Will my hair fall out if I dye it twice in one day? It’s very likely

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  • If you dye your hair twice on the same day, it’s highly likely you will experience hair loss in the following days. And you can experience two types of hair loss.
  • In the worst case, if you dye your hair twice on the same day, the chemicals in the dye will weaken the scalp, which is where your hair follicles are located. And then, hair loss will start from the root.
  • And in the best-case scenario, what will happen is that the two applications of dye on the same day will weaken your hair, causing it to fall out due to breakage.
  • You should absolutely not dye your hair twice on the same day. You should always go at least four weeks between dyeing your hair.


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Can hair dye cause bald spots? No, and here you’ll see why?


I think there’s no doubt about it.

 If you dye your hair twice on the same day, your hair will most likely break and then fall out. 


You may also experience itching, burning, and inflammation of your scalp, due to the high amount of chemicals you exposed it to, after having applied two dyes on the same day.

Let me give you a simple example to help you understand.

Let’s say you enjoy a few days of vacation by the sea. On the first day, you can’t help yourself and you sunbathe for several hours. You want the perfect tan.

But the evening comes. And a small problem begins. You feel your skin burning. It’s also dry and red.

Why is that?


Because you have exposed your skin to the sun’s rays for too long without protection. It’s clear the next day you will have to stay out of the sun if you don’t want to end up with blistered skin.

The same will happen to your hair if you expose it twice on the same day to the chemicals in the hair dye. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


Why you shouldn’t dye your hair twice in one day

effects of dye on the scalp

 Because you risk damaging your scalp and weakening your hair. 


The skin of the scalp is very sensitive. If you abuse chemicals, it will become irritated, inflamed, and itchy, and flaking might even appear.


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And when your scalp is damaged by the chemicals in the dye, the problems begin in the rest of the hair.

And those problems have a name: hair loss.

hair loss due to dye

There are two types of hair loss, which can occur if you dye your hair twice on the same day.

  •  Falling out from the root : hair starts to fall out from the root when you comb or rinse it.
  •  Hair loss from breakage : when hair loses moisture, it also loses flexibility and this causes hair strands to break. You will notice it when you comb your hair or notice small hairs all over your clothes.


If you dye your hair twice in one day, you will weaken it, and your hair will be dry and stiff. The chemicals in the dyes penetrate the hair fiber and take moisture out of it. In addition, your hair will lose volume and become thinner and thinner.


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How long you should wait to dye your hair again

 You should always wait four weeks to dye your hair again . This way, you avoid damaging your scalp and drying out your hair.


In addition, it takes about two weeks for the color to finish settling into your hair. Only then will you be able to see what color your hair will stay.

If you dye your hair and you don’t like the way it looks, you don’t need to correct it the same day. Because in a few weeks, you can safely dye your hair again, without running the risk of damaging your scalp or experiencing hair loss.



If you dye your hair twice in one day, you will only cause breakage and hair loss. The chemicals in the dyes will irritate your scalp, compromising the health of the hair follicles.

Hair is always re-dyed once every four to five weeks.

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