Grown Out Balayage? These’re your 3 options according to a pro hair stylist: touching it up, blending the colors, or trimming it

If your balayage is grown out, you’ll have to make a decision.

  • You can choose to touch up your balayage to keep the warm tones that lighten your face.
  • You can apply hair dye to blend your balayage with the rest of your hair.
  • You can grow your hair and trim the ends every month to gradually get rid of the balayage.
  • Or, you can get a Bob or Long Bob haircut to disguise the grown out balayage.

What option will you choose?


looks brassy

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As you can see, these options range from the easiest one, touching up your balayage, to the hardest one, which is growing out your balayage for your hair to look well.

Therefore, the decision to take regarding your balayage will depend on you. It’ll depend on your needs, your budget, your urgency to have good-looking hair, and on whether you care about resorting to scarves and hats in the meantime.

How can I help you make that decision?


It’s simple. Think about how you feel regarding your grown out balayage, and you’ll have your first hint about what to do.

  •  If you want to keep your balayage, considering its implications, from maintenance to aftercare, choose option 1, i.e. touching up your balayage. 
  • If you’re tired of maintaining your balayage and don’t want your hair to have different colors, apply hair dye to blend the colors.
  • If you don’t want to invest any more money in time and/or coloring, let your hair grow and trim the ends gradually to get rid of the balayage.


Any of these options will work perfectly well for grown out balayage. So, you only have to choose the one that better fits your needs and preferences.

If you don’t know which option to choose yet, stay with me because I’ll tell you:

  • How to touch up your grown out balayage.
  • How to blend grown out balayage with the rest of your hair by applying hair dye.
  • How to disguise grown-out balayage by getting a haircut.

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How to touch up your grown out balayage

at the hair salon

This is the best option if you are in love with balayage, a natural and dynamic style. To do it, you’ll only have to go to the salon and see your stylist.

What is the best part of touching up a grown out balayage if you love this style?


That balayage is a low-maintenance technique, and you’ll only need to return to the salon every 3 or 4 months.

Of course, that’ll depend on your hair’s growth.  The faster it grows, the sooner you’ll have to go back to the salon. 


When you decide to touch up your balayage, your stylist will section your hair, bleach a part of it and, then, apply the toner or hair dye.

 If you want to change the color of your balayage, you can ask your stylist for lighter shades, such as blonde, platinum, or even white.   If you have pale skin tone, these colors will look sophisticated on you and you can wear them confidently.


If you want to darken some shades, you can ask your hair colorist for a caramel or honey balayage, perfect for tanned or darker skin tones.

If you’ve decided to leave balayage behind, you can apply hair dye, and that’s what I will tell you about next:


How to blend grown out balayage with the rest of your hair by applying hair dye

with hair dye

If you’re tired of maintaining your balayage or are looking for a radical change, you can apply hair dye to get an even color. To do it, you’ll have to get a full hair color from roots to ends.

It’s essential to choose the correct color because it will impact directly on your balayage color.  The lighter your balayage, the lighter the colors you’ll be able to choose. 


If your balayage is brown or chocolate, you can use:

  • Brown 4
  • Light brown 5


If your balayage is light brown or blonde, you can use:

  • Dark blonde 6
  • Blonde 7
  • Blonde 8


If your balayage is light blonde or very light blonde, you can use:

  • Light blonde 8
  • Very light blonde 9
  • Fantasy colors


If your balayage is extra blonde or platinum, you can use:

  • Extra light blonde 10
  • Super extra light blonde 11
  • Fantasy colors


Why is it important to consider the color of your grown out balayage?

If your grown out balayage is darker than your desired color, you’ll have to bleach your hair firstly to apply it.  So, if you stick to the color range, you’ll have the chance to avoid that process and the consequent hair damage. 

What do you need to color your grown out balayage?


Only the box dye you choose. Remember, you must stick to the manufacturer’s instructions to achieve the best resulting color.


Are you one of those who doesn’t want to touch up your balayage nor apply hair dye?

Then, it’s time for a haircut.


How to disguise grown-out balayage by getting a haircut

get rid of balayage little by little

If you’re growing out your balayage because you don’t want to touch it up or color it, a bob or long bob haircut is your best choice. Do you know why?


Because Bob with balayage is going to be very trendy next summer.  It’s a very natural style that adapts to all ages. 

Your stylist will trim your hair below the ear lobes for more movement and lightness to achieve a perfect Bob. As regards Long Bob, your stylist will cut it a few centimeters longer, at shoulder-length.


However, these aren’t the only options.  You can also ask your stylist for a layered cut that will help you remove the grown out balayage.  You’ll need to grow out your balayage a few centimeters to get any of these haircuts.

This way, your balayage will grow lower gradually, and it’ll disappear in a few months as you trim it, exposing your natural hair.



You have 3 options for your balayage when it grows out: touching it up, colors it to blend the colors, or to get a Bob or Long Bob haircut to remove the balayage.

You can also just let your hair grow and gradually trim the ends until you completely remove the balayage.

The decision will depend on your goals: whether to continue having a balayage or definitely getting rid of it.

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