Bleaching hair twice in 48 hours… good or bad idea?

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  • Bleaching your hair twice in 48 hours IS A TERRIBLE IDEA because you could irreversibly damage your hair.
  • If you bleach your hair twice in 48 hours, your hair will be so ruined and weakened that you’ll have to remove all the damaged parts. It means several centimeters of hair.
  • Therefore, you should wait at least three weeks to bleach your hair again. Before applying the second bleaching, I advise you do the strand test.
  • Now, if the color is uneven after bleaching your hair, you can use a semi-permanent hair dye instead of bleaching your hair again. I’ll tell you how to do it.


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Can I bleach my hair again after a month? Yes, but do this first


 Bleaching your hair twice in 48 hours is the worst idea you can think of. 

Tell me the truth:

  • Would you parachute from hundreds and hundreds of meters without experience and the guidance of an instructor?
  • Without the necessary technical knowledge, would you raft the Zambezi River, the most dangerous river in the world?
  • Would you apply an expired permanent hair dye to your hair?


dangerous river rafting

I hope that the answers to these three questions are negative. If you answered yes, I’m in the presence of a kamikaze.

And you would also be a kamikaze if you bleached your hair twice in 48 hours.


Bleaching is the most aggressive process for hair, even more so if you have no experience in bleaching. Bleaching isn’t just about applying a blend of bleaching powder and peroxide to the hair to lighten it.

Before and after bleaching your hair, you need to consider many factors, especially if you want to bleach it again. And we’ll go into these issues in more detail later.

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Why do you want to bleach your hair again in 48 hours?


  •  If your color is uneven after bleaching,  there are other alternatives, and we’ll see them below.
  •  Do you feel bleaching didn’t lighten your hair the way you wanted it to?  You should follow a bleaching plan, which of course doesn’t include bleaching your hair again after 48 hours.

However, let’s take it one step at a time. And let’s start at the beginning.


Why shouldn’t you bleach your hair twice in 48 hours?

colorist re-bleaches hair

You bleach your hair for the first time. Maybe your hair is entirely healthy or moderately healthy. Only you know that.

The first time you bleach your hair, the bleach penetrates the outermost layer of the hair and breaks many of the hair cuticles. Once the bleach reaches the middle and inner layer, it washes out the color, making your hair lighter. Also, your hair loses nutrients, protein, and moisture.

You rinse the bleach out and dry your hair.  Besides lightening, your hair is drier, frizzier, and coarser. These are the consequences of the first bleaching session. 


After 48 hours, you bleach your hair again.

 You apply the bleach to hair that is dry and weakened from the first bleaching. 


Can you imagine what can happen when you rinse the bleach out?

I’ll be clear:  you’ll go from dry, coarse, and weak hair to ruined hair because the loss of nutrients, moisture, and protein will be fatal. 

blonde woman looks at her fallen hair

You’ll notice strands caught in the comb or brush when you detangle your hair. And chances are your scalp is irritated and injured.

Eventually, you’ll notice hair falling out at the roots as the days pass. And then, there will be tears and despair.


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But you can still avoid this scenario. And to do so, what you shouldn’t do is bleach your hair twice in 48 hours.

When can you bleach your hair again? I’ll tell you about it below.


To bleach your hair again, you must wait three weeks

In this case, you have two alternatives:

  •   Wait three weeks and apply a new bleaching session.  During those three weeks, you should use moisturizing masks once a week. And before bleaching your hair again, perform the strand test. That way, you ensure your hair will resist a new chemical process.
  •  Go to the salon.  A colorist will assess your hair health and may even suggest applying a new bleaching session three weeks with products such as OLAPLEX or WELLAPLEX. They’re included in the bleach and minimize the risk of hair damage. Remember that these treatments may increase the cost of the process, but your hair will be protected.


If bleaching left the color uneven, you could apply a semi-permanent dye

de clairol semi-permanent hair dye

We already said that the solution isn’t to bleach your hair twice in 48 hours.  So, I suggest you apply a semi-permanent hair color because this type of hair color doesn’t contain ammonia and isn’t applied with a developer.

Therefore,  you’ll be able to even out your hair color, without having to assault it with such powerful chemicals as a 30-volume developer and bleaching powder. 

And because the semi-permanent dye fades gradually with washing, you can bleach your hair again after three weeks.



You shouldn’t bleach your hair twice in 48 hours. You’ll only ruin your hair’s health and cause breakage from the root.

If you want to bleach your hair again, always wait at least three weeks.

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