Do blondes go grey or white? Or both colors at the same time?

  • Blondes go white because of the diffuse pigment load inside the hair core.
  • Generally, the first white hair in blonde hair appears after the age of thirty.
  • If you’re interested in concealing your first white hair, you should start with a lightening job. Then, follow with highlights when the amount increases. Finally, apply a hair dye to the entire white hair if you don’t want to show it off.


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Before I continue, I want to clarify that everything I’ll tell you comes from two fundamental things: my personal experience in the salon and the general ones.

What do I mean?


 According to all my years as a professional hairdresser in different salons, and after having seen hundreds of blondes, I can claim that usually, blonde hair turns into white hair. 


Of course, there can always be an exception. That’s where general experience comes in.

For example, my friend’s father, who is a dark-brown haired Spanish, has white hair.

So, he’s an exception to the rule.

What does it have to do with him being Spanish?


first white hair

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Unbelievably, ethnic issues also play a role in gray hair.

However, in this case, ethnicity doesn’t determine whether the grays are white or gray in blonde hair. In turn, it determines when the grays will appear.

Are the first white hairs appearing in your blonde hair?


Don’t despair. It’s just the beginning of a long road.  Your blonde hair won’t turn completely white overnight. 

There’ll always be some alternatives to disguise them because, being white, they blend in much better with your hair.


So, take a breath. Now you know that the grays in your blonde hair will definitely be white. That’s a benefit in many ways.

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Why is it an advantage if the grays go white in blondes?

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The first grays usually appear at the temples. Gradually, they spread across the front of the head and give it a crown-like appearance. This is true for both light and dark hair.


Grays are white when they appear on blonde hair. Alternatively, they’re gray on dark hair.

Let’s say you have a friend with dark hair. Due to your blonde hair, you’ll have an advantage over your friend.

Do you know what it is?


 When you’re the same age, the gray in your friend’s dark hair will be much more noticeable than in your blonde hair. The color contrast will be greater in her. 


Now, if your friend is Asian, she’ll have an advantage over you: grays will appear later for her.

Ethnicity determines when the first grays appear.

Generally, Caucasians like blondes are the first to have grays. Yes, they appear early, around the age of thirty.


Grays appear on Asians around the age of 40. Finally, black people can go past their 50s without seeing a single gray hair.

However, eventually, grays will appear, and you’ll have to decide to cover it up or leave it alone.


White hair on blonde hair: to dye it or leave it in?

hide gray hair

I’ll tell you a story.

Daniela, a salon client I’ve been treating for many years, has natural mid-blonde hair.

One day, she came desperately to see me because of the appearance of her first grays. At the time, she wore her natural blonde hair long and naturally curly. She cut her hair short.


  I usually discuss everything with my clients to get a complete picture of their needs and wish.[ /su_highlight] Then, we agree on what the work will be.

What did we decide in this case?


To do a lightening job to hide her grays without sacrificing her blonde base color. Daniela recovered her smile and understood that those first grays were not a torment.

highlights disguise white hair

  • So, if your first white hair has appeared on your blonde hair, the best is to lighten it in just a couple of shades.

This will brighten your hair and disguise the first white hair for quite some time.

In addition, this work is easy to maintain because root touch-ups are done every three to four months.


  • As the years go by and the white hair increases, you should switch from light highlights to highlights.

This coloring technique consists of bleaching a few strands in buttery tones to achieve greater intensity and continue to conceal the white hair.


  • When you have more than 50% of your head covered with grays, there will no longer be a chance to hide them. So, you’ll have to color them.

It’s time for another decision.


What's the best hair dye to use in blonde graying hair?

medium blonde

This is a recurring question in the salon. Whatever color you choose will be fine. But you need to know the pros and cons of each choice.


  • Dark colors, such as black or brown, have the advantage of 100% guaranteed gray hair coverage.

There’ll be no trace of your grays. According to the growth of each person, it’ll appear and be more noticeable in about 20 - 25 days.


  • On the other hand, blonde colors have less coverage. In turn, very light blonde colors only tone with a “lightening” effect on the grays.


Also, over time, gray hair can turn yellowish. To prevent it, you should wash your hair every 15 days with a purple or blue shampoo to keep the tone in the gray range.


  • Keep in mind that nature is very wise. At a certain age, grays sweeten the features and gives you a very particular style whatever the color of the grays and whatever the original color is.


  • Finally, grays don’t know about gender. They appear in both men and women. It’ll be up to each person to decide what to do with their gray hair.

Culturally,  a gray-haired man is sexy (such as Richard Gere for example). The gray-haired woman, in turn, looks aged.  That’s a cultural belief.


Women with gray or white hair can be sexy, especially if you add stylish haircuts and personality. Gray hair can take on another dimension.

I always think of this when I remember Meryl Streep's character, Miranda Priestly, in The Devil Wears Prada. Her gray hair gave her the perfect plus of beauty and glamour.



Blond hair turns white, in most cases. However, your hair won't turn completely white overnight.

You can start to disguise your first grays with light highlighting and highlighting work before you opt to cover them up completely.

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