4 differences between L’Oréal HiColor Magenta and Red: Which one should you choose?

loreal hicolor red

  • Difference 1: HICOLOR MAGENTA is suitable for dark skin, while HICOLOR RED is for fair skin.
  • Difference 2: HICOLOR MAGENTA fades to reddish, while HICOLOR RED fades to orange.
  • Difference 3: If you apply HICOLOR MAGENTA to your hair, you’ll need to apply bolder makeup. However, if you choose HICOLOR RED, you’ll need neutral tones.
  • DIFFERENCE 4: If you dye your hair with HICOLOR RED, your wardrobe should include emerald green and blue, while if you use HICOLOR MAGENTA, white and tribal prints in purple colors will be ideal.


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Today, I received two friends at the salon. They wanted to color their hair with a magenta dye.

Since their hair had a dark base and they didn’t want to bleach it, I suggested using the L’Oréal HiColor line.



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Apart from suggesting the HiColor line, I went a little further and proposed a change of plans.



I knew that  although they both wanted magenta hair, it wouldn’t be the best option for both of them. 


I looked at their skin color to decide.

  • Julia has pale skin.  So, I suggested coloring her hair with HiColor RED to warm her features.
  • Rocío has  brown skin.  I suggested coloringher hair with HiColor MAGENTA to lighten her features.


Both Julia and Rocío accepted my recommendations and were encouraged to wear these two colors designed for daring people who want to stand out.

Do you consider yourself a bold person who doesn’t mind standing out and having all eyes on you?


loreal hicolor magenta

Then, you’re on the right track.

But before you decide whether you should dye your hair with HiColor MAGENTA or HiColor RED, you should know the differences between them.

Are you ready to find out which color is best for you?

Then, let’s get started.

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Difference 1: HiColor RED is for pale skin, while HiColor MAGENTA highlights the features of dark skin

magenta hair warm skin

HiColor RED is warm and ideal for  very pale and cool skin  that needs a bit of warmth to soften facial features and conceal imperfections.


Therefore, if your jawlines or cheekbones are prominent, HiColor RED will divert and take the focus out of them.

Your red hair will be the focal point and the real protagonist.


HiColor MAGENTA is a cool color ideal for dark skin,  which needs light to highlight the look and also conceal imperfections. 


Each color will give you a unique style.

  •  If you choose HiColor RED,  you’ll achieve a sophisticated and striking style.
  •  If you choose HiColor MAGENTA,  you’ll look romantic and elegant.


Difference 2: HiColor RED fades to orange, and HiColor MAGENTA fades to reddish

faded red hair color hicolor

HiColor hair dyes last approximately six weeks depending on your hair beauty routine. We’ll talk about this later.


So, when choosing HiColor RED or HiColor MAGENTA, you need to know what will happen to your hair color when it fades.


When  HiColor RED begins to fade, orange tones may appear. 



Because HiColor dye is applied with a 30 volume developer, which lightens the base color leaving a more orange color. When the red pigments fade, the orange color will emerge.

At that point, you can reapply HiColor RED to make the orange disappear.


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 When HiColor MAGENTA starts to fade, your hair will be reddish  because this dye contains red, blue, and green pigments.

The blue neutralizes the orange. So, when the magenta starts to fade, your hair will be reddish.

In this case, you can reapply HiColor MAGENTA, but you can also apply HiColor RED or HICOLOR VIOLET.

You can even mix HiColor MAGENTA and HiColor VIOLET to achieve a unique and very personal color.


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Difference 3: If you dye your hair with HiColor MAGENTA, your make should be dark, while if you dye your hair with HiColor RED, you should opt for neutral shades and light lipstick

magenta hair makeup colors

Of course, this is in general terms. After all, if you dye your hair with HiColor RED, and want to use a crimson red lipstick, nothing will stop you.

Basically, it’s all about achieving a  balance between the color you wear in your hair and the colors you use on your eyes and lips. 


That balance is what will help you to highlight or hide the imperfections of your face.


My advice  if you dye with HiColor RED is to go for shadows in earthy or beige colors, and avoid dark browns or oranges. 

And if you have an evening party, you can always highlight your lips with a plum lipstick.


If you dye your hair with HiColor MAGENTA, get ready to discover the most daring makeup palettes, and play with silver or gold shades for the night. 


It’s important to highlight your eyes with eyeliner. You can use either black or purple, especially if your eyes are light.


Difference 4: HiColor RED goes best with green and blue garments, while HiColor MAGENTA will stand out with white, purple, and pink garments

combine clothes with red hair

I don’t mean that you should renew your entire closet. Again, we’re talking about balance and combining different colors to create harmony.


Yellow and red can look great on the Spanish flag, but if you have a party and dyed your hair with HiColor RED, it is best to opt for a  dark green or metallic blue dress, which will highlight the features of your face and the color of your hair. 


Dare to combine all your green and blue clothes so that your red hair is the real protagonist. At the same time, avoid lime green and orange in your clothes.


Also, if you choose HiColor MAGENTA, get ready for an explosion of colors in your wardrobe.  You should go for prints, especially tribal ones, in purple, orange, and even reddish colors. 


Also, pink clothes will give more depth to your magenta hair and white dresses will bring light and softness.

Avoid very dark brown clothes or black because they take away the light of your face and hair.


Finally, whether you choose HiColor MAGENTA or HiColor RED, you need to be very careful with your hair care routine.

  • Don’t wash your hair every day. Firstly, because you’ll deprive it of moisture and, secondly, because you’ll make the color fade faster. Ideally, wash your hair every 72 hours.
  • Don’t overuse heat tools or expose your hair to the sun without protection.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and masks. Remember that sulfates are detergents that remove dye pigments more easily.
  • Use moisturizing masks no more than twice a week.



Now you know whether you should choose HiColor MAGENTA or HiColor RED.

Your choice should be based on your skin color and the type of makeup and outfit you will be wearing. This way, your hair color will help bring out the best features of your face.

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