I’m tired of dyeing my hair to cover up the gray hairs, What should I do?

at fifty

I’ve had enough!

I’ve had more than enough!

After more than twenty years of dyeing my hair to hide the grays, I was tired of carefully looking in the mirror every day to know if the time had come for the famous retouching.


 I couldn’t stand feeling like a slave to the dye. But also, I noticed that in name of outer beauty, my hair was losing health.  


Of course, so many years of dyes to hide the grays, I had paid the toll.

And even though the color of my hair looked good when I covered the grays, it felt rough, dry, and limp.

And all of that even though every so often I did a coconut oil mask.

dyed tips

I’m Gabriela, graphic designer, and this is my story. The story of a woman that dared to go out of the fear and shame gridlock to become naturally gray-haired.

It’s the story of someone that found that bold beauty also has a space.

I invite you to discover my story, the story of someone that accepted living with their gray hair and who found the beauty in them.


Are you tired of dyeing your gray hairs?

Are you ready to make the leap to belong to the army of women that wear their gray hair naturally, and almost like a declaration of principles?


Then, come with me, because I will tell you:

  • How to go from dyeing your gray hair to not doing it anymore
  • Some tips to hide grays if you don’t want permanently gray hair
  • Final words for people that want to embrace the gray in their hair


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How to stop dyeing your hair, without feeling like the ugly duckling at the party

As I told you before, I am a graphic designer. About a year and a little more ago, I started working on a project for a client about anti-aging cosmetic products.

Most of our models were women that for the most part hadn’t reached thirty-five years old, but one of them strongly called my attention.

Her hair was completely gray and it looked fantastic.


When I asked her about it, she told me that she had dyed her hair to get that color. And also, she had gone through various bleaching and coloring processes.

In that moment, my heart skipped a beat.


 She paid fortunes to get something that I could have naturally and that I really liked!  


So, I felt renewed.

That day, when I got home, I threw away all of the boxes of dye that I had in my bathroom. I always took advantage of promotions and bough various to save me some money.

Then, I started to investigate.


Because, I imagined that the first few moments wouldn’t be so pleasant. The grays started to appear, and I imagined my friends looking at my hair and thinking that I was so unkempt.

Or my boss, reminding me that in our profession, image is the most important.

Can you imagine how it would be to transition from not dyeing your grays so that your naturally gray hair appeared?


6 ideas so that the transition from not dyeing your grays isn’t as painful

I’m not going to lie.

The transition was definitely difficult, at moments, it was painful, and pretty long. For long hair, it can take up to a year and a half.


If you have long hair, it’s even worse. Because as you well know, hair grows about a centimeter per month. So, the contrast between your roots and the rest of your hair will be noticeable for a long time.


1- If you don’t care about sacrificing the length of your hair, cut it

not coloring gray hairs

That’s what I did.

My hair was about ten centimeters below my shoulders. So for six months, I cut it two centimeters a month.

Little by little, I made the dark ends of my hair that were dyed disappear. And on the other hand, I felt that my hair was stronger.

As you can see, not dyeing your hair requires a lot more than just throwing away the box of dyes or canceling your salon appointment.


 It’s a process for which our only ally is time. And our worst enemy is the mirror.  

There were days that I looked in the mirror and I wanted to run out and bye a box of dye to cover my grays. Mostly, for the first eight months, when your hair isn’t gray nor brown, nor blonde, or anything.


2- If you have brown or black hair, you can bleach it various tones lighter

Some women, so that the transition is less visually painful, bleach their hair lighter tones.

To hide the color contrast between where the roots come in, the middle and the ends.


But I wasn’t ready to sacrifice my hair with such an aggressive chemical process.

So, I called upon some shampoos that work as toner in gray hair.

Do you want to know why?


3- Use a toning shampoo

remove the yellowish tones

Because white or ray hair can turn yellow or look opaque easily, due to the loss of pigment.

That’s why, it’s necessary to invest in a good toning shampoo, formulated especially for white and gray hair.

In my case, I use a purple shampoo twice a week, and for the rest of the washings, I use an ultra-hydrating shampoo.


4- Use masks and oils to hydrate your hair

Another thing that you will notice is that gray hair, due to years of coloring, tends to be dry.

The best way I found to get my gray hair looking shiny, soft, and healthy, was regularly using hydrating hair masks and softeners.

And when I say regularly, I mean twice a week.


Once a week, I did an overnight coconut mask. Meaning, I let it sit in my hair all night.

And also, I simply used olive oil as a mask, which I let sit for approximately thirty minutes.


5- Use accessories to renew the look of your hair

During the transition to gray hair, you will discover the world of accessories.

And when I say accessories, I don’t mean earrings or necklaces.


To hide the growth of my white hair at my roots, I started to use all types of hats, scarves, headbands, and handkerchiefs, which game my look a personal and fun touch.


6- Look for Facebook groups where women come together and talk about going through the same experiences you are going through

Another thing that helped me during this whole transition stage to my gray hair was finding women that were going through the same experience.


And here I should acknowledge the magic of social networks. Because through them, I found hundreds of people that were the same as you and I: ridding ourselves of a battle to stop being slaves to dye for hiding our grays.

Above all, I was inspired by #gombre. Here, you will find hundreds of women that brought themselves to embrace the gray in their hair, and they look radiant and happy with unique styles that are very different.


Now, maybe you aren’t completely decided to let the gray hair cover your head.

Don’t worry, there are a few secrets to hid them without using dyes.


Tricks to hide gray hairs without using dyes

If you aren’t ready to see gray hairs appear gradually in your hair, there are other interesting alternatives without falling back on the dyes.


Rosemary oil to hid gray hairs

natural recipes for gray hair

Mother nature provides us with many natural ingredients that will help you hid your grays, above all in the first months of your transition to gray, or if you don’t want to see gray hairs in your hair.

But I should advise you that in the case of natural ingredients, time is everything, because the grays won’t be covered from one day to the other.


One of the natural remedies that I used for the first two months was rosemary.

I’m sure you use rosemary periodically in some of your gastronomical delicacies.


 Rosemary doesn’t only add incredible flavor to your plates. This aromatic herb has been used since the beginning of time to darken grays in your hair.  

Rosemary stimulates hair growth and eliminates free radicals that damage the pigments.


Here, I’ll leave you with a récipe for Rosemary oil to hide gray hairs.



  • Dry rosemary
  • Olive oil
  • Bottle


Method of Preparation:

  • In a bottle, pour about 1/3 of the dry rosemary
  • After, fill the bottle completely with olive oil
  • Let it sit in a sunny place for three weeks
  • Shake it every four days



  • Once the three weeks has passed, apply a generous amount to your hair and massage your scalp gently.
  • Let it sit for thirty minutes and wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.
  • You should use this at least three times a week.


You won’t see a dramatic change with just one application. The results are subtle and the color will accumulate gradually in your hair, so you’ll have to apply the mixture a few times before you see any change.


Products to hide gray hairs growing at your roots

touch up the roots

You have to admit that companies go to great lengths so that we look eternally youthful without a hint of gray in our hair.

That’s why, today, you can find from sprays to hid grays to powders, crayons, and markers.


Don’t be fooled.

These types of products only last until you wash your hair, and in general, they tend to be pretty expensive, if we keep in mind that they don’t last long and are simply to hide your roots.


Final words for women like me that embrace the gray in their hair

I admit it, turning 50 was a bit hard.

The last few years were really stressful and my skin received the hardest hits.

I had many a sleepless night. Vwdoew, I enjoyed seeing my photos and selfies with my daughters and in the last few years, I started to hate them.

Because I could see the dark circles under my eyes, fallen eyelids, and wrinkles on my neck.


 I had entered a crazy race to stop time, and my hair was the worst part. 

Until I realized that getting old had its privileges.


Because I mean that I still have time to enjoy with my daughters, my husband and my occupation.

I still feel Young even though my hair looked gray.

Guess what?


I’m 51 years old. There is nothing to be embarrassed about! I have years of knowledge and experiences behind me and I wouldn’t change those years for anything.

Now, I walk into the office and I feel free, rebellious, and fun. Even my boss praised the change in my hair!


Ultimately, beyond feminism, do you think that it is right that men are praised for having grays in their hair, for example George Clooney, while society makes women dye their hair?


And now I leave you with one question, are you ready to throw away the box of dye and let your gray hairs be free?

Leave me your comments.

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