfuric chains, restoring the hair’s molecular structure and minimizing the damage that the chemicals of the bleach and dye can produce.

Really, it’s marvelous.


And as such, expensive.

Is it worth it?

Yes, if you have 50 dollars to do it in a salon, it’s worth it.

And since you are going to pay, let a professional do it.

Since most receive instructions right from the creators of Olaplex.


Now, if you decide to use it at home, there’s always the possibility of getting it.

And the price will go down.

If you buy Olaplex online, it can cost you about 100 dollars approximately.


Everything depends on supply and demand.

And on the patience that you have to look for prices on the internet.

Keep in mind that this kit will work for two or three applications.


How much does it cost to maintain blond-dyed hair so that it always looks impeccable?

fix the orange and yellow tones

Now, what happens now that you are blonde?


AHHH! I’m sure you didn’t think about this!

Well, prepare yourself.

There are a lot of changes when you go blonde.


Your boyfriend won’t leave your side.

Your coworkers won’t stop admiring your new color.

And you feel more people looking at you on the street.

But prepare yourself.


The biggest change you will notice is in your bank account.

And not in a good way.

Your expenses for hair care will go up considerably.

 Because blondes spend a fortune keeping their blonde intact. 


Just as much if you got it done at a salon or did it in your bathroom at home.

I’m sure that you haven’t thought about this, right?

Well, there’s still time to factor in the costs of maintaining blonde hair.

Which I will immediately pass to you to calculate.


Why is it so expensive to maintain blonde hair?


  • You notice the roots quickly

So that your hair looks perfect, you should retouch your roots every twenty days.

Yes, every twenty days, although you don’t believe me.

And don’t think that because you retouch just your roots, it’ll end up less expensive.


It’s as if every time you drink a soda at a bar, they charge you just for what you drink.

If you drink all of it or none of it is up to you. They charge you for the whole thing.

That’s why you should calculate about 90 dollars to retouch your roots.


  • Special products for dyeing hair blonde

for lightened and bleached hair

Check purple shampoo price on Amazon


Now you will start to get to know a disturbing, unknown world.

The world of hair products that you didn’t even know existed.


You need to use a purple shampoo to tone the yellow and orange streaks that usually appear in dyed-blonde hair every three or four washes.

A toning shampoo, which is also how it’s known, can cost about 15 dollars.


After, as a daily shampoo, I recommend looking for a special shampoo for colored hair.



So, now you know.

Hair dyed blonde can cost between 45 and 400 dollars.


Of course, as we saw as we went along, the final price will depend on many factors.

  • The color you start with
  • The length of your hair
  • If it’s done by a professional or at home
  • The quality and brand of the products that you use

And many other factors.


Now you can look for a calculator and start to calculate how much it will cost you to dye your hair to the most-desired blonde.

And one last thing.


 These prices vary from country to country, even between one city and another. 

It won’t be the same to color your hair in a city like New York or San Francisco than to do it in Mexico D.F., to give you a simple example.


So, will you change your color by yourself, or will you go to a professional salon?

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