What happens when you use Rogaine or Minoxidil once a day?

rogaine treatment twice a day

When I saw her walk into the salon, I knew that something was wrong.


Eugenia is one of my most loyal clients, one of those that I have shared an infinite amount of conversations with.

We exchange cooking recipes; we console each other when we are worried about our children, we hold each other when our energy goes to hell.


She sat in front of the mirror, and her eyes were full of such a deep sadness that I almost had to step out and cry.

Without waiting for me even to ask the question, she asked me a question like someone who needed an exorcism was asking about hell.

– “Carina, can I use Rogaine once a day?”


At that moment, I knew that she needed more than Carina, her stylist. She needed Carina, her friend.

I sat next to her to explain in detail everything I knew from my experience with this hair loss product.


I should have explained in detail how to use Rogaine to get the best results.

Most people that ask me about this product always have the same question, “If I use Rogaine twice a day, will I get better results?”


It seems like a reasonable question with an obvious answer, meaning you can think about what changes if you apply Rogaine once or twice a day to your hair.

The truth is I find there are a lot of doubts in that respect, which is why I decided to write this post, to be able to help everyone that, like Eugenia, have the same doubts.

  • Do you want to know how Rogaine works to stop hair loss?
  • Do you want to know the best way to use it? Once or twice a day?


Keep reading, and I will tell you all the secrets to get the best results with this topical treatment.


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The incredible history of Rogaine and how often to apply it

best using frecuency

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Although it’s hard to believe, this hair loss solution was discovered almost by accident, has el Chavo del Ocho would say, “It was without wanting.”


It’s that Rogaine was developed from oral medication for blood pressure known as Minoxidil.

Over time, health specialists realized that it had some secondary effects in some patients as much in the heart as in the circulatory system when Minoxidil was used.

But also, they observed that many patients started developing body hair.

Since they weren’t slow or lazy, they decided to try the formula on those patients’ scalps that had a receding hairline.

And …



 They discovered by applying Minoxidil directly to the scalp, hair began to grow in the area affected by baldness. 


They also noted that in addition to working at the head’s crown, it could also work to a lesser degree on the front part of the scalp, provided that there was some fuzz there.

And so Rogaine was born, the first topical hair treatment to prevent hair loss.


I remember Eugenia’s sad face, and that’s why I’ll get to the point. I don’t want to make you wait anymore.

Now, I’ll tell you how Rogaine works and how to apply it on your scalp to ensure an effective result.


Does the hair grow the same if I use Rogaine once a day?

baby hairs forehead

Ah! The million-dollar question.

The question that fills the forums.

Should I use Rogaine once a day or twice a day for better results?

I have the answer for you.


But first, I want to tell you how Rogaine works and the correct way to use it.

Minoxidil increases the duration of the hair follicle’s growth cycle, improving the quality of hair, and increasing the diameter and length of hair. Also, it’s an excellent stimulant for the proliferation of dermal papillae cells.

All of these effects stimulate hair growth.

Now, you should hope for miracles nor magical solutions like, “try it, and you’ll see immediate results.”

Why do I tell you this?


Because anxiety created Eugenia’s sadness and disappointment. She thought because she was misinformed, that by applying Rogaine to her bald spots, sometimes once a day, sometimes twice a day, her hair would start to grow immediately.

That doesn’t happen.

I’m not going to lie to you.


Let’s say that a “timeline” exists to prove the efficacy of a product. Also, it’s important to remember that not all people react the same way to a treatment.

This product affects the telogen phase, which is the rest phase of the hair growth cycle.

In this phase, most people experience an increase in hair loss in the first few days.

But don’t freak out!


This is normal because you need to get rid of the weak, fragile hair to be replaced with other, thicker hair.

The elimination phase can last around two weeks, but don’t worry. Nobody has gone bald in those 15 days.

Also, in this period, you can feel discomfort or itchiness on your scalp, and that’s perfectly normal as you adapt to the product.


Going back to the timeline, after the first twenty days of using the product, the hair follicles are reactivated and start a new growth phase.

After a couple of months, yes, you read that correctly, A COUPLE OF MONTHS, you will start to notice the existing hairs that grow faster and thicker.

You will notice a continuous cycle of hair regeneration, and if you look closely, you’ll see a type of smooth, colorless “fuzz,” but that is always a sign of growth.


Eugenia recently talked about her treatment with Rogaine a month ago, which is why she didn’t have visible results yet. Still, the product was working internally in each of her hair follicles.

And listen well, applying Rogaine once a day is enough.


The reason is that Minoxidil applied topically has an average lifespan of about 22 hours on the scalp, and the effects won’t improve if you apply it in less time on the same surface.

Although I should clarify.


When it comes to women, you only need to apply Rogaine drops once a day.

But the Minoxidil foam for men should be applied twice a day.

I don’t know the science behind the difference very well, but I imagine that it has to do with the presentation of the product and something with men’s DNA.

4 tips to keep in mind for the best absorption of Rogaine

does it work

  • Don’t wash your hair for four hours after applying the drops.
  • If you color or bleach your hair, don’t use Rogaine for 24 hours before or after doing so.
  • Don’t use a hairdryer to speed up the drying time of your hair. This makes Rogaine less effective.
  • The product can stain, so avoid using hats or headscarves.


And one of the last recommendations I want to give you is that Rogain is a recommended hair product to treat androgenetic alopecia.

In the case of hair loss for other reasons, I recommend consulting with a dermatologist because it’s necessary to research the depth to which you are affected by alopecia.

Do you want to know what happened with me more than the client, friend Eugenia?


That day, she left the salon much calmer.

We talked for more than an hour. I tried to explain to her correctly how Rogaine worked, and thank God, her disappointment and sadness disappeared.

During the following five months, we started to see small changes in her scalp.

First, a little fuzz.

Then, small hairs here and there.

Slowly, those areas where she was missing hair started to fill up.

Today, she is happy.


But she continues with the treatment.

Because since it’s a question of genetics, the problem won’t disappear like magic, and she will always have to stimulate her hair follicles.

It’s like when you exercise. If you stop going to the gym for a bit, your muscular development stops, and you go back to the same way you were before you started working out.

Now you know that with just one application of Rogaine daily, you will get effective results.


Have you ever used Rogaine to stimulate hair growth?

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