How to cover red hair dye with brown – Going from redhead to brunette

got tired of red hair

Today, I’m going to tell you how to go from red to brown.

But first, let me tell you how I ended up dyeing my hair red because the story is incredible.

Did you know that natural red hair is one of the rarest tones in the world?


Maybe because of this, I decided to join the redhead gang. It seemed daring, fun, and even more sensual.

It wasn’t a hurried decision. What’s more, it all started from a dream where I had dyed my hair red.


I’m a fanatic about the meaning of dreams. When I wake up in the morning, I try to write in my dream book to analyze its significance later.

I discovered that I had dreamed about dyeing my hair red because I felt that I needed to use my energy to get a job that gave me more gratification.

And since I loved the way I looked like a redhead in the dream, I decided to take the leap.


 I think that for more than two weeks, I looked at pictures on Instagram of women with their hair dyed red.  

When I traveled on the train to my work, I couldn’t stop looking at the different redheads on the train, trying to guess what tone of red they were.

Red is a passionate color.

Within the oriental culture, the second chakra, that of emotions, is symbolized through the color red.


So finally, I dyed my hair red.

In the first six months, I lived in a permanent state of happiness, where it seemed like I could touch the sky with my hands.

But slowly, the euphoria faded. Do you want to know why?


 Have you ever thought about how much redheads spend in maintaining their color? 

Me neither. And consequentially, my bank account took a hit.

My roots appeared about every four weeks, and yes, that red dye is famous for fading quickly.


I started to hate showering. And not because I’m a dirty person.

Hot water opens the cuticles of the hair and makes the color fade even faster. So, I had to wash my hair with the coldest water possible, almost making my teeth chatter so that rivers of blood wouldn´t appear in the tub.

Ultimately, my red reign had come to an end.


I would go back to brown, which took less maintenance and assaulted my wallet less.

That’s how I went from red hair to having the beautiful brown hair that I have now.


 Of course, there is a problem. I couldn’t dye my hair just any Brown tone. I needed to carefully study the dye box and differentiate the subtones of the chosen color.  

That means I should keep in mind, basically, the color wheel, because if I didn’t, my hair would end up with red pieces that the brown wouldn’t completely cover.

Are you tired of your red hair, and you want to dye it brown?


Then keep reading, because today, I will tell you:

  • What tone to dye your brown hair, so it covers the red
  • How to prepare your hair before dyeing
  • Step by step to change the color from red to brown


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What tone of Brown dye to choose to cover your red hair


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The first step is to decide the correct brown tone. Various tones don’t end up being simply dark or light brown.

You should choose a new dye, but the tone you choose should be based on the red tone’s correction by darkening it to a new color.


 If you want to get rid of the red hair and the new color you want is darker than the current color, the choice of tone is what will get rid of the red dye in the hair and neutralize it.  

That’s why you should choose a natural base to your liking with an ashy tone that is a 1, for example.


Brown is made up of the primary color yellow and ash for the primary color blue, which forms green. That way, both work like a corrector, which leaves your hair a brown tone according to the amount you apply.

That’s why you should choose a brown with cold or ashy tones because if you don’t do this, the red will persist into the new color and will make the color warmer than what you want. The darker the dye, the better the coverage, but that red tone will never be eliminated.


 To do this, all you need to do is mix the desired tone with the corresponding ashy tone.  

For example, if you would like to go from a light red to a medium natural brown, you don’t just use the medium natural brown alone since your hair’s excess red will make the color look warmer than you wanted.

In most cases, mixing the desired tone with 1/4 of the same ashy tone will be enough to eliminate any excess red.


How to prepare your hair before dyeing it

Once you have correctly chosen the brown tone to cover the red completely, all you have to do is prepare the hair.


In my case, I had to dye my hair every twenty days. As you surely know, dyes possess chemicals, which are stronger in the case of permanent dyes.

Therefore, every time you apply the dye, you damage your hair. And that damage manifests itself as split ends, broken hair, and increased frizz.


 That’s why, fifteen days before applying the new dye, I do a deep hydration treatment with coconut oil once a week. 

You don’t have coconut oil?


You can use extra virgin olive oil, warming it first in the microwave for a few seconds.

Start by distributing the oil from the middle to the ends, massaging it gently for ten minutes. Finally, distribute a bit of oil in your roots and massage until it is absorbed. Wrap your hair in a shower cap and let it sit.


If you can sleep with a shower cap on your hair overnight, that’s even better. If that’s not the case, at least let it sit for an hour.

Finally, when the day comes to apply the new color, don’t wash your hair. The natural oils that the scalp secretes will protect your hair from the colors of the dye.


Finally, the day had come to apply the new dye!

I felt my heart beating like a runaway horse.

Are you ready to take the big step?


Step by step

Always get the materials together first because you can be sure that more than one friend had to go out running because they didn’t have some ingredients.



  • Ashy brown or gold dye
  • An old t-shirt, one of those that you won’t care about if it gets stained
  • Plastic bowl to do the mixture
  • Some clips or clasps to pull back the hair


Step by step:

  • Put on the gloves and prepare the mixture of the dye in the plastic bowl according to the instructions that come on the box.
  • Divide your hair into different sections to facilitate the distribution of the dye.
  • Start applying at the middle to the ends.
  • Once you have covered these sections of your hair, continue to the roots. I recommend that you leave the roots for the end because they absorb the color much faster. And of course, we want your brown hair to be even.
  • When the time has passed that they advise on the box, rinse your hair with warm water.
  • I don’t use shampoo to correctly deposit the color pigments in the cuticles of the hair. So I just let the water run until there is almost no color.
  • Finally, I apply the conditioner that generally comes with the dye.


Look in the mirror. How does your brown hair look?

I loved it. And so did my wallet.


 So that the red doesn’t appear again in your hair, I recommend that you apply the same brown tone for at least four months. 

As you can see, going from red to brown is not a mystery.

Are you ready to dye your red hair brown?

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