Can Purple Shampoo Cause Hair Loss? No, if you use it the right way

hair loss from purple shampoo

  • No, purple shampoo can’t cause hair loss. Purple shampoo doesn’t contain peroxide or ammonia that could dry out and weaken the hair.
  • So, if you’re about to start using purple shampoo but fear it might cause hair loss, now you know it won’t.
  • However, if you’re using the purple shampoo and notice considerable hair loss, you should ask a professional to recommend a suitable treatment.


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Now that you know that  purple shampoo doesn’t cause hair loss,  let’s continue reading.

You should also know that if your hair was damaged, brittle, and falling out before using the purple shampoo, it’ll continue to fall out when you use the shampoo.


Many of my clients start using a new product and think that it erases their previous hair history.

I must also admit that other clients are concerned about finding out if a product causes hair loss before they start using it.


For example, I remember when OLAPLEX appeared. Many clients asked me if it caused hair loss.

Alternatively, people start using purple shampoo, notice their hair falling out, and blame it on the shampoo.

Actually, their hair was falling out before they started using the shampoo.


So, you should pay attention to your hair. Especially,  before adding a new product to your hair routine. 


This way, you can be more confident about the effects that purple shampoo could have on your hair.


Another important tip is that hair falls out because it’s part of its natural life cycle.

The same is true in nature. For example, trees lose their leaves in winter and bloom in springtime again.


Hair also has a natural cycle. It sheds older hair to make room for new hair.

So, hair loss is normal. However, if your hair breaks off at the roots, you may be facing a problem. I’ll go into this in more detail later.


What I wanted to clarify is that purple shampoo doesn’t cause hair loss.

Do you remember what happened to your hair before you started using purple shampoo? A trip back in time that is sure to reveal a lot.

Are you wearing your seatbelt? Let’s go!

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If you use purple shampoo and notice hair loss, your hair was probably weak before using the shampoo

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Remember that  purple shampoo doesn’t contain harsh chemicals such as peroxide or ammonia. 

And if that wasn’t enough, it doesn’t have sulfates, parabens, silicones, or alcohol, which can dry out your hair.


Earlier, I talked about the need to review your hair history. And for that, we must travel to your past. You need to focus on why you started using purple shampoo. Do you remember?

Let me refresh your memory!


If you’re using purple shampoo it’s because you’ve bleached or colored your hair. After bleaching or coloring, unwanted undertones may appear in your hair.

Both bleaching and coloring are aggressive chemical processes for the hair. Of course, bleaching is a stronger chemical process than coloring because it’s applied with a higher volume developer and bleach.

So,   let’s say you bleached and colored your hair, and your hair was dry. 

What do you think will happen after those processes?


Obviously, your hair will be more damaged. And  that will cause your hair to weaken and fall out. 


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However, that hair fall will be the result of bleaching or dyeing, not purple shampoo.

Now that you know that purple shampoo doesn’t cause hair loss, you can look for the real reason why your hair is falling out. Also, you’ll find the solution.


There are solutions to stop hair loss. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


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Since purple shampoo doesn’t cause hair loss, you must find the real cause

stop hair loss
But before you turn into Sherlock Holmes or watch YouTube videos about hair loss, what you need to do is pause and think.

What do you mean by hair loss?


We already said that there is a natural process by which old hair falls to make room for new hair.

So,  if you notice some hairs on your pillow in the morning, that’s not hair loss.  The same is true if you notice some hairs on your clothes.

Women also experience hair loss in stressful situations or due to hormonal changes.


What can happen is that your hair is slightly damaged and you need to repair it. You can use biotin treatments that strengthen the hair fiber and promote hair growth.

When should you ask a doctor if you’re concerned about hair loss?

  • If your hair feels very fine.
  • If you rinse your hair and lose strands.
  • If you comb your hair and it falls out from the roots.
  • If you notice bald patches in your head.
  • If your hair starts to look uneven


In those cases,  I recommend you make an appointment with a dermatologist.  They’ll check whether your hair loss has to do with hormonal issues, stress, anemia, or allergies to certain products.

A doctor is the only professional who can treat hair loss.



Purple shampoo doesn’t cause hair loss. If you notice an increase in hair loss, your hair was damaged before using the purple shampoo.

Therefore, if you experience massive hair loss, you should ask your family doctor for further treatment.

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