Is oVertone permanent, or does it wash out completely?

  • Overtone is not permanent, which means that it’ll slowly wash out as you wash your hair.
  • If you want to extend the duration of the Overtone, you should use Overtone every time you wash your hair. It’ll revitalize the color and prevent the pigments from washing out.
  • In turn, if you want the pigments to disappear, simply stop using Overtone.


temporary hair color wash out completely

Overtone is NOT permanent. Instead, it’s semi-permanent.

It means that the pigments wash out progressively.

But,  as it’s a conditioner as well as a hair dye, you can use it with each wash to add pigments to your color and extend its duration. 

What happens when you stop using the Overtone coloring conditioner?


dull color

As you won’t be depositing new pigments to revitalize the color, it’ll slowly wash out completely after 20 washes.

Overtone is not permanent. Instead, it’s deposited on the outer surface of the hair. So, it doesn’t penetrate the core, like all permanent hair dyes.


So, I suggest we do a visualization exercise. Ready?

  • The first day you apply Overtone, your hair will look intense and shiny.
  • After the first wash, you have to make a decision.
  1. You can use the Overtone coloring conditioner in every wash to extend the duration of the color.
  2. Otherwise, don’t use the Overtone coloring conditioner. In that case, after 20 washes, which is the duration indicated by the manufacturer, the color would wash out completely.


So,  if you came here because you wanted a permanent hair dye, I’m sorry to tell you that Overtone won’t work for you. 


  • If you want a traditional hair color, you can opt for a permanent hair dye.
  • If you want a fantasy color, which also allows you to change the shade as many times as you want, you can opt for a semi-permanent hair color like Overtone. It also conditions the hair and allows you to extend the duration of the color with every hair wash.


Are you inspired to wear a non-permanent fantasy color in your hair? Go for it, my brave one!

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How the oVertone coloring conditioner works

extreme red

As I said at the beginning, Overtone is a semi-permanent hair color. However, it’s a little different from the semi-permanent hair dyes you know.

Apart from providing non-permanent color, Overtone is also a conditioner.

What does this mean?


 That you can use it both to color your hair and to extend the color duration. 

Overtone forms a film of pigment on the outer surface of the hair. As its pigments don’t penetrate into the deepest layer, they don’t change your natural color.

Therefore, every time you wash your hair, the color will wash out. Yes, the color will wash out, gradually, slowly, with each wash until it washes out completely after 20 washes.


As regards fantasy shades,  Overtone went a step further and solved the problem of the color washing out. 

After applying the Overtone color of your choice, you should continue to apply it every time you wash your hair instead of your usual conditioner. This way, you’ll be adding pigmentation with each wash and your color will last longer.


Overtone doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that may damage your hair. So, you can use it as often as you want.

You should also note that  Overtone’s pigments are much stronger than those of other semi-permanent hair dyes. 


So, even though Overtone is not a permanent hair dye, if you use the coloring conditioner in every wash, the color will last longer, much longer than 20 washes.

Do you want to know how to apply it correctly? That’s what I’ll talk about next.


How to apply oVertone

Before I explain how to apply OVertone, I have some very good news. Well, actually, two pieces of good news.

  • The first is that the entire Overtone line has over 30 colors to choose from. That’s a lot of color. From the softest to the most strident one.
  • The second piece of good news, and this is great news, is that it offers a complete line for dark hair. What does this mean? No need to bleach your hair first.


Of course, let’s not get too excited.  If you want very light shades like pink, light green, or lilac, you’ll need to bleach your hair.  These colors only apply on extra light bases, i.e. very light blondes.

Once you’ve chosen your Overtone shade, it’s time for application.



  • Overtone color
  • Gloves
  • Hair dye brush
  • Hair clips
  • Towels and extra clothes


Due to its creamy consistency, Overtone doesn’t drip or spread all over the place.


First application of Overtone

  • Comb your hair and separate it into 4 sections by holding them with the clips.
  • With gloves on, start applying Overtone to the back sections, using the hair dye brush.
  • Let it on for 20 minutes. Remember that the longer you leave it, the more intense it will be.
  • Rinse with plenty of warm water, and please DON’T USE SHAMPOO OR CONDITIONER.
  • Dry your hair.


Now that you have your Overtone color, you’ll need to do the proper maintenance to prevent the color from washing out.


Overtone Maintenance

The secret to Overtone maintenance is in your wash. You should use the coloring conditioner in every wash to extend the duration of the color and prevent the pigments from washing out.


Also,  think of the whole combo: you’ll deposit pigments and moisturize your hair. 

  • In the shower, wash your hair using a sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Apply Overtone and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the intensity of the color you want.
  • Rinse your hair with plenty of warm water and enjoy your color.


By following these steps, you’ll be able to maintain your shade for more than 12 weeks. So,  you should follow this routine if you want your color to always look like the first day. 


Would you like a tip? Don’t wash your hair every day because it’ll dry out your hair fiber. Even if you apply Overtone with every wash, the color will end up washing out.



Although Overtone is not permanent, you can extend the duration of the color by using the coloring conditioner in each wash.

And that’s a big advantage because semi-permanent hair dyes fade with every wash. Overtone allows you to touch up the pigmentation with each wash because it’s a coloring conditioner.

The bottom line: A true miracle of the hair industry, don’t you think?

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