Can you feel your hair growing? How can I measure hair growth?


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Can you feel your hair grow, or it is it just a myth?



  • TL;DR: you simply can’t feel your hair grow. Of course, you can notice the length of your hair by looking in the mirror. Or you can measure the length of your hair with a tape measure to check exactly how much it’s growing.
  • But I’ve never met anyone who can feel as their hair grow. I mean, your scalp might feel itchy at times, but that has nothing to do with hair growth.


I got a bit obsessed with growing my hair out at one point.

I was so crazy about growing my hair I’m surprised I didn’t end up in the loony bin. You know, the ones you see in movies with all the characters in straight jackets.



I was obsessed with growing out my hair. When each millimeter your hair grows becomes your reason for being, you’ll do almost anything to make your hair grow faster.

And I was obsessed.


 Each morning, I would run and measure my hair with a ruler. I would look at my scalp with my dad’s giant magnifying glass that he used to look at his postage stamp collection.

To make things worse, I’m from what is sometimes called the “microwave generation”. What does that mean?



The “microwave generation” is a generation that’s used to instant gratification.

We don’t write letters, because email is faster. We don’t go to the library, because Google is always just a few clicks away.

Us, in the microwave generation, tend to be impatient. Who hasn’t heated a cup of coffee in the microwave and wondered why it takes so long?


So, between my impatient personality and how much I wanted longer hair, and I became more obsessed.

  I was so obsessed I thought I could feel my hair growing. But in reality, I didn’t feel my hair growing. My scalp was simply itchy. 

Crazy itchy. And I thought that sensation was my hair growing. And then I started noticing some other things.

Are you curious what?


I’ll tell you in a second, but first, we’re going to discuss:

  • The stages of hair growth
  • How to know if your hair is growing
  • How to promote hair growth


So, let’s leave the world of fantasy behind and focus on reality.




What are the stages of hair growth?

scalp massages with natural oil

As I said, when I was obsessed with growing out my hair, my scalp had become itchy, and I started noticing other things.

So I decided to visit a dermatologist, who helped me understand the process of hair growth.


And, helped me to stop obsessing about it.


  • To start, he explained that hair goes through several phases before you can even see it.

Each hair also has a lifespan, which is quite short. Human hair normally grows about half an inch per month.


  • We are all born with approximately 5 million hair follicles. And yes, I was happy to hear that too. Because that means loads of hair.

Those hair follicles are like small pockets in the skin that the hair grows from.

About 100 thousand of those hair follicles are on the scalp.


And what do you think determined if someone has straight or curly hair?


The shape of their hair follicle.

People with oval-shaped follicles have very curly hair, while those with round follicles have straight hair. No matter what shape, we all have hair follicles.


starting with protein cells.
  1. As blood circulates through the body, it delivers oxygen and nutrients to protein cells, which use the nutrients to multiply.
  2. The protein cells then multiply and form hair, which pushes through the skin.
  3. As the hair grows, through the skins, it passes through a sebaceous gland. This lubricates the strand of hair with oil, that it needs to stay soft and shiny.
  4. Once the hair is long enough to go through the skin, it becomes visible and keeps growing.


  • Hair follicles in your will grow a strand of hair for a few years before becoming inactive for some time. This inactive part of the hair cycle is called the telogen phase.


This was great information, but as I sat in the doctor's office, with my itchy scalp, and the thought that I could feel my hair grow in my head, and all I wanted to know was how I could check that my hair was growing.

I don't know if it was because I was fidgeting in the chair or the look on my face, but the doctor soon asked me the critical question: "Do you want to how to check if your hair is growing?"


My "yes" was just as resounding as I'm sure yours is, so that's what we'll discuss now.



How can you know if your hair is growing?

hair growth per month

I already knew about the phases of hair growth, and knew they we all naturally lose hair every day.

I was happy to learn that there's an easy way to check if your hair is growing.

Are you curious how?


  • In front of a mirror in a well-lit area, and part your hair in the center and brush it away from your face,

Then take a close look at your roots, right by the scalp. You should notice a few baby hairs just peeking through.



  • If you dye your hair, it's easy to see the new growth, since your natural color is different from the rest of your hair.


  • Another way to check for new hair growth is to look at your hairline right above your forehead. You naturally lose some hairs every day, including above your forehead. The new growth that comes in to replace those hairs will be much shorter.


  • But, the doctor also told me that each person's scalp is different, and many different factors can affect hair growth.

Such as genetic factors, age, and nutrition.


The dermatologist also answered some questions I had about stimulating hair growth.


Do you want your hair to grow faster?

Then don't miss these tips.


How to stimulate hair growth

Balanced nutrition is an important part of healthy hair growth. This is because the living part of the hair, the root, needs nutrients.

Adopting a healthy diet that contains fruits, vegetables, grains, and an adequate amount of fat will promote healthy hair.

And don't forget to include foods like fish in your diet, which have fatty acids, protein, vitamin B12, and iron.



It is also important to eat dark green vegetables, which contain high levels of vitamin A and C, legumes, and foods that naturally contain biotin, such as liver, egg yolk, soy flour, and yeast.


So, know I knew how hair grows, and how to promote hair growth.

But why was my scalp still itchy?



Because I had dandruff!

So the dermatologist recommended that I get a good anti-dandruff shampoo.



And now I knew the truth.

You simply can't feel hair growth. It's not like there's an explosion every time a new hair sprouts up. It is an imperceptible natural phenomenon.

But two months later, I'm happy, because I was able to leave my obsession with constantly measuring my hair behind.


Do you know any other way to measure hair growth?

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