Keranique vs Rogaine: How are they similar, and how are they different?

men and women

Keranique and Rogaine are two of the biggest brands to stimulate hair growth.

Now, you’re probably asking which you should use.


That’s why, without going around in circles, I will tell you if you are a woman and want to stimulate new hair growth, the best is Keranique. If you are a man, the best to treat alopecia and pattern baldness is Rogaine.


There are a few important differences between the two products, which I will tell you about in just a few minutes.

But it seems important to me to clarify this difference quickly.



 Because for those of us that are in the cruel battle of stopping hair loss, time is gold.  


We start to notice the day that some of our hair stays in the brush for both men and women after brushing our hair.

Not long after, those few hairs turn into a group of hairs that end up on the bathroom floor after showering.

Until finally, we notice some bald spots on our scalp that even just a few months ago weren’t there.


Hair loss is a sad reality that puts us into an absolutely anguishing race against time.

  • Do you notice some bald spots on your scalp?
  • Do you not know how to control your tears every time you brush your hair and those hairs end up trapped in the comb like a cruel reminder?


Then you should start a treatment to stop hair loss right now.

It may be Rogaine or Keranique, but don’t doubt it.

The sooner you start, the better results you’ll get.

But also, it’s important to know what product to buy.


That’s why, today I’ll tell you:

  • Dos diferencias principales entre Keranique y Rogaine
  • Características más importantes de Keranique
  • En qué consiste el tratamiento de Rogaine
  • Experiencias usando los dos productos


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Two main differences between Rogaine and Keranique


Differences in their composition

treatment for women

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I know what you are thinking.

You’re thinking that both Rogaine and Keranique have Minoxidil, a star ingredient in the treatment to stop hair loss.

Yes, it’s true. Both contain Minoxidil but in different percentages.


 Rogaine contains 50 mg of Minoxidil per gram of product in the case of stimulating hair growth in men. While, in the case of women, the formula contains 2% of Minoxidil.    On the other hand, Keranique also contains 2% of Minoxidil; also, you’ll find ingredients in its formula that are directly related to the metabolism and chemical needs of women’s scalps. 


That’s where the difference is. Keranique was created to keep in mind all of the problems of a woman’s scalp and their hair.

After all, women are from Venus, and men are from Mars.


Differences in their presentation and way of applying

stimulates hair follicles

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But to this, you should add that the presentation of the products is completely different.

  • Keranque is a kit of three products.
  • Rogaine, just one, in different forms like foam, lotion, or spray.

What does that mean?


That women, in general, have more patience and perseverance to apply a three-step treatment.


For men, a one-step treatment is glorious.

Do you want to know more details about the products?


Keep reading, because I will also tell you personal experiences using them. One of them was my experience.

And the other testimonial is my boyfriend’s, who putting his pride in his pocket, allowed me to share his experience using Rogaine.


Keranique’s important characteristics

minoxidil main ingredient


Like I said before, it’s a three-step treatment:

  • Keranique Shampoo contains antioxidants and nutritional vitamins that give a nourishing and relaxing effect to your hair. Also, it gives it shine, volume, and smoothness, which is essential for women.
  • Conditioner: gives your hair volume.
  • Hair regrowth treatment: prevents hair loss and stimulates hair regrowth.


Also, both the shampoo and the conditioner have mint oil, which produces a tingling sensation on your scalp. This tingling effect indicates an increase in microcirculation on your scalp.

And that means stimulation for new hair.

how many times per day

It also contains soft anionics, which allow moisture without surfactants on the scalp, which drives new hair growth.

Are you a man, and you want to get rid of those bald spots on your scalp?


Then, what comes next is for you because I will tell you why you should start using Rogaine right now.


What a Rogaine Treatment Consists of

Lotion to stimulate growth

Rogaine contains minoxidil, whose best virtue is the inclusion of vasodilators in its formula.

But, what does dilation of the blood vessels have to do with hair growth?


  • For individuals with pattern baldness, they develop a sensitivity to DHT, which causes inflammation in the hair follicles.
  • Unfortunately, a genetic predisposition of pattern baldness can be sensible to DHT at risk, leading to the loss and thinning of the hair.
  • When the DHT adheres to the androgen receptors in the hair follicles, the follicles close to the scalp’s front and the edges of the scalp react by becoming inflamed. This leads to a process known as miniaturization of the hair.
  • As the follicle shrink, the hair growth cycle gets cut short. This eventually leads to thinning, and if left untreated, permanent baldness.


During this process, the blood flow to the hair follicle can also be restricted. This means that the hair follicles don’t receive the amount of oxygen and nutrients they need to prosper, contributing even more to miniaturization.


 As a vasodilator, minoxidil makes the blood vessels expand. This means that the nutrients and minerals can open up the way to the hair follicles again, producing hair growth.  

So that means that Minoxidil, in the end, is meant to treat the needs of a male scalp with alopecia problems.

And also, you can opt for some of their presentations which are just one step.


Chemical formulas and weird and unknown ingredients seem like they were written in a science fiction novel.

However, it simply has to do with two treatments to stop hair loss and stimulate new hair appearance.

Do you want to hear two stories behind these products?


Then, this is your moment.


Experiences using Keranique and Rogaine

To be honest, I started to use Keranique because of a recommendation by my dermatologist when I started to notice that my hair was falling out more than normal.

According to my dermatologist, hair loss can be caused by a stressful situation or poor nutrition, meaning an unbalanced diet.

That’s how the Keranique kit came into my life.


And to be completely honest, it has nothing to do with a miracle.

Because when it comes to hair matters, miracles don’t exist.

I got results, but I used it consistently four times a week.


Four times a week in which each time, I applied three products, which took me a total of forty minutes.

Four times a week, for four months.

And in that time, I went through many mood swings.


Hope, before starting the first application.

Desperation after the first twenty days. Because my dermatologist didn’t tell me that I noticed a lot of hair loss during the first few days of the treatment.

That was one of the biggest scares of my life. I thought that I was going to end up bald.

But that hair loss is temporary. I only noticed it the first three weeks.


Two months later, I noticed two important changes.

  • My hair was thicker, and I liked that.
  • I also proved that in some parts of my scalp, there was an almost invisible fuzz emerging.

Evidently, new hairs were emerging from my scalp.


Today, six months after using Keranique for the first time.

And I continue to use it. Because, in addition to continuing to stimulate my hair follicles to generate new hair, it made my hair shinier, more docile, and denser.

Ultimately, in my case, Keranique worked.


Do you want to know about the results my boyfriend got when he used Rogaine?

use once per day

To be honest, it could have gone better.

It’s not that the product didn’t work.

It’s that my boyfriend didn’t use it right.

And even though I brought the foam, which is easier to apply, absorbs more quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue!


But, unfortunately, my boyfriend didn’t commit to the treatment. And that’s why he didn’t get results.

Men are incredible!


 They spend two hours daily in the gym exercising their biceps, yet they are unable to take two minutes to apply a product that allows them to hide their receding hairline.  

And his lack of consistency caused an argument.


Because despite his lack of consistency, he applied the foam one day, and then the next he didn’t; in three months, we noticed new fuzzes at his hairline.

Imagine if he had done the treatment consistently and responsibly!


Now, he promised me that he is going to do it again. I wish that at the gym, they would exercise their willpower like they exercise their muscles.

But beyond the results that my boyfriend had, some things were clear.



  • Keranique is an ideal treatment for women that notice hair loss.

In addition to stimulating new hair growth, it was able to thicken the hair fibers and make them shinier and stronger.


  • Rogaine is a treatment that works effectively on men that suffer from male pattern baldness.


Now, whatever your case, don’t forget to keep two things in mind:

  • In both treatments, consistency is key. If you are going to apply the products when you feel like it, neither of them is for you.
  • In both treatments, time is key. You will need to continue the application of both products for at least six months.


Now you know how to combat hair loss. So, what do you decide: Keranique or Rogaine?

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