Is your hair falling out after dyeing it? Is it the dye’s fault?

because they weaken the hair fiber

I am depressed.

And I cry like a little girl.

I hope you can help me.

A few days ago, I died my hair with a dye from the brand Issue. It was the first time I dyed my hair myself.

Everything was normal for 3 days.

But on the fourth day, my hair started to fall out in chunks.

Every time I showered, I lost a horrible amount of hair.

It’s exasperating.


I am afraid of going bald.

I’m still young.

The question that have for you is, can the dye cause hair loss?

Is there something that I can do to stop the hair loss?

I’m asking you to please help me.



This is an email that I received a few days ago.

 It’s not the first time that I’ve been asked if hair dye can cause hair loss, so it seemed interesting to me to write an article about the topic.  


In this article, I’m going to help you discover why your hair falls out after you dye it.

And also, we are going to see some solutions to stop that horrible hair loss.


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When does hair dye cause hair loss?

weaken the hair

How many times have you dyed your hair in the last month?

A- Once

B- More than once

If you answered, “more than once” then it’s possible that your hair loss is related to that.


Many people abuse hair dyes.

One day they dye their hair one color.

The next day they dye it another.

And so on until their poor hair can’t put up with it anymore and it starts to fall out.


Are you one of those that changes the color of your hair every two days?

Then, now you know why your hair falls out.


Abusing dyes could be the first of the possible causes of hair loss. But there are others.

Let me ask you a second question and I want you to answer me honestly.


Did you use good quality dyes every time you dyed your hair?

A- Yes

B- No


It’s very simple.

Good quality dyes are well-known brands.

If you bought a cheap dye that nobody knows, then it’s possible that that is the reason for your hair loss.

There are very poor quality dyes. These dyes have chemical ingredients that are toxic for the health of your hair. Over time, these ingredients can weaken the heair and make it fall out.

Up until now, we have talked about two reasons that can make your hair fall out.


  • First is abusing dyes.
  • The second is the use of poor quality dyes.

But there is a third factor that can cause hair loss and is also related to dyes. The poor use of the dyes.

How to stop hair loss after dyeing

Today, everyone dyes their hair.

It’s in style.

The problem is that many people dye their hair without knowing what they are doing.

It’s as if I were to build a house without ever having touched a brick in my whole life.

Or if I were to fly a plane but I had never even flown on a plane before in my life.


I think you get the idea.


The same thing happens with the dyes.

 Many people dye their hair at home but the only thing they know about hair dye is what they know about nuclear physics, meaning nothing. 


There are many people that color their hair and don’t know anything about it.

  • They don’t know how to choose the right color for their hair
  • They don’t know what brands of dye are good quality and which are bad quality
  • They don’t respect the steps


I’m not saying that no one can dye their hair at home.

If you have the necessary knowledge, then go for it. And if you don’t have the necessary knowledge, then before anything, take the time to learn what you don’t know to not put the health of your hair in danger.


Now, let’s suppose that you haven’t abused the hair dye. You have used good quality dyes. And you have dyed your hair at a professional salon where they cared for your hair…

Then, why the hell is your hair falling out?

This is what we are going to try to discover today.


Why does your hair fall out after dyeing it? 3 possible reasons


Over-processed hair

Abuse of treatments can cause hair loss

If your hair is over-processed, it is possible that this is the cause of the hair loss.

What is over-processed hair?

It is hair that has suffered a lot of wear due to the abuse from products or treatments.


For a lot of women, they don’t have enough space in their bathroom to store all of the products that they use on their hair

  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Masks
  • Tonics
  • Serums
  • Gels
  • Oils

And the list goes on.


For some reason, they think that the more products they use or the more treatments they do, the better their hair will look. The truth is, it isn’t like that.

Using so many products at the same time is very damaging to your hair.


Shampoos, conditioners, and all hair products are made with chemical ingredients that leave residues in the hair. These residues accumulate, affecting the health of the hair, which can cause hair loss.


In over-processed hair like this, you can’t directly blame the dye. While the dye helps give the final blow, the truth is that your hair was delicate beforehand.


Not caring for dyed hair

Another main reason that your hair could be falling out is for not caring for it sufficiently after dyeing it.

This may surprise you, but you have to care for dyed hair. Why?


Dyed hair needs to be cared for because it tends to dry out. So, if you don’t use the right care products, your hair will dry out more until it finally breaks and falls out.


Many times, we see our hair on the floor and we freak out. The thing is that so that this hair gets to the floor, it has gone through a long process of wear.


This weakening process is even worse if you have gone from a very dark color to a lighter one. For example, if your natural hair color is black and you have dyed it blonde, that is a very aggressive process for your hair.

The more intense the color change, the more wear your poor hair has suffered.


So, now you know. If you have dyed your hair recently and you haven’t cared for your hair sufficiently, that is one of the possible causes of hair loss.


Hair loss is before dyeing

If you have ruled out all of the previous reasons, it’s probable that your hair loss came before the dyeing.


Many people color their hair and a few days later, their hair starts to fall out so they conclude that the dye is responsible. But that’s not always the case. The dye isn’t always responsable for the hair loss.


There are times when the hair loss comes from before dyeing the hair. What happens is that because of suggestions, they think that the cause of the hair loss is the hair dye.


If you hair loss is from before the hair dye, the best thing that you can do is visit a dermatologist so that they help you define the concrete cause of your hair loss.

As I’m sure you know, hair loss can be due to multiple factors.

  • Stress
  • Poor nutrition
  • Genetic Alopecia
  • Etc

Each of these problems is treated in a different way. That’s why it is important to see a doctor.


5 ideas to stop that scary hair loss

If the hair loss is due to stress or poor nutrition, the best thing you can do is visit a dermatologist so that they can recommend the best treatment for you.

Maybe you have to improve the quality and variety of food you are eating. If you are stressed, you have to do yoga or some sort of alternative therapy.


If according to everything we said above you think that the hair loss is definitely related to the dye, the keep reading.

Now, I’m going to explain a few pieces of advice to stop hair loss caused by hair dye.


1- Visit a beauty salon

abusing of poor quality hair dyes

This first piece of advice is more of a psychological matter than anything else.

The reality is that hair that is already fragile sooner or later will end up falling out. There isn’t much that we can do about it.

My advice is that you go to a hair salon that you trust in to cut those fragile hairs. If you have a large amount of hair loss, then you can ask the stylist to your look to something that favors your face.


2- Feed your hair

If your hair breaks and falls out, it’s because it is weak.

It’s week because it has lost proteins. That’s why we need to use products that give proteins to the hair. Proteins are like food for the hair.

What products have proteins?


If you prefer at home treatments, you can make a mask from eggs, bananas, olive oil, mayonnaise, and avocado. All of these produts are rich in proteins. The thing is, mix the ones you like the best and apply it to your hair.

Two important things.

  • When you are applying the mixture, massage your hair and your scalp so that the mixture penetrates the hair well.
  • And let the mixture sit in your hair for as long as possible.


You can also make conditioning treatments with argan oil, jojoba oil or any other oil that helps repair the hair fiber. Remember that to get the best benefits it is important to leave the product in your hair for a while. Thirty minutes would be ideal.


3- Biotin Supplements

We’ve already attacked the hair loss problem from the outside.

It’s not too much to attack the problem from the inside by taking a supplement called biotin.

Biotin helps us strengthen our weak hair.

recover hair damaged by bleaching

Check Biotin on Amazon


4- Wash your hair as little as possible and with processed hair products

dyed hair must be looked after

Limit the washing to just a few times a week.

You probably lose the most hair when washing and brushing your hair, right?


That’s because every time you wash your hair, you are adding more and more chemical residues to it which the shampoo contains.

That’s why you have to reduce the amount of weekly washes to two or three washes at most.


What shampoo should you use?

I recommend using shampoos that are specially designed for dyed hair. For example, Redken has a shampoo for dyed hair that is excellent.

Redken shampoo helps maintain the intensity of the color and also keeps the hair hydrated.

Hair loss caused by dyes

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5- Throw your flat iron and hair dryer in the trash

how to care for dyed hair

I don’t think I have to clarify this point much.


 Drying hair with the hair dryer that is so fragile is like kicking someone while they are down. 

Would you kick a person that had fainted on the floor?


I hope not.

Then, why are you doing it to your own hair?

You don’t have to be so extreme and throw your hair tools away, but I recommend that you extremely limit their use. The less you use them the better.



I started this article telling you about a girl named Angie.

Angie wrote me an email where she told me that she was really worried because her hair was falling out.

What she didn’t tell me in her email was that changed her hair color at least 5 times in the last months.

Five color changes in two months!

That’s insane.


In cases like Angie’s, it’s clear that the hair loss is related to abusing the dyes. In other cases, it isn’t always as clear.


  • I’ve Heard cases of women that never abuse dyes.
  • They always dye their hair with good-quality dye brands.
  • They dye their hair at professional salons where they care for their hair.
  • They did everything correct as the manual says.


Even so, from one day to the next, their hair starts to fall out out of nowhere.

In these cases, it is more difficult to blame dye and it is more probable that the hair los is related to some other factor that we described throughout the article.


I would like to know more about you

Does your hair fall out?

Are you thinking that it’s falling out because you dyed your hair?

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