Can You Use Toner to Transition to Gray Hair?

A woman is happy that she can use toner to transition to gray hair

  • If you have a lot of gray hair and some dark hair, or your hair is blonde with gray roots, you can use toner to transition to gray.
  • But what if your hair is dark and your roots are gray? Before using a toner to make the transition, you’ll need to get some highlights at a salon. I’ll tell you why.


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Does toner cover gray hair? For example, what about Wella toner…


 Tired of dyeing your hair every month to hide the gray? Have you decided to transition to gray hair using a toner? 


You’re not far off track. Because toner can help you at the beginning of your transition to gray hair.

Why do I say “at the beginning”?


Because after applying toner, you’ll need to maintain the color using a purple shampoo.

The transition to gray hair doesn’t happen overnight; the first few times can be uncomfortable.

To be clear about how you can use toner to transition to gray hair, you should keep three factors in mind:

  • What color is your hair at the time you start transitioning to gray
  • What technique you’ll apply to hide that color
  • And how long it will take for the transition to be complete.

So let’s see if toner can help you follow this new trend called “transitioning to gray.”


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When can you use toner to transition to gray hair?

woman with hair transitioning to gray after using toner

There are two specific cases in which toner will help you transition to gray hair.

  •  If your hair is gray and you have some dark hair, apply a toner to make your gray hair silver.  This way, your hair color will be even and neat. I recommend you go to a salon to apply the toner if you don’t have much experience in coloring.
  •  If your roots are gray and the rest of your hair is blonde, you can also use toner to transition to gray hair.  In this case, the toner will neutralize the yellow in your hair for a perfect transition. You could also use purple shampoo to tone down the gray hair. This is an option I recommend if you’ve never applied toner on your own to your hair.
  •  If your hair is dark but your roots are gray, you CAN’T use a toner to transition to gray hair . In this case, you’ll need to get some highlights on your dark hair to lighten your hair four or five numbers at once. And after getting highlights, you’ll need a toner to neutralize the yellow and blend the highlights with your gray hair. After three months, you must return to the salon to renew your hair color. Then you can show off your gray hair. And my advice is that, in this case, always put your hair in the hands of a professional.


To keep your silver or gray hair free of harsh colors, use toning shampoo, which works by toning the hair gradually.

The difference between toning shampoo and toner is that shampoo doesn’t include developer. And it fades with washing. Therefore, you should use it once a week, leaving it on for three to five minutes.



Now you know when you can use toner to transition to gray hair. And if you have any doubts, don’t risk your hair’s health 0r color. Go to a salon for a personalized consultation.

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