How long does it take for biotin to work? How fast does it make hair growth?

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I’m very happy!

I was able to make my hair grown 7 centimeters in the last five months thanks to biotin.


It wasn’t easy.

The first few months of taking biotin, I barely noticed the effects.

I went through moments where the only thing that I had was my despair.

I saw how my hair fell out and every day I noticed more white spaces on my scalp.


Is the same happening to you?

Are you losing a lot of hair and you don’t know why?


Keep reading because right here I’ll tell you:


  • Why biotin stimulates hair growth
  • How to take biotin to get positive effects in hair growth
  • How to complement the biotin treatment to get even better results


I am going to warn you of one thing before we continue.

If you are one of those people that believes in magic pills, then don’t even waste your time reading.

This is not for you.


What I will tell you here is for people that in addition to complaining about their hair loss, they want to really commit to obtaining results.

It’s for people that are consistent and perseverant.


 Biotin works but ifyou think that you can’t commit to taking it for 5 or 6 months, you might as well not waste your time. 

Look for alternative treatments to stimulate hair growth.

Now that we’ve cleared up this point, we can continue.


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Why biotin stimulates hair growth

how long it takes to grow hair

Biotin is a vitamin, also known as vitamin B7, which is found in many of the foods we regularly eat, like eggs, soy, fish, whole wheat bread, pork, and almonds among other things.


When the minimum dose fades from your body is when you notice hair loss as well as your nails become weak and break easily.

Of course, I didn’t know all of this until my situation was desperate.


About eight months ago, I started working with a new company.

I felt like I could touch the sky with my hands because I found a position as the secretary of the president of a company.

 But after a month, I started to notice a lot of hair on my pillow when I woke up in the morning. 


Also when I showered, there was a ton of hair on the floor of the bathtub.

And I didn’t even flat iron my hair anymore because when I did, a ton of hair would end up scattered on the floor all over the bathroom.

From worry I moved on to desperation.


I tried to hide the signs that you could see on my forehead with different hairstyles.

I couldn’t pull my hair back because I felt like you could see the white spots on my scalp.

I decided to talk with a dermatologist, because I was really terrified.

Do you know how it feels when you touch the sky with your hands and then all of a sudden, something like hair brings you down?


The dermatologist looked my scalp over carefully in addition to looking over the blood test and urine test results that I had brought for a few minutes.

After, she asked me about my hair care routine and if I had made any important life changes in the last few months.

That’s when we got to the crucial point.


She told me that it was possible that I had started to lose hair due to stress produced by my new job.

Stress reduced the level of biotin in my body which resulted in my hair falling out.

Very well,

Now, I knew why my hair was falling out.

Next, how was I supposed to get my hair back?

The dermatologist answered me in the same way I’m going to tell you.

Patience and perseverance.


And some biotin supplements that you should take every day.

And be patient.

Because the hair will start to grow five months after starting treatment.  

Can you believe it?


I was so desperate and she was talking about waiting five months to see a change.

I felt frustrated, and I think my face said it all.

So, she told me the first thing I needed to do was lower my anxiety levels.

That the process starts from the inside.


As the biotin would start to level out within my body, because it works at a cellular level, the hair follicles start to produce new hair again.

And that’s how I started to take biotin.

And pray.

That the treatment would work.


How to take biotin to achieve positive results in hair growth

hair fall in the bathroom

The dermatologist recommended that I take at least 240 mg of biotin a day as a capsule for at least five months, every day.

Also, that I should incorporate more whole grains in my diet, for example a slice of whole wheat bread contains 0.02 micrograms of biotin.


So, my breakfast included two slices of whole wheat bread with cream cheese and a glass of milk because they also contain an interesting amount of biotin.

And something that at first, I didn’t like at all.



I remember the first time I ate a liver steak, I thought I was going to die.

Until a friend recommended that I prepare a salsa with finely cut onions and green chilis julienned with a glass of white wine.


From that moment on, liver seemed like a delicacy.


As well as fish.

And fresh fruits and vegetables.

And that’s how I started on the slow road to recovering my lost hair.

A long road, in which solo serenity could help me get results.


How to complement biotin treatment to get hair growth

In addition to incorporating certain foods like the ones I mentioned before, my dermatologist recommended using any shampoo with a high amount of biotin or an anti-har thinning shampoo.

Every two days I washed my hair and I massaged my scalp softly in circles when I applied the shampoo.

infused with biotin

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A month passed.

Two months.

Three months.

And finally I started to notice little hairs in the bald spots on my scalp.


I didn’t see as many hairs on my pillow, not even when I showered.

Also, I could feel that my hair didn’t feel as fine and fragile.



It wasn’t just the biotin that made my hair grow.

It was the perseverance and patience to finish the treatment that included the biotin capsules, the incorporation of certain foods in my diet and some specific hair products.

That’s why biotin gave me results.

It was a combination.


A combination of specific products added to restraint and perseverance.

 That’s why I told you that this treatment is not for people that believe in magic pills. 

It’s for disciplined people that have just one objective: to recover from hair loss.


That’s how biotin made my hair grow seven centimeters in five months.

The dermatologist recommended that I continue with the treatment for two more months to later evaluate the results and see how we would move forward.

For now, I’m enjoying the results.


My hair has grown with biotin.

The bald spots on my scalp disappeared with biotin.

And also, my hair was stronger and thicker with biotin.

Now you know how much time it will take to see the results of biotin on your hair growth.


Which is why I ask you again.

What side are you on?

  • On the side that believes in magic pills
  • Or the side that believes in patience and perseverance

You decide.


Have you ever used biotin to stimulate the growth of your hair?

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