How to speed up your hair growth with keratin shampoo?

how to grow hair

Does your hair not grow as fast as you would like? The same thing happened to me. I was worried because my hair was growing really slow, slower than a turtle. Looking for ideas to speed up the growth, keratin shampoo was recommended to me. I’ve been using it for some time, and here, I’ll tell you about my results.


My hair was always a nerve-wracking question in my life.

Actually, it wasn’t really my hair.

What made me fret was the lack of hair.

And not because I was bald.


I was upset because my hair didn’t grow.

I when I say it didn’t grow, it’s because it didn’t grow.

If balding is a frustrating topic for men, imagine for women, with everything that hair means as a symbol for femininity.


Specialists assure that female hair grows around 18 centimeters during a year.

God bless the women that are a part of those statistics!


It was clear that I was an exception to the rule.

My said mane at my shoulders refused to grow, to elongate.

And with that, my despair grew.


 I hated parties and reunions because I always did my hair the same way. 

Doing a Fancy up-do for a formal work meeting was horrible. My hair always fell out and it was impossible to get them into place without using close to twenty bobby-pins.


One day, my boss noticed that I was really down, even though that day they had announced that I had gotten a raise.


Although I was embarrassed to tell her the reason I was said, that it was because my hair wouldn’t grow, even though I had tried millions of treatments, both homemade and commercial, in the end, I finally brought myself to tell her.

I wanted my hair to grow!


And at that moment, the office lit up.

It was as if she had turned into a brilliant fairy god mother and under her dress she pulled out a wand so that before my eyes, the solution would appear.

“Have you ever heard of keratin shampoo?” My boss asked.

I had never heard of keratin shampoo and much less knew how it worked for hair growth.

But since no one can get around their fairy godmother, I continued to listen.


Do you want to know exactly what keratin shampoo is and if it really makes your hair grown?

That’s exactly what I’m going to tell you today.


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What is keratin and what effects does it have on your hair?

with keratin based products

Are you drowning in depression because your hair doesn’t grow and you are begging for a fair godmother to appear and end your suffering and pain?


Don’t look for any more fairies, or spells, or fake remedies so that your hair will grow.

I have the solution.

But first, I would like to explain to you exactly what is keratin and why it influences hair growth.


  Keratin is nothing more and nothing less than a protein that is found in its natural form in our bodies, and it is what influences, for example, nail growth. 

Our hair also contains keratin, which is formed by cells called keratinocytes.


When these cells diminish, on many occasions due to the use of inadequate shampoos or abuse from the flat iron, for example, the hair weakens, it breaks, and it stops growing.

When big hair cosmetic brands realized the importance of keratin for hair treatment, they immediately started commercializing it in big beauty salons.

Until finally, they decided to create shampoo formulas with high keratin content for at-home use.


Does the shampoo make your hair grow or is it a myth?

grows one cm per month

According to the specialists, and I am far from being one of those, I only know that in my case it worked, it’s that the keratin works in the cortex of your hair, which is the internal part of the hair fiber, where natural keratin chains are formed.

That’s why shampoo with keratin strengthens this cortex, which keeps the hairs from breaking, damaging, and in the end, falling out.


At the same time, this creates a domino effect.

Thank God for our hair.

Hair is nourished with more proteins and grows back stronger and shinier.

Final result?


Although I’m still not a part of the statistic of 18 cm of hair growth a year, I have managed in a few months to get to five centimeters of growth, which for me is like having won first prize at Formula 1.

But, sorry there’s a but, even Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother said, “But return before the clock strikes 12,” everything will depend on the brand of keratin shampoo that you use.

Because the colored mirrors exists in all questions.

I’ll give you a shortcut.

Just like my Fairy Godmother did for me.

She told me, “Use this keratin shampoo and don’t waste your time.”

And that’s what I did.

So that’s why I’ll leave you here, two of my miraculous keratin shampoos.


Art Naturals Shampoo with Keratin and Argan

ruined hair

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What I love most about this shampoo is that it leaves my hair shiny.

I can detangle it with little effort, so I don’t find myself battling it out for hours in the bathroom detangling my hair.


Now, my hair is longer and I can do different types and models of hair styles, showing off those up-dos that I always wanted to use.

Also, I feel like I’m not overloading my hair with chemical products since it doesn’t have sulfates, so my hair doesn’t dry out like before.


And what left me completely impressed is that when I shower, I don’t see a ton of hair on the floor in my bathtub.

That made me a completely happy person and extremely thankful towards my fairy godmother.

Since I don’t’ want my hair to get accustomed to the shampoo, they say it’s best to change up your hair products to always have the best results. I use a second keratin shampoo which turned out to be very effective in stimulating my hair.


Shampoo with 5 natural oils and botanical keratin

infused with keratin for hair growth

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The best opinion I can give you are the comments that I get about my hair since I started using this shampoo.

All my Friends have seen that my hair has more volume.


I always had thin hair, and since I’ve used it, I’ve seen that my hair is thicker. The last time I was in the salon, my stylist even commented to me that she saw new hair growing on my scalp.

That was one of the happiest days of my life.


Also, even though it contains argan oil, it doesn’t block the pores in my scalp which allows for hair growth.

Since I started using these two keratin shampoos, my hair has grown.

I don’t feel embarrassed to be in photos.


I stopped using headscarves and hats just to hide my hair.

I don’t feel scared of going bald, which was really something mortifying.


Conclusions and results

Just like I said, the shampoo works very well to promote hair growth. Also, I have to warn you.

Don’t expect results from one day to the next. Don’t expect to have the hair of a super-model, not in two days nor a week because its impossible.


 Many people start to use a shampoo or a new product, they use it for a few days, and since they don’t see the results they wanted, they throw it away and look for a new product. The only thing you end up doing is wasting time and money.  


I recommend that you choose one shampoo and you constantly use it. You should give it time for your hair and scalp to adjust to the new product.

Maybe if after two or three months you don’t see any significant changes, then you can think about using a new product.

But not before.

Choose keratin shampoo or any other, but be consistent in its use and have patience if you want real results.

And that’s all, ladies and gentlemen.


I hope you make the best decision for your hair.

If you want and have time, you can tell me below about what shampoo you are using or what shampoo you’re thinking of using.

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