Can rosemary oil cause hair loss? Does rosemary essential oil for hair have side effects?

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  • If you apply rosemary oil every day to your hair, it could cause hair loss. Rosemary oil may generate scalp oiliness, clog the pores, and weaken the hair follicles.
  • Therefore, to prevent rosemary oil from causing hair loss, dilute it with another natural oil. Also, apply it twice a week for twenty minutes.
  • Rosemary oil could irritate if used daily and darken your hair color.


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Let’s recap.

  •   If you haven’t started using rosemary oil for your hair yet, you can use it because it won’t cause hair loss.   You’ll have to use it correctly. We’ll go into this in more detail later.
  •   If you’re using rosemary oil and notice increased hair loss, you should stop and ask a dermatologist.   Improper use may be causing hair loss.


woman notices hair loss after using rosemary oil

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Misusing rosemary oil may cause excess oiliness and clog your scalp pores. It would prevent the hair follicles from receiving nutrients.

Then,   the hair follicles dry out, and hair loss occurs.  


So,   rosemary oil doesn’t cause hair loss if used properly.  

You should also consider how you use rosemary oil. Do you apply it directly to the hair? Do you dilute it with another product beforehand? You could use another oil or a conditioner.

Rosemary oil should be diluted with another ingredient before applying it to the hair.

Why? I’ll tell you about that below.


You must use rosemary oil properly to avoid hair loss

two bottles of rosemary oil

To use it properly, check these ESSENTIAL tips:

  •   Rosemary oil needs to be diluted with another oil   such as castor or coconut oil. You can also dilute it in your usual shampoo.
  •   Rosemary oil should be applied to the hair twice a week at most.  


  Rosemary oil won’t cause hair loss if you use it this way. 


Clinical studies show that rosemary oil is almost as effective as Minoxidil for treating alopecia.

Therefore, it doesn’t cause hair loss.


If your hair falls out after using rosemary oil, you probably apply it too often.

Let me give you another example.

Some time ago, succulent plants became fashionable. I love them now, but not at first.



I got too excited. I bought five succulent seedlings, and I was so enthusiastic that I watered them every day.

The plants continued to look beautiful for the first five days, and their thick, green leaves were bursting with health.

However, after fifteen days of watering my five little succulent plants daily, no green or thick leaves were left, and I had soaked them.

succulent in poor condition due to abuse of watering

Then, I discovered that succulents shouldn’t be watered daily because the roots rot and die.

It was a sad beginning for my succulent collection, but when I understood what frequency of watering they needed, everything got better. Nowadays, I can boast twenty beautiful succulent plants.

The same happens with rosemary oil.   If you overdo it with rosemary oil, you’ll cause hair loss.  


Your scalp breathes. It promotes cellular exchange, expels toxins, and absorbs nutrients through the pores, also where the hair follicles are located.

If you apply rosemary oil too often, those pores will begin to clog and prevent cells from retaining toxins. Then, the hair follicles won’t get the nutrients they need for your hair to grow. After a few weeks, they’ll dry out, and your hair will fall out.

So,   to avoid hair loss, you should dilute rosemary oil with another oil. For example, you could apply coconut oil once or twice a week for twenty minutes.  

rosemary oil prepared to dilute with other ingredients

Now that we’ve clarified how to apply rosemary oil let’s discuss if any side effects could appear.

I’ll tell you about them below.


When should you avoid applying rosemary oil to the hair?

These are specific situations. What are they?


If your skin is very sensitive, don’t apply rosemary oil

If your skin is sensitive, your scalp will be irritated too.

Rosemary oil contains ingredients that could irritate a sensitive scalp.

  •   If you want to promote hair growth,   you can use coconut oil because it is lighter than rosemary oil.
  •   If you want to moisturize your hair,   you can use argan oil which is also a light oil.


If your hair is very light, rosemary oil can darken its color

woman picks up her blonde hair

Yes, unbelievably, in Ancient Egypt, women used rosemary oil mixed with other ingredients to hide gray hair. Therefore, if your hair is blonde, I advise you to apply rosemary oil on a strand at the back and check its reaction.


If you have high blood pressure or frequently suffer from migraines, ask your doctor before using rosemary oil.

Rosemary oil increases blood flow, which can be detrimental to this pathology.



Rosemary oil doesn’t cause hair loss if you use it correctly. If you experience hair loss after using rosemary oil, stop using it and ask your dermatologist.

In some very specific, natural oils could worsen a pre-existing condition.

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