What happens when you bleach gray hair? You can burn it!

woman with a lot of gray hair pay attention

  • If you bleach gray hair using a 30-volume developer, as is done with traditional hair bleaching, you run the risk of breaking your hair right off from the root. Because gray hair is thinner and weaker.
  • Therefore, if you want to bleach your hair to even it up because the rest of your hair is already pale yellow or gray, you should bleach your hair using a 20-volume developer. And in this case, I advise you to go to a professional so you don’t break or burn your hair.
  • If you want your pale yellow or gray hair to turn white, you can opt for a healthier alternative to bleaching. I’ll tell you about it later.


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 Gray hair is hair that’s lost its color. It’s not usually bleached unless you’re looking to have all-white hair. 


When you bleach gray hair, you finish removing any remaining color that may be left behind. For example, gray or yellow-gray hair is very common. These two colors often bother women the most when their hair is going gray.


But, as a professional colorist, I rarely advise women to bleach gray hair. Because gray hair is very fine and weak already and can break or burn during bleaching.


That’s why, in the salon, I bleach gray hair only in very specific cases. And to do so, I use 20-volume developer instead of 30-volume developer.

Today I’ll tell you everything you need to know about bleaching gray hair.


Is it dangerous to bleach gray hair?

woman shows her gray hair to bleach

 The truth is that it’s dangerous to bleach gray hair . Why? Because bleaching is a very aggressive chemical process, which you should leave in the hands of a professional.

  • Firstly, because the professional will ultimately be able to decide if you really need to bleach your gray hair and how to go about the process.
  • Secondly,  because if you bleach your gray hair on your own, you can irreversibly damage your hair.  Don’t forget that gray hair is more fragile, finer, and more sensitive to chemical treatments.


When should you bleach gray hair?

If you want to achieve a whiter color and you have gray or yellow-gray hair, bleaching can be an option.

Gray hair may be slightly different colors depending on your natural hair color:

  • Gray hair appears on darker hair.
  • Yellow-gray hair appears on medium-colored hair.
  • White-gray hair is characteristic of blond hair.


 If you want to get rid of gray hair , it’s ideal to bleach it to remove any remaining color.

But I advise you to first nourish your hair with moisturizing oil masks or use strengthening creams with keratin. This way, you will have extra protection when you bleach it and your gray hair won’t suffer as much damage.

Remember, you should only use 20-volume developer.


What other options are there if you don’t want to bleach gray hair but still want it completely white?

fixing the color

If your hair is blonde, you can apply a blonde dye directly, because it will perfectly cover the gray hair.

Because you should only bleach gray hair when you want your hair completely white.


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But even then, there is an exception.

  •  If your gray hair is yellowish and you want it to be white , you can use a violet toning shampoo that will neutralize the yellow leaving your hair white.


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My gray roots show 2 weeks after dyeing my hair. How can I fix them?


Toning shampoos don’t contain corrosive elements for your hair. They’re also moisturizing, repairing, and very soft. Therefore, they are the best option for weak hair such as gray hair.



I don’t recommend you bleach gray hair. As a professional, I advise you to opt for other alternatives, such as dyeing without bleaching first or using a toning shampoo.

If you want to bleach gray hair anyway, I recommend you go to a salon. Because a professional colorist will evaluate the state of your hair and decide how to bleach it so as not to damage it.

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