Didn’t Rinse the Bleach Out of Your Hair Properly? Don’t worry! A hairdresser is here to help

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  • Whether you’re currently bleaching your hair or did it several hours ago, it’s of OUTMOST importance that you wash out the bleach of your hair properly.
  • Otherwise, your hair will continue to get lighter, but also the chemicals in the bleach will weaken it.
  • Let warm water run through your hair for at least ten minutes. Massage your hair all over to help the bleach come out. You should also use shampoo and conditioner. I’ll tell you in detail how to use them.


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How to Wash Bleach Out of Hair Like a Pro? Should You Use Shampoo?


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If you don’t rinse your hair correctly, it keeps on lightening because it continues to absorb the chemicals. And those chemicals will seriously damage your hair.

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Do you have bleach in your hair right now? Or maybe it’s been a few days since you bleached your hair, it feels stiff, and you think you didn’t rinse the bleach out properly?

Has it been several days after bleaching your hair and you have some scabs on your scalp?


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Read on. Because no matter what situation you’re in, today you’ll discover all the answers. And we’ll start with the most important one.


Why should you rinse bleach correctly?

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I’m sure you’re aware that bleach removes both natural and artificial hair color. But you probably don’t know that if you don’t rinse the bleach out properly, the changes inside your hair continue.


 The lightening action continues in the core of your hair at the molecular level, as the chemical bonds of the dye continue to be broken. 


For this reason, when the bleach has finished working, you have to let the water run on the hair for quite some time.

Water penetrates the open cuticles and the hair fiber absorbs it to reach the core to stop the reaction inside your mane.

What do you think happens when you don’t rinse the bleach properly?

  • First, any dye or toner you apply won’t work because there is still bleach inside the hair’s core.
  • Second, as the bleach adheres to the cuticles of each strand of your hair, your hair will dry out.

That’s why you should always rinse the bleach very well. How? I’ll tell you about it.


How to correctly rinse the bleach

Yes. You need to make sure you remove the bleach.  You need time to do it properly. I’m not exaggerating. 


You should spend at least 20 to 25 minutes rinsing if you want to remove the bleach completely.

Also, before you start rinsing, you have to decide what you’re going to do next. For example, if you want to apply a dye or toner, you won’t be able to use a conditioner.


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Ready? Let’s get started.


First step: run warm water through your hair

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  • The water shouldn’t be hot, but not completely cold either.
  • Let it run for  10 minutes  to wash out most of the bleach. While the water is running, massage your hair, scalp, lengths, ends, the area behind your ears, nape of your neck, and forehead./li>
  • Take your time for each area. Remember that the health of your hair depends on your patience.


Second step: apply moisturizing shampoo

  • The shampoo will help remove any remaining bleach. You should continue massaging your hair and scalp for at least five minutes.
  • Use your fingertips to perform this hair massage, which will also stimulate the blood circulation of your scalp.
  • Then,  rinse your mane with warm water and let it run for five minutes. 


Third step: use conditioner if you won’t color or tone your hair

  • Drain your hair and remove excess water gently with a towel. Remember that wet hair is fragile.
  • Apply the conditioner to the mid-lengths and lengths. Massage until it’s completely absorbed.
  • Leave it on so that your hair fiber can regain moisture and your cuticles can close more easily.
  • Rinse with cold water to seal the cuticles and let your hair air dry.


 If your hair feels rough, stiff, or you can’t comb it, it most likely still has traces of bleach in it. Therefore, you’ll need to rinse your hair again to remove it.



You should rinse the bleach properly to stop the chemical reaction inside your hair and prevent further lightening. You’ll also prevent your hair from breaking.

Finally, remember to use shampoo to remove the bleach completely.

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