My Hair is Falling Out, Should I Cut it Short? It’s a good idea and I’ll tell you why

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  • If your hair is falling out, a good option is to cut it short. It’ll help you disguise hair loss.
  • Long hair is heavy and promotes hair loss. 
  • However, the cause of hair loss may be internal (hormonal, emotional, or physical). Therefore, cutting it won’t solve your problem.
  • If you haven’t seen a dermatologist yet, don’t waste time and make an appointment.

That’s not all:


  • In this article, I’ll give you some tips on how to cut your hair to disguise the fall: you can opt for midi cuts, pixies, open bangs, and bob cuts.
  • I’ll also tell you a 100% true story about someone who suffered hair loss and how I helped her solve the problem.


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Do you notice that you’re losing your hair and think that a possible solution could be to cut it short?


Cutting your hair short won’t solve the hair loss problem, but it might help.

  Some haircuts that help disguise hair loss. However, remember that they only disguise it. They don’t solve it.  

In this article, I’ll evaluate all your options for dealing with your hair loss and disguising it.

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Cutting your hair short is a good option if your hair is falling out, but it doesn’t solve the problem

Thoughtful girl with her short hair and a hat

As I mentioned earlier, hair loss can be caused by many factors.

It’s necessary to identify why your hair falls out. The reasons may be as diverse as stress or brittle hair among others.



The treatments will be specific for each situation.

  You can start using many products   while you wait for dermatologist appointment.

However, remember that although cutting your hair renews its energy and improves its quality,   it may not be a solution in the long run.  


In any case, some haircuts and certain tricks can be used to make up and lessen the problem of hair loss. Do you want to discover them?


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If your hair is falling out, opt for short haircuts and midi manes

Pixie cut on a blonde girl

If you want to disguise hair loss, you can choose short or medium-length hair.   You should know that it’s hard to give volume to long hair. As it has more weight, it tends to fall out over time.  


Here is a short list of   haircuts that disguise hair loss  :

  • Midi cuts and short hair are very sensual, and elegant, and help you disguise hair loss.
  • The pixie cut is ideal if you choose a modern cut with personality (with more volume in the problem area).
  • If you have receding hairline, you can opt for some kind of open bangs.
  • If you don’t like the bangs, you can have some strands which will go with your new haircut and also help you hide the hair loss.
  • If you don’t dare go for a pixie cut or a short style, you can go for bob cuts, which are characterized by a slightly longer front part.
  • You could also add some extra bangs to generate volume if you have fine hair.

The cut you choose will probably be perfect. Visualize yourself with that look and if you’re not quite convinced, start by cutting a little at a time.


A 100% true story about someone who suffered hair loss and how we solved it

hair comb with blonde hairs

Hair loss is an issue that touches me personally.

  A few years ago, a very special woman to me started losing hair. So bad was her problem that she had bald patches on her scalp.  

Her problem had started because of stress, but it was so distressing for her that I, as a hairdresser, started desperately to look for solutions.


I could no longer watch her suffer.

That’s when I discovered a serum that turned out to be magic for her.

I would never dare to recommend a product if I really didn’t know for sure that it worked.

Using it was a before and after situation. Thinner hair suffers hair loss and it can be much more difficult to disguise the lack of hair.


  In these cases, thickening products are helpful. They give body to the hair and make it thicker.  

We used the Serioxyl line from L’Oréal Professional.


It’s a magic serum, ideal for hair loss, because its effect is immediate.

The line also has a volumizing spray with color. This means that it paints the scalp and thickens the hair for better styling.


Other hairdressing tricks that’ll help you disguise the lack of hair (in addition to short and midi haircuts)

Hairdresser attending to a client


  • Ask your stylist for two-tone highlights to create a volume visual effect. Ask your dermatologist about it.

Hair coloring is widely used to disguise hair loss. However, if your hair is very weak, it’s better to go for another solution.


  • Hair accessories and headbands made of fabric. There’s a headband for every style. I usually wear them for a pretty classic look. There are very discreet accessories and other super colorful ones.



  • Use a hair-thickening serum. . I already recommended L’Oréal’s serioxyl product, but there are other options available with this same effect.

One such option is Vichy Laboratories’ Densi Solution serum, a hair mass thickening concentrate.


  • Style your hair in waves and help yourself with styling products. Remember to use a heat protectant before applying heat to your hair.


  • Make up your hair with volume and color sprays. They usually come in various tones to match your hair color. Hair loss can be distressing, but remember that almost everything can be solved.


Conclusion: To disguise hair loss, cut your hair short or medium length and get highlights and styling products

In this article, I told you that, indeed,   it would be a good option to cut your hair short if you’re going through a stage of hair loss.  


Without a doubt,   you should visit your dermatologist   to find out why your hair is falling out and the possible solutions.


I hope my tricks such as volume cuts, highlights, styling your hair with waves, and even hair makeup help you disguise the hair loss.

Cheer up, this is just a phase in life!

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