Natural dyes for covering up gray hair: coffee, black tea, and other homemade ideas

paint gray hair without dye

I’ll tell you how to cover your gray hairs with natural or homemade dyes that are easy to make. 

  • Black tea
  • Coffee
  • Black pepper mask
  • Sage and rosemary
  • Fenugreek seeds


Are you tired of your gray hairs making you look older than you really are?

Do you want to get rid of your grays in a natural way because you are afraid of the chemical products in the dyes?


 So, prepare yourself to beat your grays in a completely natural way.  


Gray hairs tend to be the most common nightmare for women.

Well, to tell you the truth, for men too.

I didn’t think about gray hairs until the first one appeared. That’s when I felt like my world was literally crashing down.

Because I knew that if one appeared, then another one would, and then another, and another.


 But at thirty, I didn’t want to become a slave to dyes, neither permanent nor semi-permanent. 

And I had the experience of my mother, who every fifteen days had to submit her hair to the toxic effects of dye to cover her grays.


I love nature. I think about how there are an infinite amount of mysteries and secrets hiding there to make our lives more pleasurable.


The ancient alchemists used natural products to create magical recipes to finish off the bad things in the world that was around them.

So, I decided to become an alchemist, with just one objective: defeat my gray hairs with an absolutely natural product.


And I discovered some marvelous things that made my gray hairs disappear due to the magic of alchemy.

Do you want to know what they are?


Keep reading, because today, the force of nature accompanies us, and I will tell you:


  • 5 natural and homemade remedies to finish off gray hairs
  • How to apply each of them
  • 3 secrets for caring for your gray hair so that it always looks fantastic


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5 natural and homemade remedies to finish off your gray hair

I’m one of those that thinks that youth is in your spirit. But when those first gray hairs appeared, and after the last, your spirit falls to the floor along with your youth.

But after a lot of research, I discovered that there are a few elements, like coffee and black tea among others, that can hide your gray hairs perfectly.


And without damaging your hair like hair dye.

Personally, I have a top five of the homemade remedies to cover gray hairs.


I invite you so that we discover them together.


Black tea, one of my favorites to darken gray hair

paint the gray and white hairs

Black tea stains your hair, darkening it. That’s why it almost completely covers gray hairs.

Also, I discovered that it left my hair much shinier.


So that it works, you have to repeat the process every two weeks.

And since you’re there, drink a cup of black tea, since it has oxidants that strengthen your body inside and out. Add some cinnamon and you will transform it into a drink fit for the gods.



  • Two teaspoons of black tea leaves
  • One cup of water



oil penetrates the hair

  • In a cup, mix the two teaspoons of black tea leaves.
  • Boil a cup of water and add it to the tea leaves.
  • Let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Once the tea as cooled off a  bit, apply it to your hair and let it sit for an hour.
  • Rinse your hair with a lot of cold water and please don’t use shampoo.

Like I told you before, it’s one of my favorite at home remedies because in addition to covering my grays, it leaves my hair with an incredible shine.


Coffee, a woman’s best friend, also covers grays

darken the gray hairs

When women have a problem, the first thing we do is call a friend and invite them to get a coffee to talk about our woes.

But now, coffee can also work to cover the woes that gray hair produces.

You don’t believe me?


Try it now and after, tell me.

I am basically like the advertisement at the supermarket that says, “if you find something better, I’ll pay you back the difference.”

 Even though coffee isn’t a permanent solution for gray hairs, I’m also not going to lie to you, using it regularly can give your grays a dark brown color, completely covering their white color. I recommend that you apply it two times a week on your hair.  



  • Two cups of very, very strong coffee. About as strong as when you have to pull an all-nighter to take an exam.



  • Boil water and make two cups of black, strong coffee.
  • Let it cool.
  • Once it has cooled, apply the coffee to your hair, massaging it smoothly. You can put your hair upside down in the bath tub and jump the coffee on directly. You should soak your hair well.
  • Let the coffee sit for thirty minutes.
  • As in the case of the black tea, rinse your hair but don’t use shampoo.


In addition to really making the white disappear from my hair, I love the smell of coffee that stays there. It reminds me of those precious moments shared with my friends chit chatting.


Black pepper mask

natural recipes

With regular use, this black pepper mask helped me darken my gray hairs. And also, the yogurt conditions and nourishes my hair. Meaning, I got two benefits.

I apply this to my hair three times a week. It takes a bit more work, but my hair deserves it.



  • Two grams of black pepper
  • One natural yogurt



  • Mix the ingredients until you get a gray paste.
  • Massage the paste into your hair from the roots to the ends. Please, don’t even think of rubbing your eyes with the paste residue on your fingers. It can irritate them and cause irritation. I know this from experience.
  • Let the mixture sit for an hour.
  • After, you should wash it using a sulfate-free shampoo.

Even though I use this natural remedy to cover up my gray hairs, I have to use it three times a week in my hair. The results are incredible. You can’t see the gray hair, and the yogurt leaves it smooth and detangled.


Sage and Rosemary: an unbeatable dynamic duo against gray hair

Sage is known for its ability to reverse graying because it darkens the white of the gray hair.

And when it is mixed with rosemary, it helps to improve the health of your scalp and of the hair follicles.



  • A handful of sage leaves
  • Five drops of rosemary essential oil
  • Two cups of water



  • Boil the sage leaves in two cups of water
  • Let it cool
  • Add the drops of rosemary essential oil to the sage tea
  • Apply the tea to your hair, massaging it softly.
  • Let it sit for ten minutes.
  • Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.

For better results, I recommend that you use the sage and rosemary tea two or three times a week to darken your gray hairs.


Fenugreek seeds

Yes, I know. You’ve probably never heard of fenugreek seeds.

But to be honest, I hadn’t either until my alchemist spirit made me look for natural remedies to cover my gray hair.


Fenugreek seeds, a plant that comes from the Mediterranean, contain lectin and essential amino acids that stop the premature aging of your hair.

Thus, it even can help prevent the appearance of new gray hairs.

But you should apply it to your hair two or three times a week.

Don’t snort. I promised you alchemy not magic.



  • ¼ cup of fenugreek seeds
  • ½ cup of coconut oil



  • Separate a half a cup of coconut oil and boil it in a double boiler.
  • When the oil is hot enough, add the fenugreek seeds and let them heat up for about ten minutes.
  • Take the container off the heat and put it aside until it cools.
  • Once the oil has cooled, strain out the seeds and collect the oil in a container.
  • Take 2 tablespoons of oil and start to massage it in your scalp and hair.
  • Let it sit overnight. Cover your hair with a shower cap to not stain your pillow.
  • In the morning, wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.


I love this recipe to darken your hair because I’m a fanatic for coconut oil. Also, I have the Mediterranean and its blessed colors and flavors stuck in my heart.

My hair was happy. My grays, not so much because I kept them from appearing with their immaculate white.


Of course, it isn’t necessary that you use all of these remedies to cover your grays at the same time.

Try each on of them in your hair, alternating them, and see how your hair reacts.

Because remember, every person’s hair is different.


3 secrets to care for your hair with grays so that it always looks fantastic

  • Pay attention to your diet.

Incorporate foods rich in vitamins because inadequate nutrition is one of the causes of premature aging of the hair follicles.

One of the foods that I recommend incorporating is oatmeal, because it is a great source of biotin, an essential vitamin to keep your hair strong and healthy.


  • Drink a lot of water, two liters a day minimum. This helps to eliminate the toxins in your organism and keep your hair conditioned and healthy.


  • I also recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo which helps to soften grays and makes them easier to dye.


Now, you can bring youth to your hair with these natural remedies to cover up gray hairs.

What natural ingredient do you use to combat grays?

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