Is it true that Viviscal causes weight gain and acne?

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Are you thinking of using Viviscal, but you still have doubts about its side effects?

Do you want to know if taking Viviscal can cause weight gain?


Here, I’ll tell you everything.

But let’s start from the beginning to understand the topic.


Viviscal is a hair treatment that is like a nutritional complement.

The most important thing is that it is natural, and because of that, it shouldn’t have negative consequences.

However, among its components, we can find Biotin and Aminomar. And if you want to start taking Viviscal, you should keep in mind a few things that could (or not) be relevant in your case.


Biotin is a vitamin that our body produces, and it’s being used more and more in hair care products because of its great effects.

As it is a vitamin that our own body produces, it doesn’t harm us, but if you produce too much biotin or consume more than you need, it could have secondary effects.


Your body could say something and weaken the protective layer of your skin, causing acne.

This is a side effect of biotin (it shouldn’t be attributed to Viviscal). Of course, it doesn’t happen to everyone; there are very few cases. It all depends on your body type, diet, etc.

But don’t be alarmed; further on, I’ll leave you with the experience of a friend that found a solution to this small issue, and Viviscal has worked wonders for her.


 Another thing I have heard once from a friend that recommended Viviscal was that it causes weight gain.  

This is false. I don’t know a single case of this, and I have recommended this treatment to many people.


My friend also used it because he felt like he was balding, and when he finished the treatment, you could see that his form was the same. He hadn’t gained or lost weight. His hair was what had increased in volume, and he felt delighted.


Finally, we have Aminomar.

This is a compound exclusive of Viviscal. It’s what makes this product unique on the market. This combination of vitamins and minerals is the base of marine proteins, which you should know if you are allergic to shellfish or fish.

The instructions are the same for this product; it isn’t meant for people that suffer from this allergy, and that is why.


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Does Viviscal work, or does it only bring headaches? That is my experience

Biotin can cause acne

I’m going to tell you my experience using Viviscal and then, that of a friend.


I started to use Viviscal some two years ago. I was really worried about the state of my hair.

I’m a young woman, and it was alarming the amount of hair I was losing; I noticed some spaces on my scalp.


 That not only affected my image but also my self-esteem every time I wanted to go out because I was ashamed.  

In addition to that, I suffered from normal problems: my hair was opaque and entangled.


When I heard about Viviscal, I was a complete skeptic until I saw the results with my own eyes that a relative had had.

  • I noticed differences from the first month, which motivated me a lot because the instructions say you should wait for 3 to 6 months. Obviously, it didn’t solve my whole problem, but I could see my hair was much smoother and healthier.
  • For the first month, this was a good sign. After three months, my hair not only looked healthier but also all the bald spots had filled with new hair. This was what I wanted all along, and Viviscal made it happen.
  • I got stronger, thicker, more abundant hair.


Additionally, I can tell you that after those three months, my hair had grown between 4 and 5 centimeters. Double what it normally grows.

I also found a plus that I had no idea would happen: stronger, faster-growing nails.


 In my experience, I didn’t come across any side effects. My normal weight, face, and skin are good and healthy, and I’m not allergic to seafood.  

The only bad thing I can mention is the smell/taste of the pills. It’s understandable since the principal ingredients are from the ocean. It’s a strong taste, and it might repel you a bit.


I took Viviscal for three months, without forgetting it one day, and I rested for six months. It’s important to pause between each treatment if you want to keep taking it for a long time. My friends usually do one treatment and are satisfied with the results.


And now, I’ll leave you the story a friend of mine sent me to include in the article telling her experience.


My friend didn’t have such a good experience taking Viviscal…

These are my results taking Viviscal.

I write these brief words to tell you about my experience taking Viviscal.

Did Viviscal have benefits for my hair?



 My hair was regenerated from the inside, and I notice it by the strength that it has. The most noticeable benefits, in addition to the hair growth, were its thickness and its shininess.  

My hair was very thin and broken, but after taking Viviscal, it became nice and thick. My hair now looks healthy and shiny.

That would be the good part. Unfortunately, it came with a cost.


  • I suffered from an acne breakout when I started to use Viviscal. After going to a doctor to find the reason, I discovered it was the biotin effect.
  • My dermatologist explained that it could be that I was taking a dose that was greater than what my body needed, and she recommended that I take Viviscal just once a day (the instructions say twice a day).
  • If the acne continued, I would have to choose between stopping the Viviscal treatment or putting up with acne until I finished my hair treatment.


I took Viviscal once a day, and the acne slowly disappeared. So, it also wasn’t a reason for me to hate Viviscal. In the end, I will be forever grateful for the benefits it gave me.

If you think you could suffer from acne while taking Viviscal and want to prevent it at all costs, the best thing I could recommend is to consult your doctor.



  • I can say that all bodies are different and maybe for some people, it will take effect before and in others. I recommend that you be consistent and don’t hope for results in the first weeks.
  • Also, read through all the ingredients of the treatment. Make sure you aren’t allergic to any of them or that they will cause you problems.
  • To prevent bad moments, you recommend that you take to your doctor and ask about your questions. A specialist knows if Viviscal is right for you or not.


If your experience is different, if you have come across a side effect using Viviscal, it would be great if you could share it in the comments.

Or, on the contrary, if you haven’t found one, like me, it would also be great if you could comment. That way, you’d be helping other people.

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