3 ways of using Henna for gray hairs: dye, shampoo and mask

dye with natural ingredients

Today, I want to tell you 3 ways to use the super famous Henna to cover your gray hairs.

  • First, I’m going to tell you how to make a dye with Henna
  • Then, we’ll talk about a mask that will change your life forever
  • And finally, a shampoo with Henna that few people know about


The three options are perfect for all those people that are tired of classic dyes and are looking for a more natural alternative.

They work very well both in men and women with a lot or a few gray hairs.


Firstly, I’m going to answer all those questions that I’m sure are rolling around in your mind right now.


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What is Henna? Can you use it on gray hair?

paint the gray hairs

It’s a bush that comes from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia (specifically, India). It’s mostly used as a pigment.

The leaves of this bush (Lawsonia inermis) are harvested, dried, and ground to make Henna dust.


Henna is a truly beneficial herb for your hair. Using Henna in your hair helps to fight off dandruff, hair loss, prevent premature grays and hair thinning…


  • If I color my hair with Henna, what tone will I get?
 If you use 100% natural henna, you will get an intense copper-red tone. If your hair is natural, you will get a soft one, but if your hair is dyed, you could get a more orange tone.  

There are products that mix Henna with other herbs to give you brown, blonde, and even black tones. Later on, I will recommend my favorite products.

  • How long does Henna coloring last in my hair?

Henna coloring lasts about 6 months, but the color fades gradually. The intense color will last a bit longer than a week.

The color fades, but Henna will last in your hair until you cut it.


  • What effect does Henna have on gray hair?
 Let me make it clear that it won’t cover your grays completely, but it will cover and hide them perfectly. 

It doesn’t leave the same tone for everyone, but the most common is a reddish-orange.

Mine are hidden pretty well. In the shade, you don’t see much difference, but in the sun it looks like I’ve got red highlights.


  • Is henna beneficial for my hair in any way?

The benefits of Henna are progressive, you can notice that your hair feels silky, denser, and shinier.

In my experience, I’ve noticed that my hair grows stronger, and I don’t lose as much hair when I brush it. My hair looks a lot healthier now.


  • What are the disadvantages of Henna?

The disadvantage of Henna is that it doesn’t last as long as dye and the intense color goes away with every wash.

And it’s also difficult to know what color you will end up with before you apply it.


 If you want to know what effect it will have on your grays, apply some on a test chunk. That’s what I did, and since I was satisfied, I applied it afterwards on my whole head.  

I hope I’ve cleared up a few of your doubts. Now, let’s move on to what are the alternatives that I wanted to show you and the results that you can get with each one.


Natural Henna Dye

This is the healthiest options since it is 100% natural, and it offers the best coverage for your grays.


I found myself with many opinions when I thought for the first time of dyeing my hair with Henna, negative and positive opinions. That’s why I found a recipe on the web that guaranteed me results.

This mixture worked perfectly for me: I got the color that I wanted, the texture of my hair is excellent, it covers my grays, and my hair is shiny. I’ll leave it here for you.



  • ½ bag of Henna powder
  • Boiling water
  • 2 tablespoons of vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil



  • Mix the Henna with boiling water until you get a consistency like Greek yogurt (not too thick but not too thin). Pour in the water spoon by spoon, and when you get the right consistency, add the vinegar. (Don’t use metal utensils).
  • Let the mixture sit all night well covered to get an intense color.
  • Before dyeing your hair, add the olive oil and mix well.
  • Apply it to your hair with a brush like any other color.
  • Cover your hair with seran wrap so that the air doesn’t get in. If Henna dries, it doesn’t dye.
  • Let it sit for three hours and rinse of the mixture washing your hair like you normally do.


Henna Mask

And now, I want to show you two of my favorite henna products.

Pay attention, because these two options work differently than the dye that I told you about before.

So that you don’t have any misconceptions about its use, I will tell you all the details I know about each one.


Naturaleza y Vida color hair mask

This is a less messy solution than the natural dye.

It comes in tones for blondes, brunettes, redheads, black hair, etc. You choose the one that works best for you.


 This mask leaves my hair super shiny and the best of all is that it makes my grays look like dyed highlights. It’s marvelous!  

I use the brown tone and a friend of mine uses the red one, and they’ve worked really well for us.


The correct way to use it is with dry hair before you wash it. Cover your hair with this mask and let it sit for 30 minutes and then wash your hair.

You will realize with continuous use that this mask will give you the best results.

The pigmentation of this mask is soft, however, if you have a few gray hairs hidden around your hair it will hide them well. On the other hand, if you have pieces of hair that are full of gray hair, you probably won’t notice much of a difference.


Henna Shampoos

I use the Corpore Sane Henna shampoo and I alternate it with Henna Egipcia Shampoo. Both revive the color of my hair and work well both on natural and dyed hair.


 I should make it clear that these shampoos don’t dye your hair, so they don’t hide your grays.  

What they can help you with is giving more potency to the color and make the natural henna dye or color from the mask that you applied last longer.


I have used these shampoos since before dyeing my hair with Henna and it also revives the color of my traditional dye. Thanks to them, I discovered the benefits of Henna for hair.

If you don’t have gray hairs yet, these shampoos will help you prevent them.



Each product offers a different result depending on your level of necessity.

I’m very happy with them, but as I told you, the result will depend on your hair type.


These are easy and healthy options that protect your hair from so many damaging chemicals that most traditional dyes contain. If you trying to have a healthier life, Henna is definitely the perfect solution for you.

I would love for you to leave me your opinions and experiences with Henna and if you know any other tricks, don’t hesitate to share them with us all.

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