Can I dye my hair twice in one day with box dye? Short answer: no!

No, I don’t recommend to dye your hair twice in one day with box dye for these 5 reasons:

  • Box dyes are not for professional use.
  • You won’t be able to evaluate the actual result of the first coloring process.
  • Your hair won’t take the second color.
  • Coloring your hair twice in one day will cause unnecessary damage to your hair.
  • The result of the second process will be uncertain.


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First, let’s look at what happened.

Why do you want to dye your hair twice in one day?


I guess that you didn’t like the result the first time. So, you decided to apply hair dye a second time. That’s where the mistake begins.

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Box dyes are not for professional use

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Box dyes are for over-the-counter sales. So, they’re formulated with lower-quality ingredients than professional hair dyes.

It doesn’t mean that they are inappropriate or that you shouldn’t use them. Instead, you just need to know that the quality isn’t the same as a hairdressing product.


Therefore, the quality of the result on your hair will be that of the product you use.

 Therefore, if you’re thinking of using box dyes twice in one day, I’d say that it’ll worsen your hair quality.  


Also, the pigments in box dyes tend to be unstable. So, mixing different pigments may turn out in any way other than what you want.


You won’t be able to evaluate the actual result of the first coloring process

If the result of the first hair dye process isn’t what you wanted, repeating it that day won’t do any good.


First, you must let the color settle, which takes around two washes. That way, the excess product is removed, and the results can be seen.

If the first hair dye is too bright, it could decrease after a couple of washes.


 Wait for a few days. Then, you’ll be able to evaluate other options to remove the first hair dye.  


In that case, if you know that the quality of the box dyes is not the best, you could condition your hair before you apply the new hair dye.

Dyeing your hair twice the same day isn’t advisable.


Your hair won’t take the second hair dye

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Keep in mind that the peroxide in hair dyes creates an alkaline field that opens the cuticles for the pigments to enter.

When you wash that hair dye out, the cuticles close again for those pigments to stay inside your hair.


 If you repeat that action twice in the same day, your hair cuticles would be severely damaged.  Some will open, and some will not.

Some cuticles will retain the pigments from the first hair dye, while others will hold those from the second hair dye.

That’s why the second hair dye you apply won’t take color as you expect.


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It will cause unnecessary damage to your hair

As I explained before, box dyes don’t have the same quality as professional ones.

Even if they were professional hair dyes, it wouldn’t be advisable to apply them twice in one day. The scalp would be exposed twice in a row to peroxides that damage it.


 Dyeing your hair twice in one day could cause allergic reactions, flaking, or damage to your scalp. 


Something similar will happen to your hair: the alkalinity to which it will be subjected, after two coloring processes will dry your hair resulting in a lack of shine and difficulty to comb it.

All of this can be avoided by waiting for a few days between each hair dye application. While you wait, you can condition the hair fiber to avoid discomfort.


The result of the second hair dye will be uncertain

box hair dye to cancel orange

When you apply your first hair dye, you wait for the exposure time. Then, you should wash your hair.

When you finish washing it, you apply a conditioner, for example. That way, the cuticles of your hair will close to hold the color you applied.


You should know that even when you wash your hair after coloring it, there’s still excess product left in the hair.

Therefore, if you want to apply a second hair dye over the first one, it’ll not only dry out the hair fiber but also generate excess pigments.

It’ll be like painting a wall and, without waiting for the paint to dry, painting it a different color on top of the first one.

That is to say, the resulting color won’t be the one you expect.


 So, you should know that if you apply two hair dyes in a row in one day, the resulting color won’t be the one you’re looking for. 

Not only will you be disappointed with the result but also your hair will be in terrible shape.


Dyeing your hair twice in one day is a bad idea

appointment to fix hair color

In this article, I’ve told you all the reasons why it’s a terrible idea to dye your hair twice in the same day with box (or professional) hair dye.


Obviously, if you want to apply a second dye the same day it’s because it’s an extreme case. For example, your first hair dye turned out to be a real disaster.

However, you should know that a disaster is never solved by applying two hair dyes in a row in one day.

 The second hair isn’t a magic formula. Far from it, the solution would end up being worse than the disease. 


Sometimes we think that a salon color service is an expensive service.

That may be true in some cases. However, when disasters lead you to think about having a second hair dye the same day, you realize that   you don’t pay for just the product at the salon. Instead, you receive professional quality products, a job done by a qualified professional,  and the guarantee of excellence in the color result you want.


So, before you start guessing whether the color on the box dye will suit you, I invite you, from the bottom of my heart, to make an appointment at the salon.

You’ll see that besides leaving happy with the result, you’ll have your hair in perfect health. GO FOR IT!

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